Tuesday, 26 July 2016

What is Taoist Internal Alchemy Cultivation?

What is the Taoist internal alchemy cultivation and why we do it? A lot of people have written about this out there, but they are nowhere near the things we teach in our lineage. Therefore, let me explain it thoroughly, and try to bring it out to you in a clear and understandable format. However, I must make it clear that I am not explaining anything out there for you, this is exclusively for our lineage and our cultivation of Saam Law Sun Faat. You cannot use ours to compare to others, or others compare to ours. Just enjoy the article!

Have you heard of cases where some teens just died one day with a mysterious heart failure? I have personally witnessed a 15 year old just go wooosh one day like that. He seems healthy and chubby, but not overweight or fat. Somehow, he just died out of the blue and the doctors cannot find out the reason behind this, and of course, classified it as the mysterious or exceptional case and closed the file. Why people die out of the blue when their body is still looking good?

In our lecture that explains the 3 realms and 9 bodies, we learn that we have a spiritual planet, a spiritual soul and our physical body here. When we are born, we keep growing here and our body gets bigger and bigger, because we are not only being fed by the food and air in this world, but also by our spiritual side. The spiritual planet provides us the "nutrition" from nature in the pre-heaven side, and the spiritual soul transfer it to us daily, which keeps us alive. Our physical body gets nutrition from food and drinks, because we intake post-heaven elements to nourish our post-heaven body. What about our pre-heaven elements?  Nope, you cannot intake anything. That is why we can die even the body is still doing fine. Your post-heaven elements are okay, yet your pre-heaven spiritual planet and soul went dry, and therefore, there is no more nutrition going to you from the pre-heaven side, then your body will fail to stay alive, because your soul and planet is dead already.  Dying like this is no fun at all, because your spiritual side is so weak, which means you are off to a super painful, rough and be-bullied journey after death, for a super long time.

In order to not have this happen to us, and to do our best to feed the spiritual side of us more than draining it out, we have to do something about it. That is basically the reason why we cultivate magic and alchemy.

The spiritual planet sets our direction in life, which means, it is our "TAO", by cultivating to nourish your spiritual planet, is of course called a "Taoist" cultivation. If you cannot connect back to your pre-heaven side, you cannot even be called a Taoist, because you are not yet synchronised and connected back with your pre-heaven side yet, how can you call yourself a Taoist when you don't even know or touch the boss? (The spiritual planet).

In order to exercise, we must eat something first to fill up our tummy, and there goes energy to do workouts. In order for the computer to operate, we must give it power by plugging it to the wall. In order to have a baby be born to life, the mother must nourish it and fill it up with nutritious things during pregnancy. Everything is like this in nature. You don't keep exercising before you have any food in the tummy, or else, you are just wearing out yourself and doing no benefits but harm to your body.

In order to cultivate anything to send them back to your spiritual planet, you must know how to hunt for new elements. That is why we cultivate Saam Law Sun Gung.  By using our altar and FU, we cultivate new energies in the altar and infuse them to the FUs. After consuming the FUs and such, we will then have this new element in our body. This new element is then the capital for cultivating your chi kung and internal alchemy later on.

After a bunch of new elements are consumed for a period of time, our disciples will get to touch a new subject - chi kung and alchemy cultivation.

By doing what we call the external cultivation for chi kung, you are doing exercises to blend those new elements you got and knead it back and forth with your 3 local bodies - the faat sun, ling sun and physical body here, which is what we refer to as your dimension 1, 6, 8 local bodies. By doing so, you have cultivated the micro-cosmic orbit circulation, cooking up the "base" you need to get going on the "cooking" process later on.

Next stage is to get into the internal cultivation for chi kung, which is to cultivate your base energy that we mentioned above and plunge it through your spiritual soul and to the planet. By digging into this subject more, you can eventually get to a point where you can take these accumulated energies and condense them into a very dense and powerful form, then launch it to the next station (soul, then the planet), and once your spiritual planet gets it, you can unpack it, and the planet will start "digesting" this new element.  This condensed and packed up version of the energy is just like an alchemy pill, because it's condensed, compressed, and all the essence is contained in one piece. That is where the "alchemy pill" name comes from.

At last, the new element will be digested by your spiritual planet, which did the job that we wanted, and now it is time to guide the planet to digest it thoroughly and then output the energy back to our body here, which will then make the planet feed us back with the energy that got uploaded and transformed.  As you can see, now our planet is not going to die before our body, because at least we can do things to feed it regularly, using NEW elements from external source.  Now the issue with the sudden heart failure and such will not happen anymore, while we will be fed better and our life will also get better because the spiritual planet is what shapes our life and future!

Now you know what we mean by "Taoist" and internal alchemy cultivation!

Here is a demonstration of the tai chi we do in the lineage, which is part of our external cultivation in the system. Check it out!