Distance Service

I offer distance magic service to everywhere in the world, and I am specialized in dealing with spiritual issues, ghost problems, haunted house, busting curses and such to get rid of evil spirits and magic from your life. Our magic service also involve luck repair, fung shui enhancement, luck boosting, business luck boosting, and many more different things. As long as you can name something that you are concerned with or something that is bothering you right now, we can see what we offers will suit your need. Just e-mail me to get started.

What Can You Expect From My Magic Service?

You have to be prepared to give me your real name, a photo (most updated) of yourself, or even a photo of your house if the ceremony is related to it. Other than that, nothing is required as necessity. The date of birth is optional due to the preference of some clients, but if you want to give the DoB for better effect, feel free to do so.

You will not need to come and visit me in person (I am in Toronto). You will not need to provide me anything like your hair, blood, nails, or whatever things from your body. You will not need to have any hesitation. Just e-mail me to get started.

Is One Time Treatment Enough?

One time treatment is never enough for most cases, but due to budget restraints, some clients will like to do the second ceremony after a period of time. No worry, just tell me during the discussion and planning period and we will sort it out. We can work out a plan according to your budget limit and get you a plan that will work for you. However, some cases, one time treatment can be enough, and what you need after that is not another treatment, but to learn how to defend yourself from future threats, which is more important than anything else.
How Much Do You Charge for Magic Service?

I have a common flat-rate price of $1130 CAD for a full service distance ceremony. It involves a lot of work and effort on my end, and is definitely nothing easy to do, it's worth your every penny. You can go to my website to read more about it.

Any Refund?

We provide services that are done by distance, and once the ceremony is executed, it's done on our end, and there is no "rewind button" for these things. Once effort and energy is spent, it's spent, there is no refund. If you are changing your mind, please do so 24 hours prior to the ceremony executing day and it should be okay to refund you back 100%.  Otherwise, all already=performed ceremonies are non-refundable services. Just to be fair for both parties, make up your mind before your decide to pay, or ask questions until you feel comfortable with paying.

Are You PRO?

Just a fun FAQ - yes, of course. I have been in this field for over 20 years and it is not my first time handling some life threatening sorcery situation, or a ghost problem, no matter what it is, I can take care of you and you are in good hands. Just e-mail me to get started.