Tuesday, 31 October 2017

The Five Elements and Direction Meaning in Taoism

No matter its feng shui or Taoism and Taoist magic, you see the five elements and five directions all the time. You can spot this from my altar, the five directional flag, and its pretty cool looking sitting in my bucket of rice. What is the five elements supposed to be and what does these flags means or do? Here you will find out!

The five directions are actually the first most important energies that we use in magic and these are the preheaven energies that we are talking about here. The colors of these energies are actually explained in our theory of the 9 stars.


Here is a lecture of the five directional flags: 


In Saam Law Sun Gung, we use these 5 direction flags to command energies, as if they are troops or soldiers. They are not soldiers, but it is a metaphor. To command energies around, you need a medium, a tool, and we have chose the flag in this case.

However, the flag does not just command any energies, it is programmed to command the cultivated energies inside our altar, which is all cultivated and trained, and not just "anyone". As you can see why the word soldier is nice for this metaphor. We cultivate preheaven energies at our altar everyday, and making them stronger than the normal energies you can find elsewhere. That is why you can do magic work with them and not just anyone can pick some "energies" or "chi" and be able to do magic. The flags are like a commanding device, like a remote control for your TV, and it is used to move the energies around, set commands and tell them to execute the work you want them to do for you.

The best way to look at it is that you have 5 camps of soldiers at the altar, and they are all differently trained and equipped. Every camp has their own strength and property, and so you must find the right guy to do the job for the best effect. It's a metaphor, but it makes it easier to understand and learn how to use the flag. 

You can do any Taoist magic with these flags, such as exorcism, empowerment, luck boost, or even kicking your enemy's butt. The question is, are you ordained yet?  Anyone can make or buy these flags, but it does not come with the power and methods.  Without the power and the methods, the flags are nothing but decorative items. Without the knowledge and fully understanding their property, you will not be able to use them too. Therefore, you need a master, a person to teach and guide you to really master this art.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Kau Cheem - Decoding Divination Numbers

 Have you ever Kau Cheem or heard of kau cheem? 求籤, is a way to do divination, and it is very simple.  All you do is take the cheem container that holds a bunch of sticks, shake it and get one out of the bunch, there goes your result, and now you will need to decode this result to see what it says about your situation. For most places like Taoist temples or even your altar at home, kau cheem can be done, but not everyone does it the same way.

Some kau cheem requires 100 sticks, some 64, some 36, some 108, whatever it is, they will often come with a book that contains all the answers and so you can just flip the book for the answers you need and "decode" it yourself. However, don't you feel it kind of silly?

What's the difference between kau cheem and a lottery pick or a random pick out of a box with papers that got numbers on them? Or maybe a deck of playing cards thrown in the air then lets see which one you can grab out of the bunch of flying cards?  The point is, you are believing that a random pick can be a divination, like a lucky draw or those scratch-and-win lotttery game can be one way to do divination, isn't that kind of silly?

What is divination? seriously?

In Saam Law Taoism, we do not do kau cheem like this, yet it is similar but not the same. 

First off, a random pick is not a divination, it's nothing but a rnadom pick, and you should not even believe anyone who can just pick out a stick and call that your fate.

A divination requires three things to execute, first is the tool which here is the cheem sticks and such, then secondly is the person who can do the energy work to transmit energy through the cheem and toward another subject, and thirdly is a place that can let you channel preheaven energy in and out, which is the altar in our case.

What you do in a divination is to beam energy from you, through the cheem and to the altar, and the altar directs it to whatever direction that can lead to the answer, and results came out because of the energy interaction.  It's like taking a rock, throwing it into the hole and then listening to the echo to estimate how deep the hole is, and there goes the result. It's not JUST shaking the bucket!

How to decode the cheem?  It's all based on energy and how numbers work with energy in the nature system, and so we use the 9 star theory in our lineage, which you can see from the lecture below, and yes, there is no books in the whole process, forget the stupid book.


Now how do you get started in learning these things and be able to do it at home?  You will first need to get ordained, and then we will get you going on your learning and cultivation, building up your altar, then you can have your own cheem and stuff at home to do your divination.  Don't go to the big temples out there, it's all crowded, dirty, and most importantly, a waste of time.  If you are in a rush and you need someone to help you do the divination, consider trying our divination service, which can be done online, there is no need to book appointment or wait in line!

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Learning I Ching Without Books

Most of you guys trying to learn the I Ching will mostly be on your journey of trying to memorise the symbols and their meaning, or at least trying to memorise the basic 8 "gwa"s. While that is pretty much what people do nowadays, it's not the way to go. What is I Ching?  You know it, the book of change, and so how can you memorise it like it will never change?

Many people read the same book and everyone might have different feeling after reading it, just like when people are crazy over the strategy of Sun Tze, some sees his book as a weapon to win wars and sees it as a good guide to run a country, while some sees it as a way to end wars.  Different people with different visions and their stuff in the heart will change everything.  The problem with I Ching learners today are that everyone is trying to make money out of this thing, and so they tell you to memorise it, or stretch it, drag it, make it long and big like it is supposed to be taught over a 4 years university program.  Right, it's about the money.

In my video below you will never go to these seminars and stuff for I Ching anymore. It's all taught to you in one video, packed in 1 hour, and you are done. How hard is it?  Less BS, let's go:


Now you understand what I Ching is about and how to decode the symbols. So what's next? The real question is "How to do the divination?" or even make use of the symbols?  It's like now you understand numbers, and you know how to draw the 123s, so how to use them in real life?  Without a master, you will be lost.

In Taoism and Taoist magic, we use the bagua and I Ching symbols all the time, just like how we use them in the bagua robe as explained in the video below:


So how do you actually use the I Ching and bagua and all that?  Well, that's why you learn from a master.  To be honest, even doing the I Ching divination is not just to do a random pick or a formulated pick then expect that will "work". Divination is not a divination when you don't have the actual energy work going on.  Therefore, the ultimate answer is, you need to learn Taoist magic to get your hands on the divination. Besides, all the people who do divination in the ancient times are all specialist in their own spiritual cultivation, and some sort of religious practise professionals. Be it a shaman or whatever it is, but they all practise magic and some sort of energy work. 

How can you expect yourself to be fiddling with some sticks and coins then suddenly the magical code of nature will pop out for ya?  You need the magic, and here, you can get ordained today to start learning.  You need help and want us to do the divination?  Sure, we do provide I Ching divination too.  The bottom-line is, don't fall for the book-route for learning I ching, you need no books but a good powerful brain, and a good master to teach you the stuff directly, then it will be yours!

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

FU Talisman in the Wallet - Taoist Magic

A lot of people knows that you can put some FU Talisman in your wallet, or around your neck, your jacket, whatever... but what does it really do and what can this FU Talisman really do for you? Taking a step back, you should ask yourself, why are you putting it here inside the wallet?  FU Talisman is not like vitamins, it doesn't work if you just put any FU Talisman in a random plac.  FU Talisman is not a decoration, it is a magical tool, and it is placed at a specific spot for a specific reason, and the FU is then custom made to fit the purpose.

For example, this is the wallet FU Talisman from my wallet, doesn't it look cool? Close up...!

This is cool right? But that is only the "cover", to reinforce the output power of the FU inside. The FU inside is another long piece of yellow paper with black text, and it is folded into a triangle, with other secret elements, and contained inside this "cover" or pouch.  The FU inside is like this below:

The whole purpose of this FU talisman in the picture above is to link the wallet up with the altar, and bond in the power to store in energy of the "yolk ching" (one of the 3 pure ones), to help the wallet to have energy for security, helping it to be safe and free of disturbance, At the same time, it will gather in energy to radiate it's light, assist the transaction and prevent evil or negative energies from invading. This FU Talisman is done in black text, yellow paper, meaning to pull things "into" the wallet itself, and stuff up the wallet with this energy, this magic power.

I carry the wallet with me with I go out, and I don't want anyone to steal my wallet, while I want my transaction with money to be smooth and stable at all time, so this FU will help me out, and also help me do better purchase and better decision making for things that I will want to interact with.

Every FU talisman can be decoded and explained, but then, they are all lineage-exclusive as we have said before - meaning that, the FU Talismans of one lineage does not share with another lineage, because different lineage use different "codes" and they are never the same. Therefore, to learn FU Talisman properly, you must stick to one path to be good at it, or you will be all confused. The best way to start is to get ordained as a Taoist, then start learning under the master who canr give you real personal teachings, such as how we do it here with our teachings.