Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Kau Cheem - Decoding Divination Numbers

 Have you ever Kau Cheem or heard of kau cheem? 求籤, is a way to do divination, and it is very simple.  All you do is take the cheem container that holds a bunch of sticks, shake it and get one out of the bunch, there goes your result, and now you will need to decode this result to see what it says about your situation. For most places like Taoist temples or even your altar at home, kau cheem can be done, but not everyone does it the same way.

Some kau cheem requires 100 sticks, some 64, some 36, some 108, whatever it is, they will often come with a book that contains all the answers and so you can just flip the book for the answers you need and "decode" it yourself. However, don't you feel it kind of silly?

What's the difference between kau cheem and a lottery pick or a random pick out of a box with papers that got numbers on them? Or maybe a deck of playing cards thrown in the air then lets see which one you can grab out of the bunch of flying cards?  The point is, you are believing that a random pick can be a divination, like a lucky draw or those scratch-and-win lotttery game can be one way to do divination, isn't that kind of silly?

What is divination? seriously?

In Saam Law Taoism, we do not do kau cheem like this, yet it is similar but not the same. 

First off, a random pick is not a divination, it's nothing but a rnadom pick, and you should not even believe anyone who can just pick out a stick and call that your fate.

A divination requires three things to execute, first is the tool which here is the cheem sticks and such, then secondly is the person who can do the energy work to transmit energy through the cheem and toward another subject, and thirdly is a place that can let you channel preheaven energy in and out, which is the altar in our case.

What you do in a divination is to beam energy from you, through the cheem and to the altar, and the altar directs it to whatever direction that can lead to the answer, and results came out because of the energy interaction.  It's like taking a rock, throwing it into the hole and then listening to the echo to estimate how deep the hole is, and there goes the result. It's not JUST shaking the bucket!

How to decode the cheem?  It's all based on energy and how numbers work with energy in the nature system, and so we use the 9 star theory in our lineage, which you can see from the lecture below, and yes, there is no books in the whole process, forget the stupid book.


Now how do you get started in learning these things and be able to do it at home?  You will first need to get ordained, and then we will get you going on your learning and cultivation, building up your altar, then you can have your own cheem and stuff at home to do your divination.  Don't go to the big temples out there, it's all crowded, dirty, and most importantly, a waste of time.  If you are in a rush and you need someone to help you do the divination, consider trying our divination service, which can be done online, there is no need to book appointment or wait in line!