Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Learning I Ching Without Books

Most of you guys trying to learn the I Ching will mostly be on your journey of trying to memorise the symbols and their meaning, or at least trying to memorise the basic 8 "gwa"s. While that is pretty much what people do nowadays, it's not the way to go. What is I Ching?  You know it, the book of change, and so how can you memorise it like it will never change?

Many people read the same book and everyone might have different feeling after reading it, just like when people are crazy over the strategy of Sun Tze, some sees his book as a weapon to win wars and sees it as a good guide to run a country, while some sees it as a way to end wars.  Different people with different visions and their stuff in the heart will change everything.  The problem with I Ching learners today are that everyone is trying to make money out of this thing, and so they tell you to memorise it, or stretch it, drag it, make it long and big like it is supposed to be taught over a 4 years university program.  Right, it's about the money.

In my video below you will never go to these seminars and stuff for I Ching anymore. It's all taught to you in one video, packed in 1 hour, and you are done. How hard is it?  Less BS, let's go:


Now you understand what I Ching is about and how to decode the symbols. So what's next? The real question is "How to do the divination?" or even make use of the symbols?  It's like now you understand numbers, and you know how to draw the 123s, so how to use them in real life?  Without a master, you will be lost.

In Taoism and Taoist magic, we use the bagua and I Ching symbols all the time, just like how we use them in the bagua robe as explained in the video below:


So how do you actually use the I Ching and bagua and all that?  Well, that's why you learn from a master.  To be honest, even doing the I Ching divination is not just to do a random pick or a formulated pick then expect that will "work". Divination is not a divination when you don't have the actual energy work going on.  Therefore, the ultimate answer is, you need to learn Taoist magic to get your hands on the divination. Besides, all the people who do divination in the ancient times are all specialist in their own spiritual cultivation, and some sort of religious practise professionals. Be it a shaman or whatever it is, but they all practise magic and some sort of energy work. 

How can you expect yourself to be fiddling with some sticks and coins then suddenly the magical code of nature will pop out for ya?  You need the magic, and here, you can get ordained today to start learning.  You need help and want us to do the divination?  Sure, we do provide I Ching divination too.  The bottom-line is, don't fall for the book-route for learning I ching, you need no books but a good powerful brain, and a good master to teach you the stuff directly, then it will be yours!