Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Powerful Hand Seals in Taoism

When I was a kid, I always fancy the Taoist magic hand seals, because htey look cool and they are very powerful - at least in the movies. But what does it really do and is that really how it works in real life? Now I can tell you what the real deal Taoist magic hand seals are like and what they do!  I know your feeling when you come into this post, you are expected or wanting to find tutorials and guides on how to do it yourself and so you can jsut "grab and use them".  

Sadly, the hand seals needs a master to pass on the power to you, and so he can program it for you, and inherit you the power. You must be ordained as a Taoist in the specific lineage to get the hand seals that the lineage have. Which means, if you ordain into Saam Law Taoism, you get to have the power for Saam Law Taoism and not other sects. So your hand is like a remote control and your master will program the buttson for you and teach you how to use it and why we program it that way etc. After you have got the powers inherited, then your hand seal is activated and usable.  Therefore, you must be a disciple in order to get them to work.

Here we will talk about the three basic and powerful hand seals and let you know the purpose of them and how we use them in real Taoist magic work.

The first Taoist magic hand seal is called the TAO hand seal, DOE JEE 道指 which is used to push things to absorb something, or to transfer something ":into" the subject and make them absorb and intake it etc. This, for example, can be used to infuse spells and empowerments into people or things.  Sometimes, you might have done a magic incense and you forgot to dump a few spells in, no worry, you can use this hand seal to pump tem in too. The main power of this TAO hand seal is to have the other party to absorb while you transfer things over.

The second hand seal here is called the GING hand seal, 經指 GING JEE, which is a processing power handsign. You can command the subject to make changes internally and also tweak their inside. It's like as if you treat the subject as a human being and this will allows you to change their organs, and tweak how their system operates. It is very powerful, because you can be using this hand seal to exorcise crap out of their system too.  If your mindset is very evil and bad, you can also use this hand seal to harm people, imagine you are a bad guy trying to do "surgery" on people while messing their organs up... So here is the hand seal below.

The last hand seal is called the SI hand seal, or the SI JEE 師指, and this is like an instructor hand seal, it pushes the subject to move and do things or start things up. You can say it is like a force that injects to things and force them to do what is instructed and "start" the work immediately. When we are communicating with our guardian statues for example, we will use this hand seal to command them to do work for su.  The GING hand seal only helps you input the details of what is to be done, and you can make changes to the details, but this SI hand seal act as the command and start button, so it will push the subject to start doing the work.

When there is magic attack coming your way, the other side wnats to force you to do something, such as jump out the window and suicide... when you encounter that, you can be using the double SI hand sign to push it back to them and so they will eat their own medicine back.  How powerful and cool is that!
After learning about these hand seals, you might wonder, how is it used and how are the magic work done in Taoism?  Well, here we have video on our YouTube channel showing you how its done!  Many different hand seals are used in a ritual and they are not easy to understand and master. Let's get to it and watch the Taoism exorcism video!


In case you need help with exorcism and is searching for a Taoist master who can handle your case by distance, Tin Yat Dragon is here to help.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Sword Finger in Taoist Magic Explained

In Saam Law Taoism, we focus on teaching our disciples the knowledge to back up their Taoist magic, and things they do, such as the Sword Finger hand seal. The sword finger, which is called the GIM JEE 劍指 in Cantonese is one of the most important handsign in Taoism and Taoist magic, but not many people understand what it does and how to get a proper and correct sword finger going. A lot of the people who does it only imitates and have no idea of what's inside and what it is supposed to do etc.   The picture above is a good sword finger, it's pumped with power and straight like a sword, see how the finger and the arm aligns?
You can spot this kind of sword finger crap all over the internet no matter they are doing Tai Chi sword or doing magic rituals, many people just tends to hold a sword finger like a dangling dick, and yes it is disgusting and ugly for a Taoist to hold a sword finger hand seal like this.

Observe, is that sword crooked? bent? weak? Right, so how can the sword even "work"? 

The meaning of the sword finger, is to push in your preheaven energy into the firepower force, and outputs the power of delivering a command of the heart to the other party.  This is like a general's job at war, to give and deliver command, for the other side to get it, and feel the urge to do it. What you are doing while using the sowrd finger is gathering in the heart power and making things move as you instructed.  If your sword is bent, then it means nothing is going to happen because your sword is not straight and energy cannot push through the hand seal and out.

To "poke" through things as in the energy side of things, you must have a straight and energy filled sword finger, with the correct positions of the fingers, and not just an imitation. 


In our lesson on YouTube, you can see how we can decode the finges and their energy properties. If you don't understand the details, how can you know which position to touch is right for the sword finger? Where should the thumb be touching and why?  Can we change it?  If we changed it, what happen and what is the power after the changes?

To learn about the real sword finger and master its true power, welcome to ordain as a Taoist of Saam Law Taoism and get going right away.  Real learning not only requires you to listen and read, but also for the master to go back and forth with you, giving you personal teachings!

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Using Beads in Taoism Practice

Using the beads to count your spells and reciting reps in Taoism and Taoist magic practise is very common, even in Saam Law Taoism, we have this practise too. Why do we do it? Well, because beads makes it easy for one to count the numbers of spells they have recited so far, and is easier to keep track of what you have done.  What's more important is that it is actually a magical tool at the same time!

The magical beads in our lineage needs to be "consecrated" in order to work, meaning that it needs to be activated as a magical tool. After that is done, then your practise with it will count and you will be non stop storing in your powers into the beads. When you are feeling the need for protection during some special times, you can put the beads on your neck or around your wrist, to get yourself some protection power against energy and spiritual attacks, or even sorcery like black magic and gong tau and such.

There are many different colors of beads, but he basic one starts with this rice color (white but tinted to yellow). This beads is used in our heart spells cultivation and here is a YouTube video demo by Lui sifu in our lineage on this.


Some people are very concerned about the amount of beads in a chain, and it MUST be 108, and let me tell you here, nope, it can be other numbers.

Numbers are decoded using our Taoist wisdom such as the 9 star theory, and so any numbers can be used for these beads depending on our need and how we work around them. Be it a 108, 113, 118, 120, whatever it is, it will work too.

Taoist magic is fun, because we don't blindly believe in things, we use the nature's principle and theories to decode things, and so we can make changes according to need and want!   Using the beads as your magic cultivation tool can help you put your mind off the counting and so you can focus on the spells only and it will bring you the a deeper state in your practise, leading you to get things done better and quicker.

If you want to get started today to ordain as a Taoist and start learning, feel free to do so. There is no restrictions and requirements to start. To be honest, you will never encounter something like this ever. There are tons of "click to get ordain" stuff online for Taoism, but they are all nothing but a newsletter mail list!  You don't get ANY real teachings like that.  In Saam Law Taoism, you ordain and you get some real human to human teachings, it's not like those junk mail club!  Ordaining in Taoism was pretty crappy for the Internet crowd back then, but it is not anymore with Tin Yat Dragon around the corner!

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Feng Shui Secrets in Taoism

What is Feng Shui and what you should look out for when you are trying to research on this topic?  Here you will find out about it and yes a lot of Feng Shui out there in the western group is just as weird as the Taoism in the west, people tends to go really shallow, to the point that its not even Feng Shui at all in my eyes.

First of, what exactly defines feng shui 風水 (Fung Shui)?

Fung Shui or Feng Shui, basically you know what I am talking about here - it's the same thing, but with some weird phonetics that made it sound nothing like Chinese. Feng Shui have more searches on google, so we use the word Feng Shui, but it sounds very weird to a Chinese. Weird, eh?

Feng Shui is wind and water, but it is not the wind that you feel outside and not about any water that you drink or the water you can see. These are just metaphors which describes the flow and delivery of energies from the pre-heaven to post-heaven dimensions of this world. In another word, the flow of creation energy that goes from the non-visible "layer" of this world to the visible "layer" of this world. If you don't get the basic concept right, you have no luck understanding what's beyond.

What is Pre-Heaven and Post-heaven about? Here is a lecture:

Feng Shui is about the creation energy, and the wind factor is how pre-heaven pushes its creation energy into things, while the Sui (water) is how the energy that got absorbed can be used and pump back out to the surface to power up life and things in nature.

This creation energy that we talk about in Feng Shui is called the dragon energy, Lung Hei 龍氣 which is not visible, and don't even try to use science to detect it, because you cannot. This is the kind of energy that is similar to the energy of your heart, your energy heart, and it is not detectable by science using physical elements, yet it could be seen and felt if you know how to do so.

Feng Shui uses a lot of terms that will confuse a normal person trying to learn this skill by reading books. First of, you heard about the five elements?  It's not even about the real gold, water, and such.


You might be searching for Feng Shui to learn in your life, and you will for sure bump by these 9 flying stars stuff soon or later. Do you know how many people actually got it all wrong from the beginning. Here is the lesson for the 9 flying stars theory:

So what is the secret in feng shui that you are missing, is a master, not a book. At the same time, you will not only need to "know" and be able to "see" feng shui, but also to FIX it. What is Feng Shui energy again?  Right, it's the creation energy of nature, and that is what we use in Taoist magic. If you cannot get your hands on this, then what is the point of learning how to "see" Feng Shui?  Just placing some salt and coins here and there won't get you anywhere and won't do anything magical. It is the magic work you can do with Taoist magic that makes it magical.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Taoist Magic Warfare in Reality


Taoism and Taoist magic is like meat and bones, they are together and cannot be separated. Taoist magic warfare, or magic warfare, is a very interesting topic that you might encounter in the journey of learning Taoist magic, and it does not involve fighting the Chinese vampires. Ooops

Taoist magic warfare, is a real warfare that can lead people to death if you lose the battle, and this is not a joke. What is magic?  Magic is not like what's in the movie with people shooting fireballs and summoning dragons to bite people's butt.  Real magic is all about preheaven energy which is like the energy that pumps your "heart" (the energy heart that feels and generates emotions).  This energy can do you good, and also do you bad if it goes wrong.

For example, you can imagine yourself waking up with a super bad mood inside and your mind just thought of some crazy ideas or thinks that your wife is cheating on you all the time etc, while she is 100% innocent. What happen later is you might find excuses to yell at her, get into a big fight, and a divorce to follow.  Some cases, people just grab a machete and their emotions made them butcher up the other person and there goes a psycho. Yup, this have happened in the past with people going crazy out of the blue, and that is all the work of a magic attack.

Taoist magic warfare can be very deadly, and it can come any day.  It could be a witch doing stuff to you, or another religion, or another occult, but its all the same kind of thing. Magic warfare is all the same, and the result is always a bomb inside you that leads to tons of disasters to follow.

There is no hopping vampires or zombies for you to fight, but as a real Taoist and exorcist, you will need to be prepare to face many different kinds of magic from all sorts of religious paths or beliefs.  If you are learning Saam Law Sun Gung Taoist magic from us, you will be one of the PROs in this field, and you don't have to be scared of these attacks!

Magic warfare is everywhere, but you don't realise it because the attacks are all invisible like the beams of wifi signals from your modem and such. These energies beams through the air and does harm to you from the inside and out.  It could be a student who sits beside you in the classroom, or a coworker who is jealous of your success and decided to mess with you at the back with their "gods' power" as a revenge etc.  People don't attack you and come send you a card, they just do it at the back and keep it very quiet so you don't know its them. At the same time, they might also be smiling and chatting with you like nothing happened too. Scary!  That is why we suggest people to get ordained and be covered, at least you got a lineage that supports your back and teach you how to protect yourself and your loved ones from these thing.  When you know how to defend against these attacks, you will see your life getting much more in control, and there goes the peace that you long wanted.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

The Five Elements and Direction Meaning in Taoism

No matter its feng shui or Taoism and Taoist magic, you see the five elements and five directions all the time. You can spot this from my altar, the five directional flag, and its pretty cool looking sitting in my bucket of rice. What is the five elements supposed to be and what does these flags means or do? Here you will find out!

The five directions are actually the first most important energies that we use in magic and these are the preheaven energies that we are talking about here. The colors of these energies are actually explained in our theory of the 9 stars.


Here is a lecture of the five directional flags: 


In Saam Law Sun Gung, we use these 5 direction flags to command energies, as if they are troops or soldiers. They are not soldiers, but it is a metaphor. To command energies around, you need a medium, a tool, and we have chose the flag in this case.

However, the flag does not just command any energies, it is programmed to command the cultivated energies inside our altar, which is all cultivated and trained, and not just "anyone". As you can see why the word soldier is nice for this metaphor. We cultivate preheaven energies at our altar everyday, and making them stronger than the normal energies you can find elsewhere. That is why you can do magic work with them and not just anyone can pick some "energies" or "chi" and be able to do magic. The flags are like a commanding device, like a remote control for your TV, and it is used to move the energies around, set commands and tell them to execute the work you want them to do for you.

The best way to look at it is that you have 5 camps of soldiers at the altar, and they are all differently trained and equipped. Every camp has their own strength and property, and so you must find the right guy to do the job for the best effect. It's a metaphor, but it makes it easier to understand and learn how to use the flag. 

You can do any Taoist magic with these flags, such as exorcism, empowerment, luck boost, or even kicking your enemy's butt. The question is, are you ordained yet?  Anyone can make or buy these flags, but it does not come with the power and methods.  Without the power and the methods, the flags are nothing but decorative items. Without the knowledge and fully understanding their property, you will not be able to use them too. Therefore, you need a master, a person to teach and guide you to really master this art.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Kau Cheem - Decoding Divination Numbers

 Have you ever Kau Cheem or heard of kau cheem? 求籤, is a way to do divination, and it is very simple.  All you do is take the cheem container that holds a bunch of sticks, shake it and get one out of the bunch, there goes your result, and now you will need to decode this result to see what it says about your situation. For most places like Taoist temples or even your altar at home, kau cheem can be done, but not everyone does it the same way.

Some kau cheem requires 100 sticks, some 64, some 36, some 108, whatever it is, they will often come with a book that contains all the answers and so you can just flip the book for the answers you need and "decode" it yourself. However, don't you feel it kind of silly?

What's the difference between kau cheem and a lottery pick or a random pick out of a box with papers that got numbers on them? Or maybe a deck of playing cards thrown in the air then lets see which one you can grab out of the bunch of flying cards?  The point is, you are believing that a random pick can be a divination, like a lucky draw or those scratch-and-win lotttery game can be one way to do divination, isn't that kind of silly?

What is divination? seriously?

In Saam Law Taoism, we do not do kau cheem like this, yet it is similar but not the same. 

First off, a random pick is not a divination, it's nothing but a rnadom pick, and you should not even believe anyone who can just pick out a stick and call that your fate.

A divination requires three things to execute, first is the tool which here is the cheem sticks and such, then secondly is the person who can do the energy work to transmit energy through the cheem and toward another subject, and thirdly is a place that can let you channel preheaven energy in and out, which is the altar in our case.

What you do in a divination is to beam energy from you, through the cheem and to the altar, and the altar directs it to whatever direction that can lead to the answer, and results came out because of the energy interaction.  It's like taking a rock, throwing it into the hole and then listening to the echo to estimate how deep the hole is, and there goes the result. It's not JUST shaking the bucket!

How to decode the cheem?  It's all based on energy and how numbers work with energy in the nature system, and so we use the 9 star theory in our lineage, which you can see from the lecture below, and yes, there is no books in the whole process, forget the stupid book.


Now how do you get started in learning these things and be able to do it at home?  You will first need to get ordained, and then we will get you going on your learning and cultivation, building up your altar, then you can have your own cheem and stuff at home to do your divination.  Don't go to the big temples out there, it's all crowded, dirty, and most importantly, a waste of time.  If you are in a rush and you need someone to help you do the divination, consider trying our divination service, which can be done online, there is no need to book appointment or wait in line!

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Learning I Ching Without Books

Most of you guys trying to learn the I Ching will mostly be on your journey of trying to memorise the symbols and their meaning, or at least trying to memorise the basic 8 "gwa"s. While that is pretty much what people do nowadays, it's not the way to go. What is I Ching?  You know it, the book of change, and so how can you memorise it like it will never change?

Many people read the same book and everyone might have different feeling after reading it, just like when people are crazy over the strategy of Sun Tze, some sees his book as a weapon to win wars and sees it as a good guide to run a country, while some sees it as a way to end wars.  Different people with different visions and their stuff in the heart will change everything.  The problem with I Ching learners today are that everyone is trying to make money out of this thing, and so they tell you to memorise it, or stretch it, drag it, make it long and big like it is supposed to be taught over a 4 years university program.  Right, it's about the money.

In my video below you will never go to these seminars and stuff for I Ching anymore. It's all taught to you in one video, packed in 1 hour, and you are done. How hard is it?  Less BS, let's go:


Now you understand what I Ching is about and how to decode the symbols. So what's next? The real question is "How to do the divination?" or even make use of the symbols?  It's like now you understand numbers, and you know how to draw the 123s, so how to use them in real life?  Without a master, you will be lost.

In Taoism and Taoist magic, we use the bagua and I Ching symbols all the time, just like how we use them in the bagua robe as explained in the video below:


So how do you actually use the I Ching and bagua and all that?  Well, that's why you learn from a master.  To be honest, even doing the I Ching divination is not just to do a random pick or a formulated pick then expect that will "work". Divination is not a divination when you don't have the actual energy work going on.  Therefore, the ultimate answer is, you need to learn Taoist magic to get your hands on the divination. Besides, all the people who do divination in the ancient times are all specialist in their own spiritual cultivation, and some sort of religious practise professionals. Be it a shaman or whatever it is, but they all practise magic and some sort of energy work. 

How can you expect yourself to be fiddling with some sticks and coins then suddenly the magical code of nature will pop out for ya?  You need the magic, and here, you can get ordained today to start learning.  You need help and want us to do the divination?  Sure, we do provide I Ching divination too.  The bottom-line is, don't fall for the book-route for learning I ching, you need no books but a good powerful brain, and a good master to teach you the stuff directly, then it will be yours!

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

FU Talisman in the Wallet - Taoist Magic

A lot of people knows that you can put some FU Talisman in your wallet, or around your neck, your jacket, whatever... but what does it really do and what can this FU Talisman really do for you? Taking a step back, you should ask yourself, why are you putting it here inside the wallet?  FU Talisman is not like vitamins, it doesn't work if you just put any FU Talisman in a random plac.  FU Talisman is not a decoration, it is a magical tool, and it is placed at a specific spot for a specific reason, and the FU is then custom made to fit the purpose.

For example, this is the wallet FU Talisman from my wallet, doesn't it look cool? Close up...!

This is cool right? But that is only the "cover", to reinforce the output power of the FU inside. The FU inside is another long piece of yellow paper with black text, and it is folded into a triangle, with other secret elements, and contained inside this "cover" or pouch.  The FU inside is like this below:

The whole purpose of this FU talisman in the picture above is to link the wallet up with the altar, and bond in the power to store in energy of the "yolk ching" (one of the 3 pure ones), to help the wallet to have energy for security, helping it to be safe and free of disturbance, At the same time, it will gather in energy to radiate it's light, assist the transaction and prevent evil or negative energies from invading. This FU Talisman is done in black text, yellow paper, meaning to pull things "into" the wallet itself, and stuff up the wallet with this energy, this magic power.

I carry the wallet with me with I go out, and I don't want anyone to steal my wallet, while I want my transaction with money to be smooth and stable at all time, so this FU will help me out, and also help me do better purchase and better decision making for things that I will want to interact with.

Every FU talisman can be decoded and explained, but then, they are all lineage-exclusive as we have said before - meaning that, the FU Talismans of one lineage does not share with another lineage, because different lineage use different "codes" and they are never the same. Therefore, to learn FU Talisman properly, you must stick to one path to be good at it, or you will be all confused. The best way to start is to get ordained as a Taoist, then start learning under the master who canr give you real personal teachings, such as how we do it here with our teachings.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Bath Cleansing with Taoist Magic is Not Simple

When it comes to using Taoist magic or any kind of magic to do a bath cleansing ritual, most people think that it is about getting yourself cleaner, or at least to get your energy cleaner, right? However, that’s not the case with all the “energy work” out there, including Taoist magic. 

When you are doing a “bath cleansing” ritual, you are not “cleaning up”!  You are actually putting something on top of you, soaking it into you, and making you blend together with this new element, be it clean or dirty, and there goes the “cleansing” effect. Simply said, if you use crap to bath, you turn out to be crap, if you use tomato to bath, you turn out to be tomato-alike. Therefore, what you put into your “bath cleansing” mix is going to make a huge difference for the result.

When you see Taoists like us use a FU talisman to bath – which usually involves burning the FU talisman into a bowl and adding water to the bowl, then use this water to mix into our bath-tub for a soaking session… do you know what is actually going on?

The FU Talisman itself can be good or bad, depending on who made it, where was it consecrated and even what was put into the FU Talismans. There are many different places that sell FU Talismans, but they are not consecrated, or some are consecrated at a very crappy altar, some even consecrated at a temple with a pool of dirty energy, who knows what is inside the FU Talisman when you buy it? You cannot see it, and there is no way to guarantee!  Therefore, if the FU Talisman is loaded up with harmful or negative energies, it can look very positive on the surface, but very harmful inside. 

When you bath with these FU water, you will get all dirty and bad luck will follow..!
Bath cleansing with FU Talisman is not always a good thing, it needs to be done with care, especially choosing what FU to use, where to get the FU Talisman, and such. Just like we have always said in our previous blog posts, a lot of FU Talismans that you can buy online is not as good as you think, and some are even loaded with crap inside because the people don’t know what they are doing!

To ensure your FU Talisman bath cleansing session is for sure getting you “clean” energy, good energy, you would like to have a way to guarantee that, and that is to learn the Taoist magic yourself, and have yourself master the FU work, then you can have your daily or weekly FU cleansing bath to make your body free of negative and harmful energies. Oh right, and you don’t have to pay for every bath too, how good is that?

What you put into the FU for the cleansing bath is guaranteed too, because you are the maker and you are the one who consecrated the FU, it can’t go wrong!  Get ordained today and start learning the real Taoist magic, it’s not that hard!

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

True Meaning of Tao Te You Don't Know

What is Tao Te really? When people say they have read the “Tao Te Ching”, most of them really don’t know what they are reading, because it’s very vague, and most importantly, very wrong. That’s right, most of the stuff you find on Tao Te Ching is garbage, because it leads you nowhere near what’s Taoism really is about, and it drives you to the cloud with nothing you can really grab in the air, because it’s wrong and misleading, then a bunch of people reheats the same pool of junks into new junks, and there goes the Tao Te Ching(s) today. Well, maybe it is time to take a look at what Tao Te really is about to see the difference between Taoism and “Taoism in the west”, shall we?
Tao Te is basically translated to “virtue” and it has nothing to do with Taoism on the surface, yet Taoism used this word Tao Te for a different and more specific meaning. To understand this, we need to know what is the Tao.  Let’s take a look at the lecture below to understand what is the Tao. If you like the text version, check out the article on my blog – what is Taoism 101.

After this video/blog post, you will now know what Tao and Tao Te is about. It does not lead you to anything vague and abstract at all.

Now, how is this related to Taoism or the Taoist magic stuff then?  Knowing the theory is cool, but how and where to apply it is what the westerners all don’t understand, and that is also why people came up with the “philosophical Taoism” category later on, because they don’t know how to apply these things, and that is why it is seen as a “philosophy” only. 
The truth is, this is 100% related to the practice we do in Taoism and Taoist magic. The Tao we talk about in Taoism is the Yuen Sun (spiritual planetary body) of ourselves, and so to cultivate the Tao, we learn and do things to get stuff from the yuen sun to energize our life here. The Te part of the cultivation is to give back to the Yuen Sun and replenish the Yuen Sun by shoving it with things we can accumulate in this world.

Tao Te of a Taoist is not about being nice to nature and being a good kid, it’s about cultivating to learn and work with your own life, your Yuen Sun, your pre and post heaven side of “you”. By cultivating the Tao, the Te, you will be able to get more potentials out of your own Yuen Sun to increase your opportunities and potentials here in this world. At the same time, you will be able to make sure the Yuen Sun have replenishments and have more for you to take in the future when you need because you have given back to it on your normal days.
A good relationship with your own Yuen Sun is the key to having a healthy and balanced life, which also ensures your after-death life to be secured and happy. We want to live well, and also die well, shouldn’t we?  Look at my video on the purpose of life, you might be shocked, Taoist does not aim to live long like those 200 years old human-jerky mummy!

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Why Some FU Talismans Don't Work (Paper Talismans)

You can find people selling FU Talismans everywhere today, from eBay to websites and blogs, and most of the time it's nothing but decoration.  There is also a big site online that teach you how to make your "own" talismans, do you know how funny it looks to the real practitioners like us?  You might think that a FU Talisman is just working because you got the "graphics" right, you copied it from a book that looks "ancient" enough to be legit, and you believed it to work... and is that really the case?

I was teaching my disciples about how FU talisman work, and you will be amazed by the work that is required behind a piece of paper. A FU Talisman is just like a ticket, it draws power from a "power source" - which is the altar of the FU maker. Then it also connects the codes on the FU to the language source, just like how computer programming needs to connect to a certain database for the codes to make sense and work. If the person doing the FU does not connect the FU to the lineage that creates or have the codes in their system, then all the codes mean nothing to the power-source. Therefore, one should never just copy FU from here and there and use it.

In our lineage, we do not copy FU from anywhere, because we have our own coding system, our own language, and we have our own FU. If one is a true disciple and learned enough in the lineage, they will already know how the FU language works in our system, and there can be a FU created with the same language if we do need a new FU to be born. However, if you copy a FU from any random place, it makes no sense to our system, and the FU is not going to work because the language failed to connect and make sense.

Besides that, you can see the video below on how we consecrate the FU Talismans with our Taoist magic altar too. Is that something you can just come up with out of the blue?  FU Talismans that does not go through a proper consecration process will not have any power, because it is basically not linked to a power-house, like a cheque that links to Santa, it doesn't work. Your cheque must link to a bank, which in this case is the altar.


A Taoist altar for the Taoist magic practitioner is just like the computer of an IT, it's so important, and everything we make will need to connect to the altar like a power plant for the magic tools we use and create, later on, be it a FU Talisman, a sword, a pendant, whatever it is, we must connect them to the altar for the power.

At the end, you might want to watch another lecture and demo of how we consecrate a tool at the altar, using some easier methods for beginners. It's a lot of work behind things and a lot of knowledge behind all the steps and micro-details that we are doing to get things working. It's not simple, and that is why you should get ordained to learn this for real.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Fake FU Talismans Versus Real

 Got a bunch of Fake FU Talisman around, just to show you guys what it is like, and yes, they are all on the market today selling for cheap. You can buy these FU Talismans from places like eBay or TaoBao and they are often just $10 or less for a piece, do they really work or have ANY power in them at all?  I guess you already know the answer, but it is always good to hear from the professionals like me!  

There goes some real FU Talisman done by me!   Right, it's pretty, hand-drawn, stamped, and of course, consecrated with a powerful altar that we work on every day!  

What can you tell from the two? Fake FU Talismans are often printed - to save time and cost, and also to bulk-produce. The fake FU talismans are often not even stamped and with no authority or consecration at all.  At the end, if you do understand FU language and grammar, these FU talismans that are printed are often like aliens trying to write English, grammar is all out of place and they look funny to a real FU Talisman master like me, it just doesn't make sense. 

Don't even waste your time trying to FEEL the FU talisman with your hand and such, just remember that everything comes with a price, and no one will be willing to sell you a talisman for $10 if it cost them $500 worth of time. Get real!

Right, even the tools that we use for writing FU talismans will need a charge-up session before we start the work, check out a ceremony by Lui Sifu in NY!

The FU writing part requires a lot of skills, and there are tons of spells inside each stroke, which is to program the characters to do what they are supposed to do, and embed the magic power into them as we write. Then there is a bunch of overlapping symbols which is to be written in a special way to make sure the "engine" of the FU is installed properly for the FU to work.

After all that... you will need to go thru a FU Talisman consecration ceremony. Here is one by Wun Sifu in NY, showing you an intermediate version of it:


Here is mine, a lengthy one...

So after all these, you might think, why can people charge you just $10 for one if so much work is involved?  Wait a minute, that doesn't make sense!  Right, too good to be true?  Then it's a scam!  We do not let a FU Talisman go out our door without proper work done on it because it is our pride and we want our customer to have the best from us. Therefore, we offer FU Talismans that are done properly and charged up properly.  

Yes, we do offer some common FU Talismans that are charged for only $30 a piece, and they are for normal clients who want something more affordable. For the ones who need more dedicated help, we will offer them customized work or even a distanced ceremony. Some people don't understand why a distanced ceremony cost so much too, so I guess a YouTube video is needed!  Please keep in mind that your ceremony will require the use of FU Talismans, so there is the consecration ceremony first, and then prepping, empowering, THEN the final ceremony day which requires about 1-2 hours of work depending on the situation!

You will not want to do this for people if it is just for $10-50 because it cost your whole week of energy to do this, and you will need to replenish for a few days afterward. Our disciples who ordained in the lineage know about it as they start to learn and do it on their own. It's a lot of work!  Real FU Talisman and ceremony cost a lot because it does cost a lot for the person making it and doing it too!  Now you know what is the real deal like!

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

How to Burn Incense Properly at Taoist Altar

How to burn incense properly at the Taoist altar? There is a lot of knowledge behind the whole incense burning art. First of all, why shall you burn incense? Many people just think that it is part of their routine to burn incense to an altar, but no one really understands what it is about and what they are actually doing.

Incense is nothing but a container, they are a medium for us to contain things. In the physical world, we Taoist say, that everything is just a container, meaning that you can put "things" into them as if they are all bottles and jars. What can you put into the incense? What did you put into it?  Incense itself is nothing but just some wood powder and sticks, it does not have any magical effect and does not do anything for you in terms of energy work... so why do we burn incense?

When you hold onto the incense, your hand touches and the energy of you transfer to the incense, and this "energy" is what we call the pre-heaven energy, which includes your intention, your heart-energy and such. These energies go into the incense and fill the incense up. After that, the incense is burnt and BAM, the magic happens.

When the physical body is destroyed, the no-physical part of it gets released, just like gas escaping from a balloon. When incense is burnt, the stuffings releases. Therefore, when you put the incense on the altar, your energy is released to the altar, and the altar absorbs it, so it is a form of "uploading" your energy into the altar every day, just like accumulating money daily for the future use.

At the end, you might want to see how I do my morning practice at the altar. So here goes a YouTube video again, showing you what's involved in my morning routine, which most people won't even realize how heavily loaded a Taoist cultivation is like when it comes to Taoist magic.

Looking back at the picture on the top, do you realize that the incense is not placed in the center of the pot?  Why so?  There is a reason behind it!  The pot is like a piece of land, and where you put the incense is like planting a tree or flower into the ground, and so where you plant this incense will change the incense's energy and its way of doing work for you. To understand this, you need to watch the lecture on the 5 directions...!  

How to burn incense properly? There is a lot of variations, and many ways to burn incense, but there is always a reason behind everything we do, such as incense burning. If you are burning incense and you do not know what is going on, then it is not proper. If you are burning incense and you know what you are doing. then that is at least properly done at the base level. Incense is not "food" for any spiritual beings, it is a tool for you to communicate with the altar, and to transfer things to the altar, etc. 

How often should a Taoist burn incense? Our article on the official blog already answered that!  A real Taoist must burn incense every day because the altar is being fed while you do so, how can you not feed your own baby every day?
 There is a lot to learn, and a lot of theories to understand, in order to really know how to decode everything in the art of incense burning. Even the way of how we hold the incense can vary in many ways. Get ordained today to start learning it yourself, and getting a real altar setup to experience the joy yourself.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

FU Talisman Consecration in Taoism Magic

FU Talismans in Taoism is amazingly powerful, but it is never just a piece of paper with some scribbles. The FU itself is like a ticket to withdraw resources from somewhere, and do work for someone. You can have two FUs that look identical to each other, but they are consecrated differently and at the different altar, then the FU is already not the same. One FU draws resources from the bank, one draws resources from the playground, both are to do “exorcism”, but which one gives you money and not sand?

Taoist magic is not something most people can understand with their normal logic, because it’s very complex, and often secretively taught.  To understand Taoist magic properly, one must get ordained as a Taoist to learn it directly from a master, yet it is not easy to encounter a great master who is willing to teach and open enough to answer all your questions and clear up all your doubts. A lot of “masters” only kept their mouth shut, unlike how we teach here!  

Back to the FU talk!

FU Talisman requires a consecration ceremony, or what we call “chick fu” in Chinese. This ceremony is to bond the FU to a source and program it up, charge it up and activating it so the power can expose out of the FU and make it “go live”. A FU that is not chick'd/consecrated is like a cheque that is written but not signed, it cannot be used to withdraw anything from anywhere. 

After the consecration ceremony for the FU Talisman is done, the FU is then linked up with the altar of the Taoist master, and will draw resources from this altar from then on. When the FU is being used, it will expose the power “of this altar” only and not from anywhere.

The whole FU consecration ceremony can be as long as 1-2 hours depending on the amount of work done on the FU. Just like cooking, the fancy food can require a lot of time to cook, while scramble egg can be done in minutes, or even just 1minute in the microwave.  Well, yes, work is done, time is spent, and energy is of course gone too – but to where?  It’s all gone to the FU itself.

NEVER buy printed FUs or crappy FUs made in bulk, these FUs have no power and don’t even do anything for you except for giving you a decoration which you will not be proud to show to your friends. A real FU requires real energy, time and effort to make… and in this video we are showing here, you will know how much work is involved in the FU Talisman we offer on our Tin Yat Dragon website!

Statue Consecration for Taoism

Consecration of Taoist statue is very complex in Taoism, and it requires the practitioner to really know what they are doing in order to do it right. If statues are improperly consecrated by someone, it will have no magical power, but even worse is that it will have the risk of being invaded by evil entities, leading to many disastrous issues in the future.  Therefore, in our lineage, we take this very seriously and we want to show people how much work is required behind this ceremony by exposing it on YouTube. 

Those who want to learn Taoist magic from us, you can visit our website to get ordained and start learning anytime, but here let us explain the ceremony’s structure a bit!
To consecrate a Taoism statue – or any statue, here are the 5 major steps to do so:

1. Prepare the FU Talismans and stuffing for the statues
2. Inject the power source, the magic power, to the statue
3. Programming of the statue’s power and functions
4. Activating the statue and make the power expose
5. Empowering it and giving it a boost to start it off nicely

This is just a brief guideline to the ceremony, and it is more complex than you think!  Most videos online that show you the consecration ceremony are often poorly done or just roughly filmed for a few minutes and no one can really see what is going on. 

Don’t even trust wiki how, that page on statue consecration and setting up a Taoist altar is a joke!  If you consecrate the statue or altar like that, it will only lead to a cosmetic altar. The even worse scenario is that you don’t know what you are doing, and therefore, the altar is open for anything to hijack into the system, and you are off to the route of miserable.

Watch the video of our demonstration on this subject, don’t goof around and just either get ordained and learn it yourself, or have us do the work for you which can ensure you a safe and functional statue, and altar. Don’t risk yourself with these things, it’s not worth it!