Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Taoist Magic Warfare in Reality


Taoism and Taoist magic is like meat and bones, they are together and cannot be separated. Taoist magic warfare, or magic warfare, is a very interesting topic that you might encounter in the journey of learning Taoist magic, and it does not involve fighting the Chinese vampires. Ooops

Taoist magic warfare, is a real warfare that can lead people to death if you lose the battle, and this is not a joke. What is magic?  Magic is not like what's in the movie with people shooting fireballs and summoning dragons to bite people's butt.  Real magic is all about preheaven energy which is like the energy that pumps your "heart" (the energy heart that feels and generates emotions).  This energy can do you good, and also do you bad if it goes wrong.

For example, you can imagine yourself waking up with a super bad mood inside and your mind just thought of some crazy ideas or thinks that your wife is cheating on you all the time etc, while she is 100% innocent. What happen later is you might find excuses to yell at her, get into a big fight, and a divorce to follow.  Some cases, people just grab a machete and their emotions made them butcher up the other person and there goes a psycho. Yup, this have happened in the past with people going crazy out of the blue, and that is all the work of a magic attack.

Taoist magic warfare can be very deadly, and it can come any day.  It could be a witch doing stuff to you, or another religion, or another occult, but its all the same kind of thing. Magic warfare is all the same, and the result is always a bomb inside you that leads to tons of disasters to follow.

There is no hopping vampires or zombies for you to fight, but as a real Taoist and exorcist, you will need to be prepare to face many different kinds of magic from all sorts of religious paths or beliefs.  If you are learning Saam Law Sun Gung Taoist magic from us, you will be one of the PROs in this field, and you don't have to be scared of these attacks!

Magic warfare is everywhere, but you don't realise it because the attacks are all invisible like the beams of wifi signals from your modem and such. These energies beams through the air and does harm to you from the inside and out.  It could be a student who sits beside you in the classroom, or a coworker who is jealous of your success and decided to mess with you at the back with their "gods' power" as a revenge etc.  People don't attack you and come send you a card, they just do it at the back and keep it very quiet so you don't know its them. At the same time, they might also be smiling and chatting with you like nothing happened too. Scary!  That is why we suggest people to get ordained and be covered, at least you got a lineage that supports your back and teach you how to protect yourself and your loved ones from these thing.  When you know how to defend against these attacks, you will see your life getting much more in control, and there goes the peace that you long wanted.