About Me

I am the author of this blog, Mak Jo Si, or you can call me by Jee Sifu 紫師傅. I am a YouTuber on three channels. My first channel "Chiinnature" is the biggest one out of the three, and I started off with doing some reviews on airguns, blades and then flashlights and other gears. It seems irrelevant to the magic stuff, but it was initially an attempt to get a channel going for some money earning only; getting some views, earn some bucks from google, and that's it. Who knows why, the channel went big and viral after 2 years of hard work and it rocketed up, and that is why I have the second channel "Mak Hobby" started  for distributing some of the videos out there. Then in 2016, I decided to officially build my magic-oriented channel and go full blast into this route for doing a magic-only channel and see if it will work out at the end. This channel is the channel that I will be focusing on the most now, which is "Tin Yat Dragon"'s channel.  As you can see, I do YouTube, I blog, and I am a super transparent person due to the nature of my daily routine, which is to face the public!

My focus of this blog was initially meant to be a backup blog and trying to get more traffic from blogger's engine to my official blog before. Now that the old official blog is gone, we have built another one on our new website www.tinyatdragon.com. This blog is more of my side-dish blog, and a back-up blog. While I can keep typing something here from time to time to keep it active, it will also be a nice way for me to use another method to reach the public audience by utilizing blogger's network and such. My goal is, of course, to get more people over to my YouTube channel, website and eventually bring you guys (the audience) into the world of magic.

I provide Chinese magic service, products and teachings for anyone in the world, and by distance. If you have any spiritual issues, ghost problems, luck problems, anything you need our magic to kick in some help for you, feel free to e-mail me right away and we will get chatting.  I emphasize on organic communication with honesty and truthfulness. If you want help from a professional exorcist like me, of course you want to find one that you can talk to like they are real human beings. I am the kind of friendly and easy-going person who you will love to talk to. I do not fear questions, and only fear you hold back and not ask questions. I encourage you, the reader, to contact me directly if you want any help or even to ordain into our lineage to learn the Chinese magic yourself!