Thursday, 22 December 2016

Taoist Tai Chi That Last 40 Minutes Long!

You see Tai Chi being done here and there all the time, but most of them are all short reoutines, and some are even simplified to only a few movements, which is totally not enough.  Our Taoist tai chi in Tin Yat Lineage is pretty unique, this routine that I am showing here is called the Tin Yat Saam Law Taoist Alchemy Tai Chi, and it consist of over 300 movements, and the whole routine is separated in 9 sections which can be learned separately or put together as one routine to cultivate. I personally do it all together as one, and don't like to split it up. Trust me, it's a hell lot of workout, because it will take about 40-45 minutes depending on your speed. In this video demonstration, I am doing it in moderate speed, but at the end, someone came in and I started to speed up and so if we do it all in the same kind of pace, it should be about 45 minutes for the whole routine. Let's take a look at the demonstration.


What is Taoist Tai Chi and why is it different from normal Tai Chi? 

I cannot say what "other" lineages' "taoist" tai chi is like, but ours is definitely not the same. Most Tai Chi styles emphasize that they are martial arts, a combat style, that uses a rather different technique to fight as compare to normal "external styles".  Our "taoist" Tai Chi is definitely not the same, because our tai chi is not a combat art. Well, you can fight with it, but it's not like it's made for fighting, not at all. The only purpose you should be cultivating this Tai Chi, is when you need a cultivation that will help you get better health, and also to improve your magic cultivation in our lineage, which can benefit your life in many ways.

The reason why you would like to do this Tai Chi form, is because you want to utilize the essence that you have accumulated from your foundation training in our lineage, with the magic cultivation. The essences are like "cells" and they are parked right beside you and awaiting for your magic commands to be utilized and cause effect to things. Instead of using them up, doing this tai chi routine helps you convert them and blend them into your own body, your own energy body, and make those essence become your energy, and now they are going to be yours, and not just something that you cultivated to be sticking on you for later use. These energy will be circulating your different bodies, and eventually be nourishing your whole life, your spiritual and physical body together. 

In a way, you can say that our tai chi is very powerful, because it is not for fighting, but to do life-improvements, life-repair and making use of your magic cultivation to turn into a life improvement cultivation. The effect that this can bring you is enormus, but of course, we would need to also do our part in reality to not screw up our decision making and such to make use of our potentials. It is not like you can just do this tai chi and expect life to get better. Life only improve when you do your part right, and so, making your decisions wisely, and doing things accordingly, is also very importeant for any kinds of success to come.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Are You a Blind Believer or True Believer?

Are you a true believer of something? Or are you a "blind believer"?  No matter it's Taoism, I-ching or other things like this, it's always common to see "blind believers" when I browse around the internet. A lot of people believe because it's ancient, because it's common, because everyone say so, but they don't really understand the stuff from the heart, yet they try to say it's "real" and it's "legit", because the majority says so out there. Not sure if you have realized, but a lot of "science" stuff seems very LEGIT to us in the past too, yet after many years, science failed and proven themselves wrong. For example, eating more than 2 eggs a day will kill you, or eating fat is not good and it makes you fat, or maybe even that diagram of how your tongue works and where the taste zones are. These things are all proven false and wrong after years of their loud and big promotion of those "theories" in science, but many people still believe these things today, due to the fact that they are stuck with the first viral era of those theories, when the science guys loudly promotes them. When it's the time to admit the wrongs, science somehow didn't get as viral and loud, weird eh?

I did a video on "i-ching", which is a very commonly known thing for "divination" or fortune telling, but then it was actually not the original intention of the i-ching author to use it for divination purpose!  Most people only took this and blend it into the magic they do, and there goes the divinations today, which was never invented by the i ching author himself. Yet, the people in China love to convince people to believe that it's created by the i ching author, so that this method can be more "convincing", and so there goes the "eat fat will get you fat" kind of theory all over the world, and now, the internet. Everyone thinks that i-ching is a divination book, nothing more. It's pretty wrong to be honest.

I-ching is a book that just record the pattern of nature's flow and how nature works. Using it for divination is not a problem, but most people really don't know why they are doing it, and they just look for the "methods" in books, following a formula, and think that will make the results "accurate" and be able to forsee their future. It's a common misunderstanding!  Let me ask you one question, have you ever heard that only the shaman or whatever in a village can do divinations in the ancient time?  When crap happened, it's always one old guy who is responsible to do the fortune telling stuff, not other people. If it's just a method that is lacking or a few books of text that you need for reference, why they need to have this specialist in the village to do the job?  They can make it easier by doing it the DIY way, hand out books and everyone can do it!  People don't realize that divination itself IS a form of magic and it requires energy work to be done, or else you are just like a fool picking out random numbers out of a bunch of sticks to say that's your destiny or future!

Imagine how life is like when one rely on an "i ching" oracle, with a bunch of sticks or whatever and they are really just doing random picks with a so called formula!? Everything you believe is your future is actually just an illusion, it's all a random pick out of a bundle of sticks, how is that going to help?  This kind of stuff can get you into fear for days, because you got a bad result, while the real situation isn't that bad at all!  Are you really doing divination or a lottery with different mediums at home?  Seriously, doing those so called methods out there without the energy work behind is no different from doing a lottery pick with your sticks, dics, card, or whatever. It's just the method thta is changed, but the same random pick factor is there! 

Real divinations requires energy work, like we need to throw a rock into the hole to know how deep it is. If we need to see the future, we need to throw our beam of cultivated energy to the preheaven dimensions to test and see what's there, while the medium shows us the result, and there goes the pattern sample!  If you don't know how to, or don't have any cultivated energies to throw out, or you just basically don't know how to output that energy as essence form, then basically you are just taking your coins and such to do lottery at home, it's not even a divination, it's a lottery that you believe it's going to show you the future only!  Nothing is done at the back of those coins, there are no energy work being done and nothing being really "tested" for a result!

Real divination is not limited to what mehods or mediums, because the guy doing it should know the pattern and the basics in the mind, and so the methods will not restrict them from getting any message from nature. For example, I can change my method from a coin tossing to maybe a stick picking, rice throweing, leaf falling, or even dice, playing cards, or whatever it is. It's not the method that makes the divination works, it's the person who has the cultivated power to do the job that made it possible to show a "sample result" with a certain medium to predict the future. 

Are you a blind believer who just believe things that most people say? Just flip a book and you are instantly an i ching expert?  I guess only a duck will believe that is real divination. Real divinations is not that simple and easy, at least not in our lineage.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Talisman FU for Good Luck 101

Yes, there are FU talisman for luck boost and luck repair or even luck enhancements on our website's online store, and it's real!  FU Talisman for good luck, is that really real? How can these magic really work?  To be honest, you won't win the lottery or strike some jackpots with our FU Talismans, because it's real, and it's not a scam, so it won't do those crazy things and won't be making super-insane claims. All I can say is, they will help on luck issues, repair your luck and boost your luck, that's what they are, and that is what they do, you cannot expect free chicken wings to drop from the sky, it's just impossible in this world, and anyone selling magic that helps you win lottery and such is just nothing but a scam. Real magic don't do that kind of stuff, because real magic works, and they work to do what they are supposed to do only, not to give you illusions and spin you into a black hole. Winning lottery is equals to good luck?  Maybe not. There are many cases where people won the lottery and end up way worse than when they were poor, because they are being given a lot of money while it's not really what they should deserve to have, and it will cost them a lot in the long run to "balance it off", instead of good luck, it's bad luck maybe!

What is luck though, how to boost it or enhance our luck with Taoist magic? Before you dig into the magic, I strongly suggest you enjoy my lecture on what is luck!  Luck is something you have to understand before you start doing anything to it. It's not like you are good luck then you will have all the money you want in life. I know, we all love money, and we want more, but then, let's be realistic!  If Taoist magic can bring you all the money, then I don't need to work my butt off anymore, right?  Nothing is that easy in life! Like it or not, real magic, real Taoism, is real, and there is no shortcut in real life no matter you like it or not. Truth is hard to accept and swallow, but I guess you are the stronger ones in this world who can take it without the syrup coating, right?  Enjoy my Taoism talk show below!

What is luck? The most foundational luck you want to look at is the transmission of energies from your different pre-heaven bodies to your post-heaven bodies. Just like in the video above, we explained how our cycle of energy works in life, everyday your bodies and souls etc, all cycles and cycles, and if the transmission is interrupted, jammed or affected, then you don't get what you are supposed to get, which leads to "bad luck". These patterns within yourself will generates the same pattern in your real life, and in everything around you, which lead to all kinds of 'bad luck" for yourself.  If you can get your own "luck" under control, get them boosted and such, you will at least have what you should have, and your work can at least be smoother, delivered on time, etc.,.

Good luck does not mean you will be super mega rich, but at least you will be what you should be, and your work is not wasted, you will be more under control of yourself and your health will be better than most people. When you wake up, you will feel like you have control over your own day, you know what you want to do, and things can be done according to your plan, nothing is dragged or put behind in your life and nothing is freaking you out, then it's good enough!

When your luck is stuck, bad, or interrupted, you will not feel good, because this pattern within your own energy transmission network is going to show up in everything around you, and you will see this pattern repeats itself in life. Don't get it wrong, you can still be having a good job, lots of money because of your high salary pay, and you can still be eating a lot of good food, etc, even you are in bad luck state. WHAT?   Yup, you heard it right. Some bad luck people can still be having a "rich life style" going, it's just that their life feels like crap at the back and most people cannot see through it, because they are too focused on the surface of things, such as what car people drive, the size of their house, the salary pay level etc. If you dig into their life, you will not believe how many holes they have got there, how many things they want to do and cannot do, how stuck it feels and how lost they are in life. There aere so many things they are not certain about, and their life feels like a garbage bag with tons of holes, while everyone look at them like they are already the rich and fancy people, they feel like crap inside, and they are never truly happy.

Yes, you can be feel crappy and unhappy when you are poor and not wealthy too, but you can also live an okay life with an okay amount of money, and the feeling of life-is-under-control and you are steering your own wheel with a nice focused direction, nothing scary coming up, all bills under control, and your family is laughing daily etc. Isn't that good enough? 

If you are facing some difficult time, you are not sure what is affecting you, and you wonder if this is luck issue or other issue causing all these to happen?  E-mail us for a check up and we can get you going with a proper diagnosis. After that, at least you know what is wrong, and how to deal with it. We will give you some suggestions and see if you want to continue with the life repair or luck boost. The budget can be adjusted according to your need and preference, but the bottomline is, if you want work to be done for you, then it will cost you money. It's not a scam, and so there is a fair trade factor, nothing is free, for us, and for you!  We hope you understand what is luck and is aware of these issues in life, which can turn into a big problem if not ressolved. Get your diagnosis today and get things sorted out before they snowball up more.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Taoist Rites for Cleanse and Energizing?

Taoist Rites is a very important part of our cultivation in saam law sun gung 三羅神功 too. We also do daily rites cultivation and our purpose could be different, very different, from other sects and lineages. Here I will explain what we are doing and why we need to do this rites here, specifically, the morning rites set. We call this Saam Law Yuen Moon Jo Foh 三羅玄門早課. 

The whole rites is full of spells and scriptures, but our "spells and scriptures" might not be something you understand and it's definitely not like Christians reading the bible!  The whole concept and theory behind doing rites, scriptures, is an internal cultivation method. We use this rites, with spells, magical tools, and many hidden techniques to combine into a fully magical rites that will run our energy body's engine like how you warm up your car, season your pan, and such. It's a conditioning, power-upping, energizing practice. As you can "hear" in the video below, we don't just say out words like how we "talk" in real life, it's full of some "dragging sounds" like as if it's a singing session, and there are special instruments being used as the rites goes on. This is not like a spell where it just does one "task", it's a full SPA for your energy body, a full and complete massage for the whole system.

Let's show you the video so you can play it along first..!

Our morning rites is a rites that you should do or tag along to get your preheaven energy that you got over the night (from sleeping) to soak in, sink in, and abosrbed into your energy body and realign everything in that energy body to the optimal state, so that it will cleanse, energize and purifies the body for you, and so that you will have energy for the day to do work.  

There is a bunch of "jing spells" 淨咒 in the rites beginning, and those are not "cleansing" spells. What "jing" does, is basically to process, not to cleanse. It is like putting things to the right place, and let it digest or do it's job, finish it, and so it will push it to the next station etc. You can say that it's like boosting and guiding your system to process and cycle through fully, so that there are no hiccups or blockages in there. By doing so, you cleansed, you purified, and you energized. 

For fans, believers, you can just follow and listen to the track. For disciples, you can use the track as a subtle background "helper" to your own rites doing. Don't try to follow the rites as in tagging along my pace and such, but do your own thing, and keep this playing at the background in a very low volume manner so that the soundwaves can help you tune in your magic frequency more, it will act as a helper and assisting power for you.  For others, just listen and tag along as my video description said, do the humming and such.

Some people might want to play this before sleep for a better quality sleep, it's fine, but we prefer the evening rites for that purpose. This one is nice to use when you need more energy, need to cleanse your body and push out some crapnergy that you picked up from the surrounding and such.

If you are interested in learning, remember to e-mail us directly to get started. You can also ask us for the rites document and such too.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Difference between Reigious Taoism and Philisophical Taoism

I have been seeing this "what is the Difference between Reigious Taoism and Philisophical Taoism" topic all the time, and people run into debates and stuff. I really want to ask you, the reader, to think about what is Chinese food compared to Chinese buffet, the chap sui?  Real Chinese food isn't appealing, because it's not red and vibrant and such, and we don't serve with those nice presentation and all those delicious art work on top. Chinese people eat by tossing all those brown and black stuff into the pot, cook for a few hours, and they just serve it with the same pot and you will not like that kind of color as a non-Chinese. Sushi is much better looking to be honest, at least it's colorful and they made it nice and vibrant.   Chinese food are tasty, but they aren't really nice looking all the time, and a normal Chinese really do not eat those vibrant color dishes you see int he buffet table. This is Chap Sui I found on google, some stir fried Chinese-food.

Now here is some real juicy Chinese food, called Dung Boh Yuk, invented by a poet. Super yummy and super not-attractive to the westerners.

Chinese people are not fancy on the look, and they eat this kind of food for many years. The vibrant and pretty presentation only kicked in after China is westernized and people start to really get into the science and modern groove.  To survive in the society, in the world, Chinese made many changes to their culture to stay alive, and make things attractive for the "ignorant gwai lo" (no offense). That's right, Chinese themselves don't care if the food look colorful or not, it doesn't matter to them and they have been eating this kind of brown color dishes all the time. This is food!  What do you want?  Some gold sparkles on top?  Well, the westerners don't like it, then Chinese made it differently, with a twist, and some new ideas made the food better looking, and now the westerners finally accepted Chinese food and slowly dig into the art, one small step after one small step.

Some westerners are very brave and they really dig into the "real" Chinese food, and they will eventually love it and they will realized how much they have been judging the food wrong by the appearance in the past. It's a whole new world, and you cannot even know how to explain it to the other friends in USA and such!

Taoism? It is the same. To be honest, there is no philosophy Taoism, because Taoism is always just Taoism. This Lao Tze guy is only "one" out of the many people in China and people took his "gift" that he left behind as a "treasure". The book isn't even a teaching material, it was a gift, and not even a book for people to learn.  Have you wondered how many other wise people like him were in China back then and did not get on the history book?  China is huge, and people there are smart, but many people don't get heard because they are not connected to the big-guys.

Another funny thing is, when a westerner start to have a feeling or urge of wanting to learn about Taoism, they will instantly want to learn Mandarin.  Do you know, that the dialect of Mandarin isn't even a Chinese language back then when Lao Tze was around?  Back then, they speak another kind of dialect!  Mandarin only came into China in the VERY recent history. 

Also, if you even dig into the real China today, where do you see a "school" or place that "teach Taoism" but only the philosophy?  NONE!  Everywhere that talks about Taoism, is a place for you to go and ordain, learn and there HAVE to be altars and stuff going on. Seriously, don't you see that this is the real thing and not the "tai chi and chi kung and some meditation" kind of stuff?  Those "surface" teachings are to amuse, attract and make people outside come over only, it's not the core and not the heart of the teachings!  Yes, we do have Tai Chi and Chi Kung, but that isn't what Taoism is about in the heart.  Well, all I can say is, if you can accept the chap sui as real Chinese food, then you can accept those so called philosophy Taoism as Taoism. Otherwise, if you ask me, there is no such things. Taoism is Taoism, it's just lame and pathetic Taoism or a real deal lineage Taoism.  Gwai Lo Taoism / americanized Taoism / outsider's Taoism maybe.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

You Might Be Wrong About Lao Tze - Taoism Facts

Lao Tze seekers, Tao fans, Taoism lovers, you might want to see this video above to test and see if you really understand Taoism. This should be my best thumbnail for youtube video so far!  Those non-matured people will scream, the fan boy of Lao Tze will cry, and everyone will start acting like crazy - because they cannot understand the real meaning of what Taoism or even the first page of Tao Te Ching is saying. You are stuck with your humanized perspective of things, and that is why you don't understand the truth to things today. I strongly suggest you watch that video above, and share it out to people who you think should also watch it to see what real Taoism knowledge should be about.

What is Shit? That is my first idea when it comes to thinking about a catchy thumbnail today. I have been talking shit in the video for almost 2 hours, and if you think I am joking, click and see it yourself, it's a serious, mature, and juicy talk of 1 hr 40 mins, just one man there, standing and talking with no pause. Some people say Mak Jo Si is a scammer because he don't follow what the normal Taoist do or say. Well, if you think so, look at this guy in the video, is he crazy or what, how come he have so much juice in his brain and still going on and on for so many years on YouTube?  There got to be a reason why he is standing up huh?  Talking for 2 hours is not easy, even 1 hr is not, but when you really know what you are doing, like some pro chef in cooking, they really can talk for that long without feeling stressed!  That Mak Jo Si?  Genius!

I have been trying to be blunt, honest, and just present people with what Taoism really is, but it seems that a lot of people cannot accept the truth, and they want the glossy, poetic, grammar-perfect, best-sellers approved kind of Taoism. Let me tell you one thing - when someone is dedicating their life to Taoism, the guy don't have time to learn so much about English or whatever language. A good taoist is not always a good poet or writer. Look at the chefs, or car technicians, or dentist. Once you dedicate your life to something and spend your whole life in it, you don't have that luxury to study other things.  We are only human, we can only have 24 hours a day. Being a Taoist master, I really have to surrender to marketing, English grammar, and such. I tried my best to post something I know on YouTube and blogs, and I just wish people can read or watch it directly, enjoy it like a normal human to human talking video, not like a "promotion" that kick you to feel all jacked up and pump. You know those "yes man" kinda talk show? They make you super pump and super "enlightened" and turn out they really didn't teach you anything but just got people "moved" - because they are good at talking and doing that only. It's not my style. You want real Taoism? You come to me and it's bitter with sweet here, no sugar coating, no colorings added, no artificial flavor, like it or not, that's real food. You want your strawberry flavor and banana color coating stuff?  Go elsewhere.  I think if you are strong enough to keep watching the show to the end, you are good and qualified to start learning Taoism!

Taoism for beginners, what should a video with this title be about?  I was thinking about what to present to a beginner or a newbie who want to dig into Taoism. I guess it's best to tell them to truth!  BANG, and I opened the video like a canon, splashed out strong word and blast their brain apart, now you feel and know what Taoism really should be like.  Many people are trying too hard, searching in bookstores, and let me tell ya how hard it is to have your stuff on the shelves of these bookstores. I wnat my stuff there too, but it just seems like a dream to me. I have many things to write and say, but still cannot do it yet. Do you think real Taoist can be an author for those books?   If you see people doing books there, probably these so called masters are really having some luxury time aside from their real cultivation. Applause. I really don't have the talent to be a best-seller-author kind of Taoist, to be honest. I hope my video can open people up more with these straight, blunt, and to the point knowledge / talk show. Enjoy and feel free to share it out!  If you want to learn under our lineage, e-mail us right away and don't try to go through all my materials, because you don't learn anything for real without real communication. Email and start talking, that's the best way to start!

Saturday, 3 December 2016

How to See Ghosts with Taoist Magic

How to see ghosts with Taoist magic?  Most people ask me this question and expect that I will offer them some FU Talisman to wash their eyes and they will instantly "see something". Before I show you the real deal, maybe it's a good idea to know what this word "Ghost" means in real Taoism.  Most people only know the ghost in movies, books, stories and such - and they are not the real thing, not even close to the real thing.  Most people only understand guns like guns in the movies, especially guns can be fired indoor like it's a toy gun, and no one even go deaf mode and cannot hear people around them after a real machine gun fight, plus it's all recoiless, unlimited spraying and such. You get the idea. You don't even need to reload the ammo in movies, and you can hold a machine gun with one hand, the bullets will land on the target and automatically trace the person's forehead etc.  Guns are like that in the movies, just like ghosts in the movies, pretty much like so, very unrealistic huh?

Don't want to read so much? I have done a video for you to enjoy!

Ghost in reality, or at least the ghost that we talk about in Taoism (our lineage) is not about those movie kind of ghost. We are talking about the real world kind of ghosts, and there is nothing "scary" about it.  Ghost, the word, Gwai 鬼 is just a word that can be defined as "When something is done processing in a universe, it goes to the next station and continue, then the departed subject is a ghost". Just like when you are eating, the stuff that is done processing in your mouth and went down your stomach, those are ghost for your mouth, they are "dead" from the mouth department already and is supposed to be going downward to be finished and transformed into their next form, to the intestines, etc.

The ghost word in our Taoist magic is not only limited to spirits, because there can be what we call Ghostnergy, the power or energy of ghosts, which everyone got some of that stuff in their spiritual body, the Faat-Sun 法身. These energies are not "bad" or "evil", it's just that they all have this property of absorbing "light and power" and attracts things over be sucked up, etc. Light doesn't mean physical light, it means any energy producing power of all sort, is light. Success and progress of a business is also considered light for the business. Ghostnergy can be there to suck up the light of a business and make the business go bad, or it can suck up the light from a criminal act, and make the criminal act not sucessful and saved someone from danger.  Ghost, can be energies, and they are not good or bad, they are just different from other energy type, and they can be used for some magic to do a better job than using the other types of energies, which does the job slower, or not as effectively.

There are other beings, spirits, or whatever "aliens" in other worlds, dimensions and places, and they can be also the ghost of our world, meaning that they are supposed to go cycle to another universe or world beyond them, but they came back to this place, and they are our ghosts. As you can see, ghost is a word, which represents some conditions and a pattern, if things fits into it, you can use the word already. Most of the time, when people have "ghost problems", it's often really just their spiritual body having their own malfunction issue and got sick, then the ghostnergy got out of control and caused many weird things to happen in the world here, with their physical body.  Ghostnergy or these negative energies can also contaminates, spreads, just like a virus, and it can be dangerous if you are around a group of friends who are all into these ghostnergy.

These ghostnergy is not something you cannot see, you can actually see the physical body doing things in a certain way, to spot the symptoms for these ghostnergy and know what problem is underneath someone without even "seeing ghost". Curious?  Watch the video above!

Why Taoism Never Mentioned About God?

Many people start to do research on Taoism online, and they end up with a bunch of Tao Te Ching, some blogs with people writing about things that sounds just like another version of another blog, rephrase and reworking of other people's interpretation of some theories. The problem is, no matter how far you go in this research, you often end up in a conclusion of - philosophy Taoist or the western people don't believe in any God or deities in Taoism, but somehow all the Chinese Taoism you see are "praying" to something and they are doing rituals and such that is very "goddish" looking, so what is the deal? Are the westerners being just fed with something like "Chinese buffet"?  Some chap-sui (Chinese food that Chinese never eat in their real culture) marketed to the west?  Well, here you will find out about the real thing and what it's all about.

Yup, the video above will tell you everything, but we will continue typing here, because it's a blog, and we want some visitors to read too! Let's talk about - which one is the real thing!  

To be honest, Taoism is Taoism, and it has never been seen as "philosophy" or "religious". Just like martial art is martial art, even there are some "philosophy martial artist" out there who only like to talk more than fight, at the end of the day, it's a system that teaches you about fighting and applying theories of fighting to life. Taoism is Taoism, and if you are in Taoism, you should be at least knowing what TAO the word means. I have written a nice article here -

Sum it up in short, the TAO is not "the way" and not "the way of nature". If you put a "subject" to it, you are already wrong, because TAO is a principle, or a concept, or some kind of pattern, and if you can understand the pattern, now you will understand what can be categorized as "TAO" in something, and understand the workings of it.  TAO means "one drop of essence that give birth to a focus or destiny of a universe or system", just like your intention of your mind can also be the TAO of yourself. A father can be a TAO of the family. The boss can be the TAO of the company. Without the TAO, it's like a human without the head, it won't move, and will not be the same anymore.  

So does Taoism believes in God or Gods or Deities? On the surface, if you do not understand it, you might think it is all about "those" movie style gods and deities, even the word for God is everywhere. In fact, it's not.  It's just because most people misunderstood the meaning of these words, and the misunderstanding grew bigger as time goes on, leading to more illusions, and more misunderstandings. Yes, there are spiritual stuff and there are other worlds and dimensions, or even "beings" out there, but we do not do any praying, worshiping, offering, and such to any entities and stuff like that in our religion, or lineage. Maybe some other lineage does, but we don't.  

The word for God, SUN 神 is referred to as the power of things, like how the power of human is be able to think, move, and do things, create things. We intake essence, essence generates energy, and energy generates power.  Essence is like food, air, water, etc. Energy is everything that came out after digesting the food, it can be anything from physical matters to spiritual energies of the food.  Then because of these things, your energy pumps up and you can do things, and there goes the power of your body. It's so simple, and so direct, yet people don't get it. This is the Jing, Hei, Sun theory 精氣神, yet most people want to believe or thinks that this is like 3 "solid" substance, like finding blood, bone, exygen, etc. If you try to catch it like a noun, you got it all wrong. It is not a certain subject or noun, it's a categorizing word, and it's explaining things that happen in patterns, like how laws are doing it with their law books, no subject is set, but anything that falls in this condition can be equal to this word.  The more you learn in Taoism, the better you know how to categorize it into different types of essence, energy and power, and it gets very "mad science" in the real deal knowledge side of things. 

You might think that the things you have been reading online, Tao Te Ching and such never mentioned about gods and deities, and what is going on with the Chinese side with all these "Taoist priest" and such?  I cannot speak for those, but I can tell you that at least for my lineage, we do not pray or worship anything, and our altar is for doing magic work, not to pray and worship anything. It is a device for saving and cultivating energies into essences, and so we can use the essence in the future for what we need to use it for. The word SUN (for God) in our dictionary is all about "that" SUN we talked about in the passage above, and not the Gods and stuff you might be thinking of. At last, watch that video above, and you will know better!

Friday, 2 December 2016

FU Talisman Writing Lesson 101

I have been posting a series of "lessons" for my new disciples, and one of their request is to have a chance to learn how to write a FU Talisman themselves. It's hard to get them fully going, but I tried my best to push the limit and get it out on lesson 8 for them, it's really, really, condensed!  Doing a FU Talisman is not hard, but making a powerful one that last long and can do the job nicely will require much more work. Not only that you will need to understand the FU talisman and what the stuff inside is about, you will also need a lot of cultivation done daily, to get yourself the power you need to get this thing working. Anyone can copy some scribbles, but not all can dedicate their daily life to training. What makes a newbie FU talisman different from mine if they look 100% the same?

There can be two ladies that look just like your wife, maybe even exactly alike too. I heard someone also said someone who look just like Justin B or Obama too!  There were a prank on that Justin B identical or "copy" and people often got fooled until the very last minute when the crew decided to bust the prank!  As you can see, just because you can duplicate something physically, the non-physical side of it is never duplicatable. You must use your real effort to cultivate daily to get the power, and the "soul" of the FU Talisman is what matters, not the physical shell of it.

In the video above, you see a very simple way of activating that FU talisman, but when you learn more, it gets intense and there are more things to follow. Don't be afraid though. It's just like watching a pro swimmer doing their thing and you just attended your first class of swimming lesson!  It will get there as you learn more and eventually you will know why it needs all that complicated stuff!

I have told my disciples all the time, don't only aim to "draw FU", aim to cultivate for the power that you can infuse into your FU!  Just like when people are hyped about martial arts after some movies and youtube, they all want to do fancy moves and some disarm techniques etc. We all forgot that it takes real cultivation, understanding of the move, and also the POWER that is required to execute the move to make it work?  A punch is easy to learn and imitate, but how much power can you output from the same punch that look just like Mike Tyson in boxing? It's not the same thing anymore when the internals are missing!  Drawing FU is very easy, compared to the training at the back that takes time and effort to build up.  Not only that, the altar also needs to be cultivated, because that is your power-bank!  If you don't have an altar yet or just started with your altar, you will for sure need to beef up the altar daily upload and cultivation to make sure you got juice to use for the magic you do!  All those "applications" are just nothing when you don't have a power supply to back them up! 

Not in our lineage y et? No worry, it's never too late to email and inquire, then get yourself ordaiend and start learning -