Saturday, 10 December 2016

Talisman FU for Good Luck 101

Yes, there are FU talisman for luck boost and luck repair or even luck enhancements on our website's online store, and it's real!  FU Talisman for good luck, is that really real? How can these magic really work?  To be honest, you won't win the lottery or strike some jackpots with our FU Talismans, because it's real, and it's not a scam, so it won't do those crazy things and won't be making super-insane claims. All I can say is, they will help on luck issues, repair your luck and boost your luck, that's what they are, and that is what they do, you cannot expect free chicken wings to drop from the sky, it's just impossible in this world, and anyone selling magic that helps you win lottery and such is just nothing but a scam. Real magic don't do that kind of stuff, because real magic works, and they work to do what they are supposed to do only, not to give you illusions and spin you into a black hole. Winning lottery is equals to good luck?  Maybe not. There are many cases where people won the lottery and end up way worse than when they were poor, because they are being given a lot of money while it's not really what they should deserve to have, and it will cost them a lot in the long run to "balance it off", instead of good luck, it's bad luck maybe!

What is luck though, how to boost it or enhance our luck with Taoist magic? Before you dig into the magic, I strongly suggest you enjoy my lecture on what is luck!  Luck is something you have to understand before you start doing anything to it. It's not like you are good luck then you will have all the money you want in life. I know, we all love money, and we want more, but then, let's be realistic!  If Taoist magic can bring you all the money, then I don't need to work my butt off anymore, right?  Nothing is that easy in life! Like it or not, real magic, real Taoism, is real, and there is no shortcut in real life no matter you like it or not. Truth is hard to accept and swallow, but I guess you are the stronger ones in this world who can take it without the syrup coating, right?  Enjoy my Taoism talk show below!

What is luck? The most foundational luck you want to look at is the transmission of energies from your different pre-heaven bodies to your post-heaven bodies. Just like in the video above, we explained how our cycle of energy works in life, everyday your bodies and souls etc, all cycles and cycles, and if the transmission is interrupted, jammed or affected, then you don't get what you are supposed to get, which leads to "bad luck". These patterns within yourself will generates the same pattern in your real life, and in everything around you, which lead to all kinds of 'bad luck" for yourself.  If you can get your own "luck" under control, get them boosted and such, you will at least have what you should have, and your work can at least be smoother, delivered on time, etc.,.

Good luck does not mean you will be super mega rich, but at least you will be what you should be, and your work is not wasted, you will be more under control of yourself and your health will be better than most people. When you wake up, you will feel like you have control over your own day, you know what you want to do, and things can be done according to your plan, nothing is dragged or put behind in your life and nothing is freaking you out, then it's good enough!

When your luck is stuck, bad, or interrupted, you will not feel good, because this pattern within your own energy transmission network is going to show up in everything around you, and you will see this pattern repeats itself in life. Don't get it wrong, you can still be having a good job, lots of money because of your high salary pay, and you can still be eating a lot of good food, etc, even you are in bad luck state. WHAT?   Yup, you heard it right. Some bad luck people can still be having a "rich life style" going, it's just that their life feels like crap at the back and most people cannot see through it, because they are too focused on the surface of things, such as what car people drive, the size of their house, the salary pay level etc. If you dig into their life, you will not believe how many holes they have got there, how many things they want to do and cannot do, how stuck it feels and how lost they are in life. There aere so many things they are not certain about, and their life feels like a garbage bag with tons of holes, while everyone look at them like they are already the rich and fancy people, they feel like crap inside, and they are never truly happy.

Yes, you can be feel crappy and unhappy when you are poor and not wealthy too, but you can also live an okay life with an okay amount of money, and the feeling of life-is-under-control and you are steering your own wheel with a nice focused direction, nothing scary coming up, all bills under control, and your family is laughing daily etc. Isn't that good enough? 

If you are facing some difficult time, you are not sure what is affecting you, and you wonder if this is luck issue or other issue causing all these to happen?  E-mail us for a check up and we can get you going with a proper diagnosis. After that, at least you know what is wrong, and how to deal with it. We will give you some suggestions and see if you want to continue with the life repair or luck boost. The budget can be adjusted according to your need and preference, but the bottomline is, if you want work to be done for you, then it will cost you money. It's not a scam, and so there is a fair trade factor, nothing is free, for us, and for you!  We hope you understand what is luck and is aware of these issues in life, which can turn into a big problem if not ressolved. Get your diagnosis today and get things sorted out before they snowball up more.