Thursday, 8 December 2016

Taoist Rites for Cleanse and Energizing?

Taoist Rites is a very important part of our cultivation in saam law sun gung 三羅神功 too. We also do daily rites cultivation and our purpose could be different, very different, from other sects and lineages. Here I will explain what we are doing and why we need to do this rites here, specifically, the morning rites set. We call this Saam Law Yuen Moon Jo Foh 三羅玄門早課. 

The whole rites is full of spells and scriptures, but our "spells and scriptures" might not be something you understand and it's definitely not like Christians reading the bible!  The whole concept and theory behind doing rites, scriptures, is an internal cultivation method. We use this rites, with spells, magical tools, and many hidden techniques to combine into a fully magical rites that will run our energy body's engine like how you warm up your car, season your pan, and such. It's a conditioning, power-upping, energizing practice. As you can "hear" in the video below, we don't just say out words like how we "talk" in real life, it's full of some "dragging sounds" like as if it's a singing session, and there are special instruments being used as the rites goes on. This is not like a spell where it just does one "task", it's a full SPA for your energy body, a full and complete massage for the whole system.

Let's show you the video so you can play it along first..!

Our morning rites is a rites that you should do or tag along to get your preheaven energy that you got over the night (from sleeping) to soak in, sink in, and abosrbed into your energy body and realign everything in that energy body to the optimal state, so that it will cleanse, energize and purifies the body for you, and so that you will have energy for the day to do work.  

There is a bunch of "jing spells" 淨咒 in the rites beginning, and those are not "cleansing" spells. What "jing" does, is basically to process, not to cleanse. It is like putting things to the right place, and let it digest or do it's job, finish it, and so it will push it to the next station etc. You can say that it's like boosting and guiding your system to process and cycle through fully, so that there are no hiccups or blockages in there. By doing so, you cleansed, you purified, and you energized. 

For fans, believers, you can just follow and listen to the track. For disciples, you can use the track as a subtle background "helper" to your own rites doing. Don't try to follow the rites as in tagging along my pace and such, but do your own thing, and keep this playing at the background in a very low volume manner so that the soundwaves can help you tune in your magic frequency more, it will act as a helper and assisting power for you.  For others, just listen and tag along as my video description said, do the humming and such.

Some people might want to play this before sleep for a better quality sleep, it's fine, but we prefer the evening rites for that purpose. This one is nice to use when you need more energy, need to cleanse your body and push out some crapnergy that you picked up from the surrounding and such.

If you are interested in learning, remember to e-mail us directly to get started. You can also ask us for the rites document and such too.