Thursday, 22 December 2016

Taoist Tai Chi That Last 40 Minutes Long!

You see Tai Chi being done here and there all the time, but most of them are all short reoutines, and some are even simplified to only a few movements, which is totally not enough.  Our Taoist tai chi in Tin Yat Lineage is pretty unique, this routine that I am showing here is called the Tin Yat Saam Law Taoist Alchemy Tai Chi, and it consist of over 300 movements, and the whole routine is separated in 9 sections which can be learned separately or put together as one routine to cultivate. I personally do it all together as one, and don't like to split it up. Trust me, it's a hell lot of workout, because it will take about 40-45 minutes depending on your speed. In this video demonstration, I am doing it in moderate speed, but at the end, someone came in and I started to speed up and so if we do it all in the same kind of pace, it should be about 45 minutes for the whole routine. Let's take a look at the demonstration.


What is Taoist Tai Chi and why is it different from normal Tai Chi? 

I cannot say what "other" lineages' "taoist" tai chi is like, but ours is definitely not the same. Most Tai Chi styles emphasize that they are martial arts, a combat style, that uses a rather different technique to fight as compare to normal "external styles".  Our "taoist" Tai Chi is definitely not the same, because our tai chi is not a combat art. Well, you can fight with it, but it's not like it's made for fighting, not at all. The only purpose you should be cultivating this Tai Chi, is when you need a cultivation that will help you get better health, and also to improve your magic cultivation in our lineage, which can benefit your life in many ways.

The reason why you would like to do this Tai Chi form, is because you want to utilize the essence that you have accumulated from your foundation training in our lineage, with the magic cultivation. The essences are like "cells" and they are parked right beside you and awaiting for your magic commands to be utilized and cause effect to things. Instead of using them up, doing this tai chi routine helps you convert them and blend them into your own body, your own energy body, and make those essence become your energy, and now they are going to be yours, and not just something that you cultivated to be sticking on you for later use. These energy will be circulating your different bodies, and eventually be nourishing your whole life, your spiritual and physical body together. 

In a way, you can say that our tai chi is very powerful, because it is not for fighting, but to do life-improvements, life-repair and making use of your magic cultivation to turn into a life improvement cultivation. The effect that this can bring you is enormus, but of course, we would need to also do our part in reality to not screw up our decision making and such to make use of our potentials. It is not like you can just do this tai chi and expect life to get better. Life only improve when you do your part right, and so, making your decisions wisely, and doing things accordingly, is also very importeant for any kinds of success to come.