Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Statue Consecration for Taoism

Consecration of Taoist statue is very complex in Taoism, and it requires the practitioner to really know what they are doing in order to do it right. If statues are improperly consecrated by someone, it will have no magical power, but even worse is that it will have the risk of being invaded by evil entities, leading to many disastrous issues in the future.  Therefore, in our lineage, we take this very seriously and we want to show people how much work is required behind this ceremony by exposing it on YouTube. 

Those who want to learn Taoist magic from us, you can visit our website to get ordained and start learning anytime, but here let us explain the ceremony’s structure a bit!
To consecrate a Taoism statue – or any statue, here are the 5 major steps to do so:

1. Prepare the FU Talismans and stuffing for the statues
2. Inject the power source, the magic power, to the statue
3. Programming of the statue’s power and functions
4. Activating the statue and make the power expose
5. Empowering it and giving it a boost to start it off nicely

This is just a brief guideline to the ceremony, and it is more complex than you think!  Most videos online that show you the consecration ceremony are often poorly done or just roughly filmed for a few minutes and no one can really see what is going on. 

Don’t even trust wiki how, that page on statue consecration and setting up a Taoist altar is a joke!  If you consecrate the statue or altar like that, it will only lead to a cosmetic altar. The even worse scenario is that you don’t know what you are doing, and therefore, the altar is open for anything to hijack into the system, and you are off to the route of miserable.

Watch the video of our demonstration on this subject, don’t goof around and just either get ordained and learn it yourself, or have us do the work for you which can ensure you a safe and functional statue, and altar. Don’t risk yourself with these things, it’s not worth it!