Distance Magic Learning

YES!  You can learn Chinese magic by distance. Simple as 1-2-3!  If you want to learn, it is here for you! 

You can always read my official website for the detailed information or you can watch my YouTube channel for more long videos to get a deeper understanding of things. I know you are not going want me typing a 2000 word essay here, let's cut it short and sum it all up.

What to Expect?

You want to learn Chinese magic? Cool, that's a good start. Expect to learn Chinese magic, the real way. Here, we are going old school. If you are not prepared for REAL learning, don't join.
We do not baby people with sugar-coatings.

STEP1-  Ordain, Get in the Lineage

As simple as it is, if you want to learn Chinese magic, you need to ordain. We are going to accept you into the lineage as a disciple, and you will be given a "magic name" as your name in the lineage - and also for doing magic work later on. Inherit the power, so you can use it to cultivate and do your magic stuff later on. $368 for the stage one ordain fee, and we will require your photo (updated photo please).

STEP2 - Build Your Altar, Gear Up

After you have ordained, prepare to spend $ for building your altar and getting things prepared. I have nine master-grade disciples here to help me out and handle all these new disciples coming in. That's right, it means you. I don't have the energy to handle everyone's case. I need help! You will be calling them "Sifu" and they will be taking care of you, guiding you to buy this and that to get your altar built up and teach you what to do next etc.

STEP3 - Daily Cultivation, Non-Stop Learning By Distance

Everyday, prepare to burn incense, do some daily work to cultivate and not forget - watch my YouTube and learn something new. Don't slack off, don't be shy, and don't forget to e-mail your Sifu and me to update us about your progress and demonstrate yourself. If you do not ask questions and you shy away, it will only lead to having nothing to learn. Be proactive, and ask questions!

There are no "hidden fees", everything is laid out and will be told clearly to you. If you are having budget issues, tell us and let me know, so we can understand and plan it out for you.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to know Chinese?
A: Nope, you don't need ANY Chinese background, we teach you everything you need here.

Q: Do I need to wear robes and all that outfit?
A: Yes, prepare to be called the Chinese wizard, be cool!

Q: Do I need to be a smartass?
A: If you click that e-mail link below and say you want to learn, you are already one.



Simple as that, e-mail me and tell me you are from this blog (and you want to learn).