Sunday, 31 July 2016

August Posting and Direction Onward

Hey guys, thanks for checking in again for the daily posting, but we have an announcement to tell you!  We have set a new direction for blogging and will try to launch our new website's blog more from here and onward. There are tons of stuff to do, and we cannot do everything with so limited time and energy. Therefore, we will tone down this blog's posting to about 1 or 2 posts per week, instead of daily posting. At the same time, we will be blogging more often on our official blog on!

This blog wil now transform to my side-blog and we will see how the traffic goes and see if this blog is worth pumping in the long run. There will still be posting, but just not as intense as before. Stay tune for our next blog post and don't forget to check out the new place! Thanks again for your support!

Saturday, 30 July 2016

The Singing Bowl (Hing) Magic Usage

Some people might call this a singing bowl, but stick to the original Chinese name "Hing" 磬. It is a bowl that produces a very nice vibrating and echoing "ding" or "dung..." sound. Buddhism and Taoism or even other religious paths also uses it for their own purpose, but to be honest, it's just a musical instrument, like a flute, or a drum, a bell, anyone can use it. In this post, we will be introducing our way of using the "hing" instrument in saam law sun gung magic.

To put it short, the main usage of the "hing" is to 清 "ching" things to somewhere, but what is "ching"? This is a Chinese word that even Chinese people might not be able to define it properly, because we use it all the time and no one really dig into what this single word means. We use if in combination with other words all the time such as Ching Sui 清水 meaning clean water, Ching Geet 清潔 meaning to do cleaning, or Ching Jing 清淨 which usually is interpreted as "cleansing", which is not right.

The word Ching 清 means to have all the elements and actions gathered up, and then remove something to another place and have it transferred from one destination to another and continue its next journey or process. To "Ching" something away from the table and to the kitchen, is to remove all the things from the table and put it into the kitchen, you do not have to clean it up or wash it. Basically, it is like to remove, or to transport, and not to "clean".

Ching Sui 清水 is usually interpreted as clean water, because it is water that has been removed from polluted water and there goes "just" the water. The water got removed from the impurities, and you are left with your H2O.

Ching Geet 清潔 is usually interpreted as cleaning up, because during the job, you usually have to remove things from one place to another and tidy it up. Garbage goes to the bin, books go to the shelves, etc,.

Ching Jing 清淨 is a big topic and therefore we need a video lecture to have it explained thoroughly. Let's enjoy a lecture first.
 After you have learned and understands what the real meaning of "Ching" is, we can now get into the Hing instrument!  The Hing is a black metal bowl. A bowl, is a storage space, you can put things in it and store it up. When you hit the bowl, it produces a sound, and vibrates its wall to transmit energy through all the surfaces of the container. For magic, we make use of this property and utilize it to do magic work that corresponds to this property.

When we need to store things into a dimension, such as to store our energy into the altar, we use the hing to help us push it through, and store it up into the altar's storage. When we burn incense, the incense is loaded with spells and power, but the energy is diffused or spread out, like fog or cloud form, and it doesn't get stored "into" the altar. The cloud of energy will stay and slowly soak into things, but it won't really shoot into the altar's dimension 6 or dimension 1 unless you can do work to forcefully push it in and store it up.  Therefore, we have this tool to help us push the energy through and "ching" it into the deeper dimensions. It's sort of like an "enter" button for the altar.

The altar is a powerful device, but if you do not upgrade it with different features and tools, it cannot do much for you, and maybe even lacking the ability to do certain things. That is why we have tools in life!  We cannot just do everything by hand!  Our hands are powerful, but they can do more with proper tools around. Same to magic, we need tools to do certain things and make something possible.

Every time we do incense, food uploading, and such, we must use the "hing" to finalize the "send" action and have things sent over to the dimension6 and dimension1. Sometimes, we can use the hing to get things sent out of the altar and to another person's altar or body too. The hing is like a "send" button or "enter" key for the altar.

Hitting the hing with the stick once or twice or more will change the properties of the command. Send the message so it can acknowledge your command, or send it so it can start working?  Or you want to send a command so it will depart your altar? Or you are just trying to send a message to the altar to make it finish up everything it is doing now and so you can close the altar right away. There are many things and reasons to use the hing, which requires a strong foundation of the theory of the nine steps to creations. This theory is how nature's principle works with its cycle of creation. If you can understand the numbers well, you can then use it to communicate with your altar and be able to execute the proper and correct command that does the job you need it to do.

The hing can also be used for many magical workings, and it doesn't only ching to your altar's storage. Sometimes you will just need to ching some magic out fro your altar to someone else's altar to provide help or assistance, then you also need to "ching" everything from your altar and out the altar to start travelling to the destination.

Not only that we will hit the hing with a stick to produce sound, but sometimes we can even fill it up with water, burn FUs into it, or put water in there and burn a floating candle in there, etc,. The variations of how we can use this hing tool is unlimited, and it is just like saying we have a drill, and how you use the drill is up to you to create or find out. You can even use a drill to eat corn, if you know what I mean. LOL!

Friday, 29 July 2016

Private Teaching of Magic vs Public Teachings

We have talked about the 3 realms and 9 bodies, and how our magic body works in dimension 1. If you have not read that post before, please do so before proceeding. Read "this post". After you have done so, let's get on and proceed, we will talk about why learning magic in private lesson form is different compare to learning in group or public form.

Magic, is about inheriting the cultivated energies from someone, which was also inherited and cultivated from many generations before them. This is what makes magic magical, and not just any ordinary "chi" from yourself or anyone on this planet. This cultivated essence energy is stored in the d1 magic body's center core, the Faat-Sum 法心.

When you learn from me by private lesson method, I know that this video or material that I am teaching is made just for you, and my "heart" in D1 knows it too. When I start doing the video or teachings, the D1 magic body will start working to inherit the cultivated energy to you at the same time, and you get a 100% transmission of this magic power essence, which means, you inherited the "magic-seed" as well as the methods and knowledge being taught in this physical world.

If I am talking to all disciples in group chat in a chat-app, and you are sticking around but not saying a word to show up, or to tell me you are there, then my heart does not acknowledge your presence, which means it will not transmit anything to you. Therefore, you might be able to get the knowledge or methods from reading the chat from the side, yet you cannot get any magic-seed from it and your magic will not be as effective, because you are missing the fire-starter. If you are a legitimate disciple, then of course you can always come back to me and ask me questions, then when I acknowledge your presence, the D1 magic heart will work again and make up for what is missing.

Those videos I posted on youtube, are all made for the public only, and they have no specific "audience" set. It's for "anyone", and so if you watch those videos, and expect to have inherited the magic? You are wrong. You will not inherit ANYTHING from those videos, but the knowledge. The physical knowledge, the logic, the wisdom, can be absorbed and understood, but nothing is going to benefit your magic much, because your magic power have not received any fire-starting energy essence from me for these things.  IF you want to learn magic, you need to learn to not only get the post-heaven elements learned, but also have the pre-heaven elements inherited and cultivated. Without the heart-to-heart transmission fo the magic seed, your magic will never work well, because you are just like running a car with very little fuel, your can might have the ability to move forward, yet it cannot move because you did not fill it with fuel yet.

Learning magic is not not easy, and it requires your dedication, will power and also your effort. You must ordain into a lineage to inherit the magic. Once you ordained into the lineage, then it is your job to learn how to learn properly in the lineage. There are many people who thinks they can just join the lineage and expect to have things fed to them. While we try our best to teach, it is always the disciple's issue of not showing up, not being pro-active in learning, not asking questions and not demonstrating themselves and ask for more knowledge / teachings. 

Private teaching is like a private line open just for you, there is 100% transmission going on, with 100% all going to you. Public teaching materials such as my YouTube videos, have no specific audience set, and you get 0% of the pre-heaven energy transmission. It's a huge difference!

I offers private lessons for the disciples, and they can choose to learn the chi kung or have it be a magic extra-learning lesson. Every lesson is 15-20 minutes of video time, but you can rewatch again and again to make yourself understand the lesson. Also, the video can be downloaded and rewatched later on to make sure you understand it too. It's just the right amount of information, teachings, and things for you to ponder and absorb for a month, casually. These private lessons, just like I said, not only involves the post-heaven physical teachings, but also the pre-heaven magic inheriting, the energy heart to heart transmission. Any disciples going through private learning like this will have more power with everything they do, just because you get this extra "magic seed" infused to you. Staying quiet and low profile is NOT a good idea in the lineage. Never hide away and be shy. IF you are not showing up and being pro-active, your magic will never level up much.

Not to forget to watch another very important video here, why you should and need to join a linage to be able to learn magic!

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Magic Power vs Magic Methods

There is this concept in most people's mind, which is that they just need to learn some symbols and ways to do magic, like "how-to" make a talisman, how to recite a certain spell, and they will be able to do the magic and have effects kick in. I find that happen to be the mindset of most people in the world today, especially with a lot of western magic on the market promoting "do it yourself" magic, or "free spells that brings you money", etc. I have to make a post, to clarify to everyone reading this blog, that magic is not like that in our lineage, and in reality. Everything must be hard earned, in order to have solid results. In this post, we will talk about magic power vs magic methods!

Just like anything in the world, and we can best look at this kungfu panda up there for a reference. Having the ability or knowledge to do some cool moves doesn't make you a master. You need to go through cultivation and trainings to get yourself "beefed up" with the power that allows you to put your skills into actual use. Not only the power is needed, but the speed, the timing of how you execute your skills, and the zillions of factors that determines if your deployment of the skills is going to work out at the end, or how well does it work out at the end. Everything takes time to cultivate, to train and to develop. There is no free lunch in this world, only scams are quick, because they don't work. Anything that promotes a shortcut, quick and easy, no need to use much brain juice, or whatever similar pattern kind of magic - is a scam.  We all learn this logic since our kiddo stage, why did we forget it when we get older?  When you go to school, you know that you not only need to "understand" things in class, but also to keep practising and repeatedly practise it, in order to really get good grades in school. Not only that, but you also need to attend your classes, show up and demonstrate yourself, get involved and do a good job with your projects and homework too!  A lot of effort is required!  Nothing is free, or easy!

In our lineage, we strongly tell our disciples to focus on power building when they first started, because most of them don't know about it and thinks that all they need is methods and skills, such as how to do a certain magic, a certain spell, or a certain FU talisman, then they can fix this and that problem in life.  While that everyone learn magic to solve problems in their life, it is not really as easy as it seems to make real changes to our life!  Magic power is required to power up the magic methods you do. All these spells, FU talismans, or anything you "do" in magic, are all considered as "tools". Where is the battery or fuel inside that operates the tool? You have nothing to power it up, then how can you blame the method for not working as claimed?  To operate a powerful flashlight, you need powerful batteries. Same to magic! 

One more disappointment for you guys here. While you might have the power after a while, keep in mind that you are using up your power as you use magic too. When did you refill your MP bar?  Have you been doing your daily work with the altar to refill and cultivate your magic energy?  There is a need to replenish, while we consume and use up. If you never replenish, the magic power will also die out. Just like human beings need to eat as they do things and move around throughout the day. Yes, you can do many things, but you also need to eat and drink or even sleep to replenish and regenerate.  

I always tell my disciples, don't just look at what you  can do with magic methods, and what methods you need. I can give you all the methods you want in one go, but how many of them will be really absorbed and can be put into real use?  None - if you never cultivate and earn the power to power them up. Not only that, but the "sum-faat" 心法 of each magic takes time to soak into your brain too. Every tiny details of magic must be understood and absorbed, in order for your magic power to kick in at full force. You cannot do magic blindly forever. You can follow and just do the magic at first stage, but as you advance, you must know what every little steps is about, and it is a LOT of knowledge to ponder in your head for this part. It's a lot of things to learn!  Not only that it is hard to learn it all, but also hard to understand it all!

Just like talking about martial arts, teaching you cool moves and such won't make you a good fighter. You need to develop the power and essence, then maybe even one straight punch is already going to be deadly enough. Why all the fancy dancy moves if one simple straight punch will work?

Here is a lecture I have done on YouTube, check it out!

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Human's Magic Body in Dimension One

We have talked about the 3 realms and 9 bodies before, let's dig into this "magic body" we got in dimension one, which we call a 法身 "Faat Sun". We cannot touch this dimension, and you cannot detect it with any physical science, yet we got this energy form body in another dimension that is parallel to ours here. We call this the pre-heaven dimension, the number one dimension of the nine dimensions we live in right now. Our physical body, is in what we call dimension 8, the Yang dimension. What's so cool about this Faat-Sun or magic body, is we all have one, and we need one to stay alive. The center of the faat-sun is called the magic-heart, or faat-SUM 法心. This is where all our "brain power" or you can call it memories and subconsciousness etc. Whatever it is, the power of being able to feel, receive, store, and start any sorts of thinking. You can compare this to your computer's CPU and hard-drive and such. Without it, you cannot operate. Your body can be very strong, but if this body in D1 (dimension one) fails, you are going to die too. Muscles and flesh is not everything, and many people die suddenly without any explainable reasons too.

Wait a second, if you have not heard of our 3 realms and 9 bodies theory, DO NOT continue reading. Watch a lesson video first!

I tried to make it easy to understand, but it's hard to 'draw" those fancy pictures like the one above, and so I tried my best to illustrate with a wooden dummy, this is how our Faat-Sun magic body look, and basically it is about the same or approximate with everyone's body.

The weird and hard to imagine part is - it is NOT a circle or ball or sphere but more like an egg or oval structure. See all the diagram...!

Kind of like a bull's eye target...!

Put your palm in front of your chest and stick the fingers pointing outward, the tip of your finger marks the border of the faat-sum (magic heart). 

This is our map with the DLT Daai Law Tin 大羅天 structure, the original space of nature of how and where it all started. We will talk about this in the future.

Looking down from the head...

Spread your arms open and you see how wide it gets.

For your reference, this is the DLT map in our lineage.

The Faat-Sum or magic heart is very important, as it is the main energy that keeps us alive, operating, and it is a center power that makes us feel and sense things.  The Faat-Sun magic body, is part of the big storage and helps us stores or retrieve memories, feelings, etc. The whole system is also operating like the DLT space, with the upper part corresponding to the Tin Law, bottom part corresponding to Dei Law and the center part corresponding to the Daai Law in the center.  Everything start from the heart, or center, and it goes downward through the back, circulates downward, to the front and back up, then to the heart again, and then finally to the face and top of the head. After it is done at the top of the head, it circulates back down from the spine and repeats.

As you can see, energy flows from the heart first and down, the place of where our brain locates, is actually one of the last station!  We do not think with the brain, we think with the heart first. We feel, sense, and think with the heart, and after all the long trip, the energy flows to your brain and NOW your brain process it and put it into human logic and such. 

With this "track" of how the energy flows, you can see that when your heart gets a feeling, it passes down the back and to your lower spine and loop back up, which reaches your sexual organ first. That's also why most sexual addicts are always dumb and numb. They react by "feeling" only and does not process their action before doing it, and most of the time, that is how rapist acts. After their stuff is done, the logic kicks in, and their brain start to go crazy. To live a life in this world, you must use your brain to process your feelings before doing anything. It's not that your feelings or the "heart" is a problem, it's because you have never learn to cultivate your heart. We only cultivate our "brain" all the time by learning new things, going to school, and trying to stuff in more and more skills and knowledge everyday. After all, we have never cultivated our "heart" before, how can we even cultivate this heart and make it a smart-heart instead of a crazy and dumb one?

When I tell my disciples, "use your heart to learn and not your brain to learn". I mean it, when you (disciple) listen to my lecture, or read my email, what is in your "heart" that you don't understand right after the lecture is done? Not when your brain process and "think" about it, but right off the heart, what is really in your heart?  I don't know why, but many disciples fail to do this, and I can only see a few really doing it properly. How hard is it to NOT think before you ask a question?

When we talk about this "use your heart" issue, it is the HEART of the D1 body, the Faat-Sum. How do you use your heart? Not many can tell you exactly how, but I can.

Be like a kid, act before thinking, say before processing, feel and not ponder, react and don't fear. That's the best I can put it. If you want to learn the magic, you need to start to learn how to be a good disciple - by using your heart often.  In this society, we are often told to NOT do this, and we are all raised and taught to "use your brain before you take action". That's right, even your mom and dad can be a big discouragement of this "use your heart" method, because they can be scolding you since you were a kid about this issue. Why do you ask so many questions? Did you not learn to think and process before you ask? Always why why why why why why, when will you stop?!  Parents are always annoyed by this type of "true heart questioning". As a contrast, we value and treasure it in our lineage. If you want to learn, roll back and be a kid. I mean it, say anything you think is stupid, it's fine, let yourself feel and react, not to process and ponder and then come out with a "processed answer/question".  That is the only way you can learn magic, properly. You listen to something I say, you don't get it, you say you don't get this, and what you don't really understand etc. With this type of questioning, you will expand a lot of possibilities in your learning experience, and you will let me have a chance to instantly react and give you many answers, which save you time and also helping you to avoid banging into obstacles.

Only a crappy master fear questions, a good one should not!  Any amount of question is fine, as long as it is from your heart.. and yes, we can feel it right away. Heart to heart conversation is priceless, but how many can do it without trying too hard on being polite, being 'mature sounding', being 'adult', being smart-sounding and such?  We are all raised to process information and then say whatever you want to say. This is no good for learning magic, and also a bad thing for "doing" magic too. It's one of your biggest obstacles - because you are stuck in the post-heaven "brain" section.

Magic is all about the pre-heaven energies and connecting back to the pre-heaven dimensions. If you are stuck with your post-heaven brain here, you will never get it, and you will never learn well. Release yourself from your restriction, forget about everything you worry about, just spit it out, be free, and be yourself, use your heart and don't use your brain. This is the way to success in your journey of learning magic.

A little sneak peak about my next article - how magic power is inherited and passed on by using this magic heart of ours?  Why direct and private teaching is better than group teaching if it is the same content that you are getting at the end?  Why can't you learn from books and videos without a master? I will reveal you the total secret later and you shall know!  It's all related to our D1 magic body, the Faat-Sun 法身 and our magic heart "Faat-Sum" 法心.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

What is Taoist Internal Alchemy Cultivation?

What is the Taoist internal alchemy cultivation and why we do it? A lot of people have written about this out there, but they are nowhere near the things we teach in our lineage. Therefore, let me explain it thoroughly, and try to bring it out to you in a clear and understandable format. However, I must make it clear that I am not explaining anything out there for you, this is exclusively for our lineage and our cultivation of Saam Law Sun Faat. You cannot use ours to compare to others, or others compare to ours. Just enjoy the article!

Have you heard of cases where some teens just died one day with a mysterious heart failure? I have personally witnessed a 15 year old just go wooosh one day like that. He seems healthy and chubby, but not overweight or fat. Somehow, he just died out of the blue and the doctors cannot find out the reason behind this, and of course, classified it as the mysterious or exceptional case and closed the file. Why people die out of the blue when their body is still looking good?

In our lecture that explains the 3 realms and 9 bodies, we learn that we have a spiritual planet, a spiritual soul and our physical body here. When we are born, we keep growing here and our body gets bigger and bigger, because we are not only being fed by the food and air in this world, but also by our spiritual side. The spiritual planet provides us the "nutrition" from nature in the pre-heaven side, and the spiritual soul transfer it to us daily, which keeps us alive. Our physical body gets nutrition from food and drinks, because we intake post-heaven elements to nourish our post-heaven body. What about our pre-heaven elements?  Nope, you cannot intake anything. That is why we can die even the body is still doing fine. Your post-heaven elements are okay, yet your pre-heaven spiritual planet and soul went dry, and therefore, there is no more nutrition going to you from the pre-heaven side, then your body will fail to stay alive, because your soul and planet is dead already.  Dying like this is no fun at all, because your spiritual side is so weak, which means you are off to a super painful, rough and be-bullied journey after death, for a super long time.

In order to not have this happen to us, and to do our best to feed the spiritual side of us more than draining it out, we have to do something about it. That is basically the reason why we cultivate magic and alchemy.

The spiritual planet sets our direction in life, which means, it is our "TAO", by cultivating to nourish your spiritual planet, is of course called a "Taoist" cultivation. If you cannot connect back to your pre-heaven side, you cannot even be called a Taoist, because you are not yet synchronised and connected back with your pre-heaven side yet, how can you call yourself a Taoist when you don't even know or touch the boss? (The spiritual planet).

In order to exercise, we must eat something first to fill up our tummy, and there goes energy to do workouts. In order for the computer to operate, we must give it power by plugging it to the wall. In order to have a baby be born to life, the mother must nourish it and fill it up with nutritious things during pregnancy. Everything is like this in nature. You don't keep exercising before you have any food in the tummy, or else, you are just wearing out yourself and doing no benefits but harm to your body.

In order to cultivate anything to send them back to your spiritual planet, you must know how to hunt for new elements. That is why we cultivate Saam Law Sun Gung.  By using our altar and FU, we cultivate new energies in the altar and infuse them to the FUs. After consuming the FUs and such, we will then have this new element in our body. This new element is then the capital for cultivating your chi kung and internal alchemy later on.

After a bunch of new elements are consumed for a period of time, our disciples will get to touch a new subject - chi kung and alchemy cultivation.

By doing what we call the external cultivation for chi kung, you are doing exercises to blend those new elements you got and knead it back and forth with your 3 local bodies - the faat sun, ling sun and physical body here, which is what we refer to as your dimension 1, 6, 8 local bodies. By doing so, you have cultivated the micro-cosmic orbit circulation, cooking up the "base" you need to get going on the "cooking" process later on.

Next stage is to get into the internal cultivation for chi kung, which is to cultivate your base energy that we mentioned above and plunge it through your spiritual soul and to the planet. By digging into this subject more, you can eventually get to a point where you can take these accumulated energies and condense them into a very dense and powerful form, then launch it to the next station (soul, then the planet), and once your spiritual planet gets it, you can unpack it, and the planet will start "digesting" this new element.  This condensed and packed up version of the energy is just like an alchemy pill, because it's condensed, compressed, and all the essence is contained in one piece. That is where the "alchemy pill" name comes from.

At last, the new element will be digested by your spiritual planet, which did the job that we wanted, and now it is time to guide the planet to digest it thoroughly and then output the energy back to our body here, which will then make the planet feed us back with the energy that got uploaded and transformed.  As you can see, now our planet is not going to die before our body, because at least we can do things to feed it regularly, using NEW elements from external source.  Now the issue with the sudden heart failure and such will not happen anymore, while we will be fed better and our life will also get better because the spiritual planet is what shapes our life and future!

Now you know what we mean by "Taoist" and internal alchemy cultivation!

Here is a demonstration of the tai chi we do in the lineage, which is part of our external cultivation in the system. Check it out!

Monday, 25 July 2016

Magic Altar Alternative, The Magic Fan

This is an alternative to those who cannot have an altar yet - the magic fan. We have told people how important it is to have an altar for doing and cultivating the magic in our lineage. You don't want to live without an altar!  The altar is your ultimate magic power cultivating machine!  Too bad, some disciples or disciples to be might be in a stage where it just does not allow them to have an altar yet. Be it an age restriction or whatever issues that just does not allow them to have an altar at home yet. Here, I will introduce our main magic fan for these people as an alternative for the time being. Please make sure you understand that the magic fan is in no means a real replacement for your solid actual altar, but it can be used at the meanwhile to be your "alternative" altar, and at least get you going with your cultivation.

Why do we need an altar and why do we keep cultivating with our altar daily? What do we do with our magic altar?  This is a mystery for most people, but here we will explain it to you!

Magic power is not easy to earn, and it is not just by using your concentration and will power to make magic happen. Just concentrating and using your "will" or "wish" power with your mind is not magic, that is daydreaming and fantasising. It is not going to work. The magic we do use a cultivated form of energy, that consist of energy essences gathered, cultivated and crystallised from all 9 dimensions that we have talked about before. It is a form of the most crystallised yet the most "raw" form of nature's energy. When energy is cultivated to the extreme, it goes back to the most original and raw form, just like a pulsar star will go to the extreme low frequency stage and it will go back to the extremely fast frequency stage again like a light switch effect. That's basically why we need an altar, because you cannot cultivate and cook up a lot of these energies with just your body.

Cultivating with an altar allows you to have a storage space to keep putting different types of energy into the system, cooking it up, and brewing up your wanted energy. At the same time, you have a massive storage, which we can withdraw from and take the magic power for using it on other things, such as exorcism, FUs, and such. From time to time, we have to consume FUs which uses the energy of the altar to empower and fill up too. These cultivated energies are then consumed back into your body and transform from an external state to your internal system. Without the altar, there is just no way you can cook up this type of essence for consumption and cultivation.

The best example I can give you is, you cannot grow fruits and veggies without a piece of land and some proper seeds. Just having the concentration, knowledge and will power is not enough!  You need someone to hand you the seeds and so you can keep growing your plants. If you do not get into the lineage and get yourself ordained, you do not have any seed, and there is nothing that you can grow even you have a piece of land.  As you can see the land is like our altar, we need it to grow the seeds and then later we will have fruits to eat!

If you are not able to have an altar yet, then it is a wise choice to get a magic fan from us first. The magic fan is like a small piece of mobile land, or like a pot. You can store some of your energy here, and reserve it. When you have an altar later, you can transfer them back to the altar and empty the fan, and keep filling it up again later.  This is like using a small pot or mobile system instead of a solid piece of land. You cannot replace the real altar, but at least it lets you cultivate while you are waiting for your altar to be up. This fan is also very useful for those who go on vacation, and will be out of town for a long period of time. You can keep doing your daily things with the fan, and store up the daily cultivated energies there, then transfer them back to the main altar when you are home. If by chance you bump into any serious spiritual attacks and such, the fan can also be a weapon, which you can use it to execute magic to exorcise any evils and such that is trying to jam in your way or hurt your friends and family on the trip.

Now, let's get into the video lesson mode and watch a lecture on why we have this altar and how the magic cultivation cycle works!

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Chi and Magic, You Need to Know This

Chi versus magic, that's right, you have landed on the right post and these photos are not misplaced. Why did I bring out the high pressured air tanks and such? Well, let's take a close look at the handpump gauge at the bottom, do you realised that we have a PSI / bar reading?

The "bar" or psi is the pressure of the air inside the tank, or pump, or anything. Just like our tires on cars and bikes, they all require some specific pressure to keep those tires hard enough to do what they are supposed to do.

I have heard a lot of people on YouTube and forums saying the same thing - "Chi, qi, magic, energy, psychic power, whatever it is, it's the same thing but different names."

Wrong. It's not.

Let me put the same kind of theory on another subject, see if you can spot the flaws? "Marry, Susan, blond, black, or Chinese, it's all just like your wife thing just different names."  Seriously, any human being that has boobs is your mom or wife?  Don't think so.

Another example here, "Nitrogen, Oxygen, Air or whatever it is, it's the same thing, but different name, just "gas" in different names."  Can we use propane in an air tank and tell the divers to go down the ocean with that tank attached to their mouth? Have fun smelling propane down there my friend, it's the same thing just different names. You need to be open minded, and you will be feeling the same.  (LOL!)

I pity those people who do not understand what "Chi" is and really think that "Chi" is that simple. It's not that simple my friend. You cannot do magic with Chi Kung out there, yet magic works with Chi as well. What is this all about? It's time to dig into the subject. Chi vs Magic, what's the difference?

In the past, we have talked about the 3 realms and 9 dimensions, if you have not heard of this theory yet, feel free to read the post or watch the video first:

After we have learned about the different dimensions, you will know that there are 3 main dimensions that things stays and exist, which we call the D1, D6, D8. The energy we produce after concentrating and thinking, is in the D9, which is what our body in D8 generates.

The energy we use for magic, is D1 to D9 combined, which is what allows us to do things to all dimensions, including overriding what is already in our D1 right now.

Chi Kung's energy, and also the energy that Chinese medicine deals with, is the D6 elements. Which we call "Ling Jee 靈子". The theory behind herbal medicine, is not any science lab proven ingredients, but is the D6 elements' property inside the herb, which human can consume and it will have effects on us. These D6 elements is quickly felt by us, and affect our physical health, which is why chi kung and Chinese medicine works.

The western science, which most people are educated to think that this is the only "truth", is only working in D8 and D9 zone, and so they cannot really touch anything in the other dimensions. Science proofing "chi kung" is legit is all just a smoke screen, because they can never touch the "real" chi energy. Nothing in this world can detect or touch "chi", because it is in another dimension, which you cannot see or detect.

As you can see, in order to do magic, you need a form of cultivated energy that consist of D1 to D9, combined, and now that is the magic power that we are using. Just having D1 is not enough, and human cannot touch their D1 body anymore, because we are born as a post-heaven being, and we are cutoff from the D1 to D5 permanently, yet we are still being fed and nourished by them daily. It's like flowers, after the flower grew out, it can never see or touch the roots in the ground anymore, yet the stuff below is feeding it and keeping it alive daily. We are just like the flower above.

Where and how do you get energies that consist of D1 to D9 together, combined? This is what we call the energy outside of our own universe limit, getting it from the raw and most original space, which is the origin of our lineage's magic power.  These energies are not "raw" for us, because we will need to cultivate to combine the energies from D1 to D9 with our daily work, and by "assembling" and "cooking" energies, there goes the "magic power" that we use. As you can see, the energies we use in magic is a cultivated and condensed or crystallised form of energy, and it is not just D1 or D6 or D8 elements.

Chi we use and work with in Chi Kung cultivations (stuff you used to know out there) are all working with D6 energies and D8 energies. That is why it can benefit your health, because it's just like the energies we are using from herbal medicine, D6.  Can you use D6 to do any magic (in our lineage)?  Of course, NOT.  This is just a D6 energy element, how can you operate a 200w light bulb with this small battery? It's not going to even light up a bit.

Just like the air tank theory, if you have loose air or low pressured air, like 10-20 psi, you cannot shoot a pellet out of a rifle, it's not going to push the pellet anywhere. The magic we use is like high pressured air, and we need to keep pumping and pumping daily to make this high pressured air too. When you use magic, you are using those 3000psi sort of pressure to fire out your magic cells, it just cannot be done by the 20psi range or even 200psi range air.

Now, we are not saying that chi kung sucks and magic is the best. You need to understand that we also need low pressure air for tires and other things in life. While high pressured air is powerful, you cannot inject 3000psi into your car tires and make them 3000psi, it will explode. Everything is good when you use it for the right purpose, but when used wrongly, it will be disastrous.

While chi kung cannot do any magic, but in magic, or at least in our lineage, we have chi kung that is used to develop your magic power. You cannot do magic with chi in chi kung, but we have special chi kung that works with your D1, D6, and D8 body. This can only be done IF your body is attuned, so that you can actually touch and interact with your own D1 body. A normal person cannot touch their D1 body, and so doing chi kung will not get them anywhere close to the effect we have. The most that you can do is to move around the energies in D6 only - if you are in luck. D1 is a pre-heaven dimension, and it requires someone and something to attune you through, so you can connect and touch things in this dimension. Without the proper attunements, chi kung cannot touch the D1.

So what is the chi kung in our lineage? Chi vs magic cultivation is a very interesting topic, we will dig into this later on and introduce some of our chi kung for you to get a sneak peak of what it is like. Right now, let's watch another lecture on Chi vs Magic and see if this will clear up more for you.


Saturday, 23 July 2016

Biggest Obstacles in Learning Magic

What are the biggest obstacles for people learning magic or chi kung or whatever stuff that we are talking about in this blog? Be it chi kung or magic, it's the same theory, and you are all going to bang into this problem for sure. The biggest obstacle is - we all try to use science to explain it, and then try to find "scientific" evidence that can proof our stuff, or use science devices, to try to relate or prove the existence of "chi" or magic power, etc. This is the dead-way for you if you keep digging into the subject in this direction, because this is the wrong direct to go.

Science is great, but it is like saying a screwdriver is great for fixing your house, but you cannot use a screwdriver to fix a kid's bad behavior. Well, you can, if you screw him in the head, but it doesn't work that way all the time, maybe.

You cannot test, measure, and proof everything with science, because science is a subject that specialized in what we call the dimension 8 matters, the physical matters. What we mean by physical here, is anything that we can feel, see, touch, and such.  Science cannot measure the love you have for your wife, or husband, but we all know it by "heart" without the need of saying it out. If your love can be measured, it's for sure not true love. You see the point here? Science is not the tool to use to measure or detect or prove something that is in the pre-heaven state, which is just like our love and feelings. Science will totally "screw you up" if you keep digging into these things with scientific methods.

When we talk about supernatural stuff, paranormal stuff, just like how those "ghost adventure shows" are always doing, they take out some devices and claim to spot ghosts or spirits using a detector or whatever garbage they got from radio shack. It's crazy, and it's non-sense, because you cannot detect a ghost or any spirits using any machines you can make in this world, no matter how advance our science goes. The fact is, these things cannot be touched or detected using the materials of this dimension we live in. In order to touch and see or feel them, we need to use something that is not restricted to this dimension, such as our "heart".

Magic power or "chi" in chi kung is not detectable by any scientific method, and yes, there has been some shows on YouTube saying that they have proven the existence of "chi" with science and such. Like it or not, but those are all just detecting "symptoms" of chi, and not chi itself. Chi cannot be detected, because it is not "heat", not "electromagnetic field", not anything close to what you can find or name in this world. It's not it. All those things you can detect are like the "aftereffect" of chi being used only, and not even the real Chi being detected at all.  We can see the symptoms, or the end result that is shown in this world, but we cannot directly "see" or "detect" Chi. Just like saying, I can look at the colors and condition of the sky now and tell you how the pre-heaven chi is like at the moment for our city, but it is not like you can take some machines and start comparing the results, then take out some "chi graphs" and say you can detect it. It's not possible, no matter how advance science goes.

In order to learn magic or chi kung properly, you need to not ditch science, but put science aside for what it is supposed to be for. What you need is to "feel" and learn the magic or chi kung using its system and only its system's knowledge. By going through a proper and formal training under a "legitimate" master, you will learn what it is, and eventually be able to know what it is, because just like love, you can feel and know it already, and there is no way to show or say it out in words. That is EXACTLY what chi or magic is like. They are pre-heaven matters, and you cannot use anything physical to show or demonstrate it, but they are there, and you can use it, and they will have effects on you which you can feel - while no science can explain it to you, because it is just not touchable by any physical devices.

Magic is just like love, it is not explainable by words, but it is real as steel. Any magic that can be proven by science is fake magic, because it is no different from saying love that can be put into words and expressed by your mouth, it's for sure not a form of true love. When the love is very real, there is no way you can explain or say it out. It's in our heart, just like magic, it's in your heart, stored there, and operated there. What heart?  The heart of your dimension one body, the Faat-Sun 法身.

Why your faith is very important in magic? Well, why is it very important to have trust and faith in your wife if you want the love to keep going?  If you don't trust and have faith with your wife anymore, the love is also going to die. Same to magic. Remember guys, trust and faith is a must, in order for magic to work. IF you don't trust your magic, your magic will just react like how you don't trust your wife anymore... it's going to fail soon or later!

Friday, 22 July 2016

Chi Kung and Nei Gong in Our Lineage

There are a lot of people who are into these chi kung, nei gong and such, which they wondered how is it different from the magic that we are doing? We actually DO have chi kung and nei gong in the lineage, as well as alchemy cultivation, but it is for sure very different from what you are seeing out there. Let me explain in this post and show you our theories.

To practice chi kung, most people just follow a certain exercise and think they can achieve something by doing this physical exercise or meditation practice. The main purpose for these chi kung you often see in books and such are just all at most for "health" purpose, if they really work. A few things you can look for is - is the master teaching is having hair loss issues?  A lot of them are, and how can that tells us their stuff works?  Do they have a stiff back and leg?  A lot of these factors are pretty much the red flags telling you that it doesn't work, because they won't be in that kind of shape if it works, right?  Chi Kung, when done right, it should have benefits for your health to a certain extend, but in the long run, you aren't going to go anywhere, because what happen is that you are only "working out" but not consuming anything, just like eating food versus doing exercises to build muscles. In order to consume things for chi kung, you need to be able to touch the pre-heaven matters to consume pre-heaven matters, or what we call "raw" energies and not energies being given off by post-heaven matters. Stars, planets, trees, water, everything you can see now in this dimension is post-heaven matters. If people say you can get energies fro the stars and planets, it's all post-heaven matters and just a bunch of day dreaming on top to glorify the fantasizing. It doesn't work.

In our lineage, we see things this way...

First, you must go through the stage of cultivating Sun-Gung 神功, which is the magic that we do, and cultivate. By doing so, you are now hooked up to the lineage power bank and have access to the cultivated energies, and the raw pre-heaven energies. With this energy, we can do magic such as the FU talisman, spells, and other things to help us with our daily needs. At the same time, we are building up more and accumulating more of these pre-heaven energies into ourselves. These energies are not yours, or I should say they are not in a form that is like your own energy cells. They are with you and inside you, but not yet part of you.

When you have advanced onward in the lineage, you dig into the next subject, which is the Chi Kung section that involves external training, internal training, and alchemy cultivation.

The "chi" kung we are doing, is to work with these pre-heaven raw energies we are using for the magic doings, and not just our own energies. Now we have consumed food, and it's time to digest the food to turn them into something useful and blend it into our body. By going through different stages of cultivation, we can make these consumed-energies convert into our own "cells". This is exactly why we practice chi kung, and only chi kung of our lineage, because we know what we are doing, and is nowhere near the stuff you see outside. I have learned a lot of those chi kung out there before, and I have taught it too. I can really tell you that they are totally different.

The external trainings we do will work to bring your "micro cosmic" orbit engine into action and mostly doing the work with your dimension 8 bodies - the faat sun, ling sun, and physical body. When this circulation is done, we work upward to the dimension 6 in the soul body realm.

The internal trainings are to get your dimension 6 and dimension 1 going, it is what we call the macro cosmic orbit pattern. This will extend our reach and punch through the channels to the soul body and the planet body, then all the way back down to your physical body again.

The later stage, is the alchemy training, which is then to pack up the energies in the 3 realms and have them condense into a new energy form and so the dimension 1 planet body can feed this condensed energy down to our physical body again. After consuming this condensed energy, which is the essence form of the stuff we cultivated, it is now ready to be "cooked".

At the last stage, we cook up this pill internally and shove it back to the spiritual planet in dimension 1 and force it to digest and thunder around in the space there, and there goes the final product that will pour down to us again. These complex proceedures will then allow us to turn these energies into a new form, or property, and so we can now consume it back as it is part of our own, and it will then nourish our spiritual planet and the spiritual soul along with our local bodies.

All these practice are not just done for show, they are to prepare us for the next stage, which we call Saam Law Sun Da 三羅神打, which we will explain in the next article!  As I have said before, doing other types of chi kung is not the same as these we do in the lineage. Just like saying we are all called "cooking" but cooking with a microwave at home and a chef kitchen with woks and stuff is not the same!  You cannot cook properly with a microwave at home and expect that to be compared to the stuff you eat in the cousin. It's just incomparable. In our lineage, we don't do workouts before eating food, that's the theory of why we have to cultivate Sun Gung before we do any of these trainings in a systematic form of chi kung that actually brings you to the destination. We will dig into it more in our future article, and especially into the subject of Saam Law Sun Da, which most people will be shocked about this for sure. Why do we do chi kung and all these hard work?  It's not just for health, it's for a greater and more reasonable reason behind it. Stay tune for our future article!

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Secret of Taoism, Three Realms and Nine Bodies

One big secret ingredient that most people are missing when it comes to Taoism, or magic, or whatever related to these things, are the proper guidance of how to start and where to start learning. If you do not get the "structure" right, nothing behind seems right, it's basically because you are reading the book from the middle or from some random pages and not the beginning to the end. You cannot just pick a page out of the book and expect to read and understand everything. That's not how you learn things in this world, right?  Today, I will introduce this theory of the three realms and nine bodies to you, which might open your eyes up to something you might have not heard of before. It's deep, and it will require more than one lesson to understand, but I will try to make it short. There is also a video lecture at the end if you like to watch it for further details.

First of all, we say that human beings have three different things in three different realms, and that total up to nine bodies, or nine things. Just like our physical body that we can see in the mirror, and there is always something you cannot see that is inside - which is your organs. You can say that you don't believe there is a heart, a bunch of intestines, and some ugly gloopy inside your body, but that's basically how it is inside. Just because you never cut yourself up and analyze it, it doesn't mean that these things inside does not exist. The stuff inside your body is NOWHERE near what's outside too. Isn't that crazy?

What are the three realms? Tin 天, Dei 地, Yun 人are the three realms. Most people refer it to "heaven, earth, human", which is a really bad translation. It's not even about any "heaven", it's about the three realms theory in my other lecture, that talks about the principle of nature and the 3 stages of creation of all things. We basically call it dimension 1 for the Tin, dimension 6 for the dei, and dimension 8 for the yun. 1,6,8 are the three completion stage of things.

Our physical body is in the Yun realm which is dimension 8.

Our spiritual soul body is in the Dei realm, which is dimension 6.

Our spiritual planet body is the Tin realm, which is dimension 1.

In every one of these, there is also their own 1,6,8.

Dimension 8-1, we have an energy field body which we call a Faat-Sun 法身.

Dimension 8-6, we have an energy particle form body which we call a Ling-Sun 靈身

Dimension 8-8, is the physical body here that you can see now.

Our brain doesn't think, it is only a physical container, or a physical engine, for the energies of the Faat-Sun to operate. The Faat-Sun stores the main energy of our consciousness, the mind power, memories and such are all inside the dimension 8-1 body. The Ling-Sun is the processing brain power, which helps to ponder, back and forth, between dimension 8-1 and dimension 8-8 to process information. When we think, it is the 2 other bodies that works, not your physical brain. You can say it's like your brain waves and such that is working, not the physical thing that is working. The physical thing is the container of the energies only, but it's the energies that work, not the fluid inside the brain.

Dimension 6-1, we call it the Saang Wun or the birth soul, which give birth to things.

Dimension 6-6, we call it a ling wun, which is your spiritual soul that moves and travel.

Dimension 6-8, we call it the Sei Wun, or death soul, which is what push things to the death line.

The soul in dimension 6-6 is also consisted of 3 parts, which we call it tin wun (soul-celestial), yum wun (soul mental), and yeung wun (soul-physical).

These souls are helping the soul body to operate and bring things from your spiritual planet and down, or from you and back up to the planet form.

Inside Dimension 1, which is the most hard to understand part, we got a spiritual planet.

Dimension 1-1 is the essence energy or the core energy of the planet, which we call Juan Yuen, meaning your real essence 真元.

Dimension 1-6, is the ling yuen 靈元, which is the non-physical planet form, and this planet will bring the essence energy down to the ling-wun (6-6) too

Dimension 1-8, is the yuen sun 元辰, which is a physical planet. This planet is the final result of dimension 1-1 to 1-6 and now showing up on 1-8 in a solid form.

The dimension 8 bodies are inside the planet we live in right now, while the dimension 6 soul body is out in the far edge of planet earth, like the place where the highest point of our atmosphere is. Then the dimension 1 body is all in the area around where the sun is right now. You cannot physically travel there to see it, because they are in different dimensions, and you cannot see them using your physical body or matters. Just like you cannot see your organs by using your eyes.

When we sleeps, our body in dimension 8 will process things to the 8-6 energy particles, and they will be shot up to the soul body 6-6 to process upward to distribute some of the stress and crap from ourselves to the planet in 1-6. This 1-6 eats it and digest the crap for us, and push out some of its energy back down through 6-6 to our 8-6 and back to the system here. This is a natural way of how human beings can relief stress and crapnergy they picked up throughout the day. Just like how we can use breathing to detox ourselves and such. However, just using what we are born with is not enough, just like you cannot just live a life by not being proactive to bring food into your mouth, just using what you are born with is going to make you die in no time. In order to survive, you need to do MORE than what you are born with. Face the reality guys, we don't walk around naked, we put on clothings!  Who is born with clothing over the body?

People don't understand that we need to use more effort in order to earn our life here. When we talk about not using something you are born with, people think it's not "natural" and it's not good. If you think about it, your shelter, your clothing, and food, are all not "naturally born with" elements in your life too. We need to take and consume elements on this planet if you want to survive in this planet. That's life!  If you just try to detox and stuff by using this natural method, you are not going to make it, and that is why many people are just being driven and controlled by energy pollution in this world. Their minds are never themselves, because they are always being influenced more than being able to drive their car themselves. A lot of people are followers, or they just listen to what people say and don't really have the power to use their own "brain" to think.

I am not saying that you should not listen to others, but at least earn the rights to control your mind, and be able to process things and make your own decision is better than the decision is being concluded by other people. That's also why we practice magic, because at least now you know all the stuff you are trying to process in your brain is your own work, and not a work done by all these pollution around you anymore.

Here is the video lecture! Enjoy the lesson!

Five Elements Cycle, Do You Know it All?

Many people talk about the five elements, but not many understand the words for real. When you listen to someone's lecture or reading someone's material, you can easily tell if they really know it or not. The first thing is, what is the five elements cycle about? If they refers to real physical gold, water, etc., you know it's all going to be wrong int he next step and onward. This is the first big red flag. The water element in any nature's principle is not about the physical water that we drink or see. Water is a concept, and yes physical water is a form of water element, but it is not what the element principle is referring to. 

Another thing you want to know is, when we talk about five elements, there are actually more to it, and there is also a set of pre-heaven five elements which we mostly ignored or don't know of. This is 氣,雲,水,雷,火, which is energy, gathering of energy, transmitting of energy, thundering of energies, and activating the energy and BAM something is created.  Maybe it's better to view my lectures on YouTube to really get the hang of this.

Anything in magic we do can be decoded, or explained. Now I will open you up more by putting up a humorous yet informative lecture on my YouTube channel of Tin Yat Dragon. If you have not subscribed to it yet, it's time to do so, because we release fun lectures and informative videos everyday!

That's right, everything can be decoded down to the last bit of details. Why our handsigns in magic is like this, and why not like that?  Why touch the nail and why touch the meaty part instead with this or that finger? Everything can be explained. It's not just because someone does it that way then we follow it that way, it's all because of how our body works with the energies within us, and it is no difference from saying because our eyes sees and can receieve the energy of light, and that is why we don't put our ears over something when we want to "see" it. It's just all nature's principle of how our body works and how we can utilize our body to communicate with the pre-heaven elements using our post-heaven body. It's the science, maybe you can call it the science of supernatural? To me, this is science already, because it's just so scientific to me. Not only that we are doing it, but everyone does it in this pattern in the world, naturally, just that you cannot output "magic power"  and I can, because we cultivate our energies and you don't.

Why can't you do magic without getting into a lineage? I think I have talked about it before. Maybe it's time to post a link to my not-yet-published video. Have fun watching something not published yet!  I have so many videos uploaded and they are being published to public at 2 videos / day pace. One English and one Chinese, just trying to not be a "spammer" to the search engine!  Subscribe tot he channel and keep watching, you will have endless fun stuff to watch. Not forget that if you want to really learn magic for real, you can always e-mail me to get ordained and start learning for real. All these principles and knowledge is good, but they are not going to be useful for you if you cannot put them into actual practice!

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Real Meaning of Dragon in Chinese Magic?

What is the true meaning of "Dragon" in Chinese magic? A lot of Chinese cultural things such as the king's robe and even your famous ceramic bowl and cups got a dragon picture on it. Why is the dragon so sacred and so heavily embedded into the Chinese culture? What is the real secret behind the Dragon? In this post we will be digging into the subject and telling you what a dragon really is.  Bummer, it is not about the animal. This animal is just a depicting visual of the concept and subject behind it. That is also what tricked a lot of people into really looking for a dragon animal too, because it is so famous and so popular shown in this "snake like creature" form, everyone starts to think that the dragon is an animal and forgot about the real meaning of dragon - since ages ago.

I have a bunch of lessons on my YouTube channel about this mysterious dragon word, but I guess it is not a good idea to post all the lectures inside the post here. I will post one of them here. There are six lectures on dragons, and if you feel like watching the rest, just jump into the links below this video and keep watching.

The dragon is not an animal, it's depicted as one, but the whole true meaning of dragon behind this picture, is energy. It is a form of energy that came from the universe before a universe, and this energy will drop into another space, triggered a reaction, and opened a portal to transmit its energy to the next dimension, or space. The energy then travels and got transmitted into the next space, brings the next space into action, and this energy then transmits over and affect the things that is already in that space right now, triggering new happenings to the other space there. In short, it's a form of creation energy, which has a pattern or property as described above.

The king and such always emphasized on dragon's chi in the past, and they have to fill up the palace with dragon designs. It might be also a mystery for the kings and people working there, but it somehow made them a fan club of this picture, more than knowing what the real meaning behind it is about.

The Chinese say that they are the descendents of the dragon, or the childred of the dragons. This is only because they are trying to say that they create life, they make babies, and the same goes to you and any other people in the world who can give birth to the next generations. Everyone is the descendant of dragon, because you inherit the power of nature to create and recreate life.  You can give birth to a baby and the baby can make more babies and keep our lineage of human-beings going. Isn't that already a form of Dragon-kid? 

Dragon is nothing mysterious, but it is just hard to understand it all, because you lack someone who can explain it to you thoroughly. It's like, you know about the air that you breathe in, but you do not understand it, because you do not have a scientist behind you, talking to you all the time and explaining about what is the different ingredients in the air we breathe and what each element there does to us. With Chinese magic learning, it is similar to this situation. You already know this dragon by heart, but you do not understand it, and you cannot work with it or control it, because you have not gone through the learning process and there isn't anyone who can teach you how to work with dragon energy.

Learning Chinese magic, is to work with dragon's energy and use it to bring changes and influences to things around you, and even use it to create new happenings, which is why it is called magic. It is called magic, because it can help you to make things that are "stuck" to move on again, and you can make things proceed onward faster or slower, and you can help things to reach to a desired destination, which is what we mean by magic.

The true meaning of magic is to output your elements or energies, and the methods of how actions is to be taken, and then push it to the next party, and help this subject to proceed onward with your given elements and action pattern, which then force this subject to execute what you have set it to do, and finish it as requested. When we do magic, we are infusing our dragon energy to something, with a specific method or way of action given, and you trigger the energy to take action and bring changes to the subject. By doing so, we can change or create things, such as helping someone to change their luck, create potentials for more opportunities, or to change their future from a disastrous ending to a better ending, reduce injuries from a big one to a minor bump, etc.

Dragon's energy is powerful, because it is the creation energy in the whole universe that beams through different realms and dimensions, and it nourishes everything in the world. Nothing can live without dragon's energy, and this energy has never left us for one second. It is like oxygen, it is always there and always feeding us since the world was created.  Why is it depicted as an animal?  Well, that's a lot more to type and it requires a lot more understanding of the different parts and character of the dragon's energy, which is to be taught when you are ordained into the lineage, and really working with dragon's energy, then eventually you will get to know them all and understand why the picture is like this.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Got a Ghost Problem? Read This

You got a ghost problem and you want help, stop going to the forums and asking your friends about it, because they don't really know about the subject. No one does, except for exorcist like us - who work to cultivate for the magic power that can deal with ghost problems and spiritual problem all the time. Our daily job, or duty, is to cultivate for the magic power, and this power is the energy that can actually be used to deal with ghost issues, and - kick their butt. It sounds kind of "cruel" to just kick any ghost's butts, but if you understand what they are, you might think of the situation differently. Let's dig in and know about what is a ghost, in reality.

Ghost problems are often treated and dealt with by using what we already knew or learned from movies, books, stories, and rumors. A lot of things, or I can say, all these things, are not going to help, because they aren't how the reality works. The real ghost problems often turn out to be a lot more "scientific" than you think.

When a human or any living beings dies, their energies departs and the souls will be dissolved. There are sometimes some residue energies leftover, and there could be some reasons, occasionally, that some of these are not going away and not recycling in nature. If that ever happens, it means that there could be a potential ghost-issue. Watch my lecture to understand more about what is a ghost in reality.

That is right, a ghost problem is often just an energy residue issue that needs to be recycled or pushed to recycle in nature. Yet, a lot of people treated it with a bad mindset, which contributed to the issue and made it worst. It's sort of like you see a bacteria or some ugly worms (the bad type) and you keep treating it like its your best friend or pet, and you keep feeding it, thinking that you are doing something "good" in nature just because you are feeding it, putting your "love" to it, and making it happy, etc. All these "positive" thoughts and things you are doing to it must be good or leading to something good?  Not really. Try feeding a bacteria or virus more, you are just giving your love to the wrong subject, and creating a monster that can swallow you later. Another lecture on how to treat or face a ghost problem below!


It takes a lot of wisdom, courage and will power to fight off a ghost problem, and you must be clear minded to tell yourself that this thing you are seeing is NOT what it seems to be. Tell yourself, that everything you see is just an illusion. It's not like the ghost is "fake" and not there. Illusion means, you are just seeing the smoke screen of it, and that thing you are seeing is not the "true form" of it. They are playing tricks with your mind only. You can think of it this way, they are just viruses, and the viruses want you to output or commit to them, because they want to grow bigger, and the methods they use is to trick your mind to think that they are such and such. Simple as that, you cannot treat ghosts as what they "seems" to be. Don't goof around forums for advice, that is actually the worst thing you can do to yourself. People on the forums all day long often don't know a thing about these problems, because they have spent their time on the forum talking and socially mostly, and not really cultivating or learning anything related to this subject. What you need, is a lifetime devoted exorcist who can help you out - such as me right here. I can handle your ghost problem without any problem, e-mail me anytime and I can help. In case you have already found someone to help you already, it never harms to know what to look for and judge the person helping you now - before you pay them a single penny.

Dealing with ghost problem is a serious matter, and we take it very seriously. If someone is already attempting to help you, then you must find out if they know what they are doing or not. It's just like finding a doctor to treat your sickness. If the doctor don't even understand about anatomy and how a human body works, how can you give them your body and let them take care of you? They could be just feeding you donuts and claim it will cure your fever!  Be wise, choose an exorcist who actually knows what they are talking about!  Again, I am always here to help if you need me, I have been an exorcist for over 20 years already and this is my full time job!  E-mail me anytime.

A little note here for my potential clients, we do not offer free service, and we do not accept "donation" as a payment. Everything comes with a price, just like doctors save lives, but they also need to feed their own family and pay their bills. I offer exorcism services for a price, because I also need to live a life and feed my family. If you are coming to me for help with your ghost problem, you have to be prepared to pay. If you are tight with your budget, you can tell me in advance, so I can put that into consideration and offers you something a bit more affordable for your budget range. We can work things out, but there is never an option for "free service". Freebies comes with the freebies quality service and products, and I cannot accept myself as part of that group. I offer services that match my price tag, they are professionally delivered and I do my best to help my clients with their ghost problems. If you are my client, you are ensured to be happy and smiling. We will chat by e-mail soon!

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Info on Mak Jo Si, Jee Sifu, Tin Yat Lineage and Such

This post will be to answer a few commonly asked question regarding "Mak Jo Si" (me) vs Jee Sifu and what happen to Tin Yat Lineage and everything including the old blog, website, etc.? No worry guys, this blog post will make it all clear for you. Some people wonder where our disciples went (since we posted their photos on our old website and not the new one). The simple answer is, our disciples are still here, just that we choose to not post their photos and stuff up to keep them protected and away from the hands of those stupid scammers who tried so hard to trash talk us by making up BS online. For your enjoyment, this is my senior disciple Tin Yang from AZ, USA, who learned from me for about 9+ years now. This is him in 2017 October, and yes he is now a sifu in the lineage.

You can also see my other disciples such as Wun Sifu, Hung Sifu, Lui Sifu, etc.. and they are all on YouTube now helping our channel to create content and such. We are a big family, and we work together like a team!

Regarding the Mak Jo Si Name VS Jee Sifu

First of all, nothing has been changed about Mak Jo Si, I am still Mak Jo Si, and I am also Jee Sifu. Jee Sifu is my magic name in the lineage which was not exposed before, which is exposed now because of point number two below. The "Sifu" I have used for the public is the word 師傅 in Chinese, which means a professional who can help you to do things, like a specialist. It is different from the Sifu 師父 that my disciples call me by, which means the master of the father generation.

To my senior disciples - like Yang, Lui, Wun, Hung, etc, I am their "Mak Jo Si".  To my new disciples, they call me Jee Si Gung (grandfather generation master). For the outsiders, they call me Jee Sifu as in the Sifu for a professional.

Uh right, Here is Tin Wun and Tin Lui (now Wun Sifu and Lui Sifu) from NY, USA. They made this video in October 2017 and its a nice video to show the outsiders some truth about what learning is like in our lineage for so many years!

Regarding Tin Yat Lineage 

Point number two, what happen to Tin Yat Lineage the name?  We have not changed, we are still Tin Yat Lineage now, just that we have decided to expose the real deal that were always enclosed in the past. Yes, you see a lot of stuff being put up the blog, website and such in the past - but they are all shallow stuff which is not even going into the real stuff that we have inside the lineage. Now, we have decided to expose the real internal stuff, and let the public see our "real deal". The internal of Tin Yat Lineage, the magic we do - Saam Law Sun Gung (三羅神功).

Regarding the word Taoism and Taoist disappearing (along with the blog), is because we only used the word "Taoism" in the past for the easy-to-understand purpose, but we are actually Taoism-and-beyond. This will take you a long time to understand, but I have made a video for that here already.

At the same time, we are still using the word Taoism now, for the benefit of promotion. It is easier for people to find us and so we specifically label it "Saam Law Taoism" in this case.

The old blog - it is no good because we are facing too many hacking attempts, threats and the security job is harsh. Also, the server sucks, and we hated that the blog is not integrated with the main website. After careful planning, we decided to move on and restart the blog. Now we have decided to focus on the YouTube channel of Tin Yat Dragon, and the website + blog at - which is much safer, much more organized, and much better looking. At least the blog is inside the website now, which is nice. We will be using that blog as our official company blog, and this blog as our casual blog that we will be posting more fun stuff on.  No worry guys, our blog-groove will go on.

Last but not least, I would like to say that, a lot of people are questioning why I charge money for this and that, like selling talisman, providing services for money etc. It's simple, because it is a lot of work behind my stuff and they are worth the bucks. If you find something that is free - probably the quality is also freebies-grade too. Not saying that the more expensive the better, but at least I cannot stand my serevice and products being free or cheap, it's insulting to me to charge a lower price just to competite with the scams, frauds and fakes. I prefer to stick to offering ethical services with a fair price tag on them.

Look at what is done behind a FU Talisman, and this is JUST the producing part, excluding the daily cultivations to be done at the back, which is what accumulates the energy we need to have in order to do the magic...!


Conclusion? That's right, Mak Jo Si is still the same guy, and he is now using Jee-Sifu for public exposures instead, so it is easier to understand for the outsiders and such. If you have anymore questions regarding anything, just ask me and I will be able to clear it up for you. Not forget that I am a public person on YouTube, and I am always around and won't just leave anyone in the middle of the ocean then go away.