Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Real Meaning of Dragon in Chinese Magic?

What is the true meaning of "Dragon" in Chinese magic? A lot of Chinese cultural things such as the king's robe and even your famous ceramic bowl and cups got a dragon picture on it. Why is the dragon so sacred and so heavily embedded into the Chinese culture? What is the real secret behind the Dragon? In this post we will be digging into the subject and telling you what a dragon really is.  Bummer, it is not about the animal. This animal is just a depicting visual of the concept and subject behind it. That is also what tricked a lot of people into really looking for a dragon animal too, because it is so famous and so popular shown in this "snake like creature" form, everyone starts to think that the dragon is an animal and forgot about the real meaning of dragon - since ages ago.

I have a bunch of lessons on my YouTube channel about this mysterious dragon word, but I guess it is not a good idea to post all the lectures inside the post here. I will post one of them here. There are six lectures on dragons, and if you feel like watching the rest, just jump into the links below this video and keep watching.

The dragon is not an animal, it's depicted as one, but the whole true meaning of dragon behind this picture, is energy. It is a form of energy that came from the universe before a universe, and this energy will drop into another space, triggered a reaction, and opened a portal to transmit its energy to the next dimension, or space. The energy then travels and got transmitted into the next space, brings the next space into action, and this energy then transmits over and affect the things that is already in that space right now, triggering new happenings to the other space there. In short, it's a form of creation energy, which has a pattern or property as described above.

The king and such always emphasized on dragon's chi in the past, and they have to fill up the palace with dragon designs. It might be also a mystery for the kings and people working there, but it somehow made them a fan club of this picture, more than knowing what the real meaning behind it is about.

The Chinese say that they are the descendents of the dragon, or the childred of the dragons. This is only because they are trying to say that they create life, they make babies, and the same goes to you and any other people in the world who can give birth to the next generations. Everyone is the descendant of dragon, because you inherit the power of nature to create and recreate life.  You can give birth to a baby and the baby can make more babies and keep our lineage of human-beings going. Isn't that already a form of Dragon-kid? 

Dragon is nothing mysterious, but it is just hard to understand it all, because you lack someone who can explain it to you thoroughly. It's like, you know about the air that you breathe in, but you do not understand it, because you do not have a scientist behind you, talking to you all the time and explaining about what is the different ingredients in the air we breathe and what each element there does to us. With Chinese magic learning, it is similar to this situation. You already know this dragon by heart, but you do not understand it, and you cannot work with it or control it, because you have not gone through the learning process and there isn't anyone who can teach you how to work with dragon energy.

Learning Chinese magic, is to work with dragon's energy and use it to bring changes and influences to things around you, and even use it to create new happenings, which is why it is called magic. It is called magic, because it can help you to make things that are "stuck" to move on again, and you can make things proceed onward faster or slower, and you can help things to reach to a desired destination, which is what we mean by magic.

The true meaning of magic is to output your elements or energies, and the methods of how actions is to be taken, and then push it to the next party, and help this subject to proceed onward with your given elements and action pattern, which then force this subject to execute what you have set it to do, and finish it as requested. When we do magic, we are infusing our dragon energy to something, with a specific method or way of action given, and you trigger the energy to take action and bring changes to the subject. By doing so, we can change or create things, such as helping someone to change their luck, create potentials for more opportunities, or to change their future from a disastrous ending to a better ending, reduce injuries from a big one to a minor bump, etc.

Dragon's energy is powerful, because it is the creation energy in the whole universe that beams through different realms and dimensions, and it nourishes everything in the world. Nothing can live without dragon's energy, and this energy has never left us for one second. It is like oxygen, it is always there and always feeding us since the world was created.  Why is it depicted as an animal?  Well, that's a lot more to type and it requires a lot more understanding of the different parts and character of the dragon's energy, which is to be taught when you are ordained into the lineage, and really working with dragon's energy, then eventually you will get to know them all and understand why the picture is like this.