Saturday, 16 July 2016

Essence of a FU Talisman

This is my first blog post on explaining about FU talisman. This is not just a piece of paper, it is a piece of paper that is filled with magical power. With the proper work done and the magical power behind it, that is what makes the FU Talisman super powerful and not an ordinary piece of paper anymore. FU Talisman cannot be done by just anyone, you need to be trained and cultivating the magic in order to produce a working FU talisman.  It's not as easy as it seems.

The altar is like the base, it stores all your magic power and it is where your FU Talisman is born. You need to cultivate your altar daily; infuse, input and invest your energies into this altar in order to have energy to use. Without the cultivated energies, what are you going to put into your FU talisman as the fuel of the magic?

As I said before, FU Talisman is not just a piece of paper, it is a piece of paper with magical power that is attuned, programmed and assembled together with many different kinds of specific energies that are to be summoned into your altar and cooked up by using specific spells. After the energies are cooked up, it is then infused into your FU talisman. This energy crystal that you have cooked up, is the essence of the FU talisman.

Now, talking about spells, what makes your spells effective? Where is your power that can make the spells work? When have you cultivate for the magical power that you wanted to use? Spells will not work just because you know the words. The words of the spells have to respond to you, because you have been cultivating all along and investing into this magical spell, infusing your spiritual energy into every word you say. By cultivating daily, with the right methods, your spiritual power and your energy will grow and accumulate into every word that you say, and that is what makes your spells effective. You do not keep repeating and reciting words and expect them to turn into spells, that is not how you cultivate for the magical power of a spell. How do you cultivate for the power for a magical spell to be effective?

Every lineage has its own way to cultivate their magical spell, without being in the lineage and without being taught properly by a qualified master, you will never be able to know how to cultivate for the magical power, because you do not have access to the lineage power bank. It's so simple, how can you understand internet without joining a plan with an internet service provider? In order to know how to build a website, you will need to first be able to access the internet.

If you want to learn how to make a FU talisman that works, the first thing you need to do is to get into a lineage and not to keep researching for methods. No methods will work for you because you've basically lacked the power to operate any methods. As I said before, FU Talisman is not just a piece of paper, it is a piece of paper with magical power. If you want to learn the art of FU talisman, you must first get into a lineage to get the inheritance of a magical power source. The magical power and energy that we use for the talisman making, It's not a weak energy. We use energies that is accumulated and cultivated through generations and generations. You cannot cook up this kind of energy yourself, because everyone has their limitations. The amount of spiritual energy that one can gather up, it's very limited, and that is why we have a lineage, combining generations and generations of people and masters into this pool of special and powerful spiritual energy investment, it is definitely not something that you can imitate at home by yourself.

When someone asks me how to start learning FU talisman, what books should I read, any websites to recommend, any kinds of practice that they can do at home right away? The best answer that I can give them is to start learning by ordaining into a lineage such as my lineage and start learning for real. You want to get into a Lineage to inherit the proper power that is for doing magical work. Without the magical power from the lineage, gathering up and stockpiling tons and tons of methods or Talisman books will do no good to you. It is just a waste of time, because you are just like Gathering up cars all your life but without a single drop of gasoline. What can be done with so many cars not inherited, but stolen or duplicated and stock piled up at home. That's right, all the FU talismans belong to the lineage that creates them and they are meant to be used with the lineage cultivated energy. If you just go around and copy FU Talisman from different sources, you are basically doing a research while copying the work of others. It is good if what you want is just a bunch of information for your reference and enjoyment, but they are useless to you if what you're looking for is the magically effective talisman.

Talisman it's not easy to make, but they are easy to copy and duplicate. While to FU Talisman may look alike, but what's inside can be totally different, leading to a totally different result. If you want to learn how to make an effective talisman, consider joining our lineage today and start learning for real. Email me right now and let's get talking. If you still have thought about what I have explained, I welcome you to watch my YouTube channel and my video on how to make a Talisman on YouTube. You can totally see how hard it is and how much effort it takes to make a talisman. If someone tells you that you can make a FU talisman usually just by following the instructions from a book, you are most likely being lied to or the guy is totally not knowing what he is talking about. I hope I have opened your mind up a bit more with this blog post, email me today and let's get talking. I offer this teaching of Chinese magic worldwide! (You do not need to know any Chinese to learn it!)

Don't you like it? The Chinese writing from my Talisman (FU) is totally stunning eh?    Some people fear that they cannot produce such nice writing with a brush (even with a pen), and they hold back from learning the magic of FU Talisman. Let me tell you the truth, you can write FU talisman as ugly as scribbles, and it will still work, if you have the proper inheritance. You do not need to be super artistic and be able to create nice calligraphy letters like me in order to learn magic. As long as you want to learn, and have the will to learn, you are all set for the journey. We will teach you everything you need to know, including the Chinese words or even how to hold your brush and such. It's a full and thorough learning experience that you can expect to come. I look forward seeing your e-mail! :)