Sunday, 10 July 2016

Learning Taoist Magic

Learning Taoist magic, or Chinese magic, cannot be done by just reading, research and just coming up with your own doings. What you are lacking is not the methods and knowledge only, but also the ultimate secret ingredients that we cultivate for - the magic power.

Taoist magic or Chinese magic, it's the same kind of concept behind, which is sort of like this - one person cannot run a company and create a corporation like Microsoft or Google, the energy and things one person can have is limited. That is why we need to build a lineage, just like the person needs to build a company, and then have workers to work together to create a product that one person cannot create.  No matter you are learning Taoist magic or the Chinese magic, whatever you call it, it's the same theory. By just using your own energy, you cannot achieve much, and not much can be done, because your energy is limited, and it is too weak to be used as "magic power". The fuel that we need in Chinese magic is much greater and much more powerful, and so we must have a bank of energies that is accumulated, cultivated and authorized to you, the practitioner, which allows you to perform your magic doings and magic works.

By ordaining into our lineage, you get to inherit this magic-seed, which is like the bacteria sort of energy, it grows and generates inside your body, and you must go through cultivation and practice to grow it, develop it and then be able to grow it into usable energies for doing your magic work.

 What is magic really? Before you learn magic, why not look at what is magic?

After you understand what is magic, then it's time to know about what we have been talking about, the magic seed, which is one very critical and essential factor that makes your magic work.

You cannot learn Taoist magic or any kind of magic by yourself, not only that no one will post all their knowledge and stuff in books and websites, but there are just too many things to be taught and inherit. Beside these, there is the magic-seed that you need to inherit, cultivate and develop, in order to even have any energies in you that can be used as the fuel to operate the magic-methods which you will be learning and doing. Every spell, every FU (talisman) and such, will require an energy "fuel" to operate, just like how a flashlight needs battery to operate. You may have all the tools you want, just like you have many flashlights. Now where is the battery?

Learning Chinese magic is not easy, and so is the fate of you being able to ordain into a lineage to inherit the special energy that have been cultivated by many generations before you. This cultivated energy is what you don't have and cannot have, just like saying no one can just sit home and come up with a whole building and office structure of a corporation. No matter how you imitate to be Microsoft or Google at home by putting up all the signs and such, you have nothing in reality that is like them. It's impossible to imitate a corporation yourself, because it's a long-time cultivated work. You cannot just "think" you can build a city today and a city can be built. You need a lot of work and lots of generations to work on this big teamwork-cultivated and accumulated energy in order to be able to start doing these things - which is, the magic.

The journey of learning Chinese magic involves more than just copying some FUs from a book and doing some bows and such. There is a lot of knowledge, wisdom, and things to learn and inherit. You can say that it is like going to an university to learn a professional subject. It's nowhere near as easy as just learning how to ride a bike. It's more like learning to become a doctor, there are just unbelievable amount of knowledge there.  Feel the urge to know more? Try watching more videos on our YouTube channel, you will be amazed by how many videos were uploaded and they are still JUST touching the surface of things!

If you wish to learn the Chinese magic that we teach here, which is called Saam Law Sun Gung 三羅神功, you can feel free to email us to get started. Anyone can ordain. Not forget that you can also watch our video on "requirements to learn magic" and get a better understanding too!