Saturday, 23 July 2016

Biggest Obstacles in Learning Magic

What are the biggest obstacles for people learning magic or chi kung or whatever stuff that we are talking about in this blog? Be it chi kung or magic, it's the same theory, and you are all going to bang into this problem for sure. The biggest obstacle is - we all try to use science to explain it, and then try to find "scientific" evidence that can proof our stuff, or use science devices, to try to relate or prove the existence of "chi" or magic power, etc. This is the dead-way for you if you keep digging into the subject in this direction, because this is the wrong direct to go.

Science is great, but it is like saying a screwdriver is great for fixing your house, but you cannot use a screwdriver to fix a kid's bad behavior. Well, you can, if you screw him in the head, but it doesn't work that way all the time, maybe.

You cannot test, measure, and proof everything with science, because science is a subject that specialized in what we call the dimension 8 matters, the physical matters. What we mean by physical here, is anything that we can feel, see, touch, and such.  Science cannot measure the love you have for your wife, or husband, but we all know it by "heart" without the need of saying it out. If your love can be measured, it's for sure not true love. You see the point here? Science is not the tool to use to measure or detect or prove something that is in the pre-heaven state, which is just like our love and feelings. Science will totally "screw you up" if you keep digging into these things with scientific methods.

When we talk about supernatural stuff, paranormal stuff, just like how those "ghost adventure shows" are always doing, they take out some devices and claim to spot ghosts or spirits using a detector or whatever garbage they got from radio shack. It's crazy, and it's non-sense, because you cannot detect a ghost or any spirits using any machines you can make in this world, no matter how advance our science goes. The fact is, these things cannot be touched or detected using the materials of this dimension we live in. In order to touch and see or feel them, we need to use something that is not restricted to this dimension, such as our "heart".

Magic power or "chi" in chi kung is not detectable by any scientific method, and yes, there has been some shows on YouTube saying that they have proven the existence of "chi" with science and such. Like it or not, but those are all just detecting "symptoms" of chi, and not chi itself. Chi cannot be detected, because it is not "heat", not "electromagnetic field", not anything close to what you can find or name in this world. It's not it. All those things you can detect are like the "aftereffect" of chi being used only, and not even the real Chi being detected at all.  We can see the symptoms, or the end result that is shown in this world, but we cannot directly "see" or "detect" Chi. Just like saying, I can look at the colors and condition of the sky now and tell you how the pre-heaven chi is like at the moment for our city, but it is not like you can take some machines and start comparing the results, then take out some "chi graphs" and say you can detect it. It's not possible, no matter how advance science goes.

In order to learn magic or chi kung properly, you need to not ditch science, but put science aside for what it is supposed to be for. What you need is to "feel" and learn the magic or chi kung using its system and only its system's knowledge. By going through a proper and formal training under a "legitimate" master, you will learn what it is, and eventually be able to know what it is, because just like love, you can feel and know it already, and there is no way to show or say it out in words. That is EXACTLY what chi or magic is like. They are pre-heaven matters, and you cannot use anything physical to show or demonstrate it, but they are there, and you can use it, and they will have effects on you which you can feel - while no science can explain it to you, because it is just not touchable by any physical devices.

Magic is just like love, it is not explainable by words, but it is real as steel. Any magic that can be proven by science is fake magic, because it is no different from saying love that can be put into words and expressed by your mouth, it's for sure not a form of true love. When the love is very real, there is no way you can explain or say it out. It's in our heart, just like magic, it's in your heart, stored there, and operated there. What heart?  The heart of your dimension one body, the Faat-Sun 法身.

Why your faith is very important in magic? Well, why is it very important to have trust and faith in your wife if you want the love to keep going?  If you don't trust and have faith with your wife anymore, the love is also going to die. Same to magic. Remember guys, trust and faith is a must, in order for magic to work. IF you don't trust your magic, your magic will just react like how you don't trust your wife anymore... it's going to fail soon or later!