Sunday, 17 July 2016

Info on Mak Jo Si, Jee Sifu, Tin Yat Lineage and Such

This post will be to answer a few commonly asked question regarding "Mak Jo Si" (me) vs Jee Sifu and what happen to Tin Yat Lineage and everything including the old blog, website, etc.? No worry guys, this blog post will make it all clear for you. Some people wonder where our disciples went (since we posted their photos on our old website and not the new one). The simple answer is, our disciples are still here, just that we choose to not post their photos and stuff up to keep them protected and away from the hands of those stupid scammers who tried so hard to trash talk us by making up BS online. For your enjoyment, this is my senior disciple Tin Yang from AZ, USA, who learned from me for about 9+ years now. This is him in 2017 October, and yes he is now a sifu in the lineage.

You can also see my other disciples such as Wun Sifu, Hung Sifu, Lui Sifu, etc.. and they are all on YouTube now helping our channel to create content and such. We are a big family, and we work together like a team!

Regarding the Mak Jo Si Name VS Jee Sifu

First of all, nothing has been changed about Mak Jo Si, I am still Mak Jo Si, and I am also Jee Sifu. Jee Sifu is my magic name in the lineage which was not exposed before, which is exposed now because of point number two below. The "Sifu" I have used for the public is the word 師傅 in Chinese, which means a professional who can help you to do things, like a specialist. It is different from the Sifu 師父 that my disciples call me by, which means the master of the father generation.

To my senior disciples - like Yang, Lui, Wun, Hung, etc, I am their "Mak Jo Si".  To my new disciples, they call me Jee Si Gung (grandfather generation master). For the outsiders, they call me Jee Sifu as in the Sifu for a professional.

Uh right, Here is Tin Wun and Tin Lui (now Wun Sifu and Lui Sifu) from NY, USA. They made this video in October 2017 and its a nice video to show the outsiders some truth about what learning is like in our lineage for so many years!

Regarding Tin Yat Lineage 

Point number two, what happen to Tin Yat Lineage the name?  We have not changed, we are still Tin Yat Lineage now, just that we have decided to expose the real deal that were always enclosed in the past. Yes, you see a lot of stuff being put up the blog, website and such in the past - but they are all shallow stuff which is not even going into the real stuff that we have inside the lineage. Now, we have decided to expose the real internal stuff, and let the public see our "real deal". The internal of Tin Yat Lineage, the magic we do - Saam Law Sun Gung (三羅神功).

Regarding the word Taoism and Taoist disappearing (along with the blog), is because we only used the word "Taoism" in the past for the easy-to-understand purpose, but we are actually Taoism-and-beyond. This will take you a long time to understand, but I have made a video for that here already.

At the same time, we are still using the word Taoism now, for the benefit of promotion. It is easier for people to find us and so we specifically label it "Saam Law Taoism" in this case.

The old blog - it is no good because we are facing too many hacking attempts, threats and the security job is harsh. Also, the server sucks, and we hated that the blog is not integrated with the main website. After careful planning, we decided to move on and restart the blog. Now we have decided to focus on the YouTube channel of Tin Yat Dragon, and the website + blog at - which is much safer, much more organized, and much better looking. At least the blog is inside the website now, which is nice. We will be using that blog as our official company blog, and this blog as our casual blog that we will be posting more fun stuff on.  No worry guys, our blog-groove will go on.

Last but not least, I would like to say that, a lot of people are questioning why I charge money for this and that, like selling talisman, providing services for money etc. It's simple, because it is a lot of work behind my stuff and they are worth the bucks. If you find something that is free - probably the quality is also freebies-grade too. Not saying that the more expensive the better, but at least I cannot stand my serevice and products being free or cheap, it's insulting to me to charge a lower price just to competite with the scams, frauds and fakes. I prefer to stick to offering ethical services with a fair price tag on them.

Look at what is done behind a FU Talisman, and this is JUST the producing part, excluding the daily cultivations to be done at the back, which is what accumulates the energy we need to have in order to do the magic...!


Conclusion? That's right, Mak Jo Si is still the same guy, and he is now using Jee-Sifu for public exposures instead, so it is easier to understand for the outsiders and such. If you have anymore questions regarding anything, just ask me and I will be able to clear it up for you. Not forget that I am a public person on YouTube, and I am always around and won't just leave anyone in the middle of the ocean then go away.