Thursday, 21 July 2016

Secret of Taoism, Three Realms and Nine Bodies

One big secret ingredient that most people are missing when it comes to Taoism, or magic, or whatever related to these things, are the proper guidance of how to start and where to start learning. If you do not get the "structure" right, nothing behind seems right, it's basically because you are reading the book from the middle or from some random pages and not the beginning to the end. You cannot just pick a page out of the book and expect to read and understand everything. That's not how you learn things in this world, right?  Today, I will introduce this theory of the three realms and nine bodies to you, which might open your eyes up to something you might have not heard of before. It's deep, and it will require more than one lesson to understand, but I will try to make it short. There is also a video lecture at the end if you like to watch it for further details.

First of all, we say that human beings have three different things in three different realms, and that total up to nine bodies, or nine things. Just like our physical body that we can see in the mirror, and there is always something you cannot see that is inside - which is your organs. You can say that you don't believe there is a heart, a bunch of intestines, and some ugly gloopy inside your body, but that's basically how it is inside. Just because you never cut yourself up and analyze it, it doesn't mean that these things inside does not exist. The stuff inside your body is NOWHERE near what's outside too. Isn't that crazy?

What are the three realms? Tin 天, Dei 地, Yun 人are the three realms. Most people refer it to "heaven, earth, human", which is a really bad translation. It's not even about any "heaven", it's about the three realms theory in my other lecture, that talks about the principle of nature and the 3 stages of creation of all things. We basically call it dimension 1 for the Tin, dimension 6 for the dei, and dimension 8 for the yun. 1,6,8 are the three completion stage of things.

Our physical body is in the Yun realm which is dimension 8.

Our spiritual soul body is in the Dei realm, which is dimension 6.

Our spiritual planet body is the Tin realm, which is dimension 1.

In every one of these, there is also their own 1,6,8.

Dimension 8-1, we have an energy field body which we call a Faat-Sun 法身.

Dimension 8-6, we have an energy particle form body which we call a Ling-Sun 靈身

Dimension 8-8, is the physical body here that you can see now.

Our brain doesn't think, it is only a physical container, or a physical engine, for the energies of the Faat-Sun to operate. The Faat-Sun stores the main energy of our consciousness, the mind power, memories and such are all inside the dimension 8-1 body. The Ling-Sun is the processing brain power, which helps to ponder, back and forth, between dimension 8-1 and dimension 8-8 to process information. When we think, it is the 2 other bodies that works, not your physical brain. You can say it's like your brain waves and such that is working, not the physical thing that is working. The physical thing is the container of the energies only, but it's the energies that work, not the fluid inside the brain.

Dimension 6-1, we call it the Saang Wun or the birth soul, which give birth to things.

Dimension 6-6, we call it a ling wun, which is your spiritual soul that moves and travel.

Dimension 6-8, we call it the Sei Wun, or death soul, which is what push things to the death line.

The soul in dimension 6-6 is also consisted of 3 parts, which we call it tin wun (soul-celestial), yum wun (soul mental), and yeung wun (soul-physical).

These souls are helping the soul body to operate and bring things from your spiritual planet and down, or from you and back up to the planet form.

Inside Dimension 1, which is the most hard to understand part, we got a spiritual planet.

Dimension 1-1 is the essence energy or the core energy of the planet, which we call Juan Yuen, meaning your real essence 真元.

Dimension 1-6, is the ling yuen 靈元, which is the non-physical planet form, and this planet will bring the essence energy down to the ling-wun (6-6) too

Dimension 1-8, is the yuen sun 元辰, which is a physical planet. This planet is the final result of dimension 1-1 to 1-6 and now showing up on 1-8 in a solid form.

The dimension 8 bodies are inside the planet we live in right now, while the dimension 6 soul body is out in the far edge of planet earth, like the place where the highest point of our atmosphere is. Then the dimension 1 body is all in the area around where the sun is right now. You cannot physically travel there to see it, because they are in different dimensions, and you cannot see them using your physical body or matters. Just like you cannot see your organs by using your eyes.

When we sleeps, our body in dimension 8 will process things to the 8-6 energy particles, and they will be shot up to the soul body 6-6 to process upward to distribute some of the stress and crap from ourselves to the planet in 1-6. This 1-6 eats it and digest the crap for us, and push out some of its energy back down through 6-6 to our 8-6 and back to the system here. This is a natural way of how human beings can relief stress and crapnergy they picked up throughout the day. Just like how we can use breathing to detox ourselves and such. However, just using what we are born with is not enough, just like you cannot just live a life by not being proactive to bring food into your mouth, just using what you are born with is going to make you die in no time. In order to survive, you need to do MORE than what you are born with. Face the reality guys, we don't walk around naked, we put on clothings!  Who is born with clothing over the body?

People don't understand that we need to use more effort in order to earn our life here. When we talk about not using something you are born with, people think it's not "natural" and it's not good. If you think about it, your shelter, your clothing, and food, are all not "naturally born with" elements in your life too. We need to take and consume elements on this planet if you want to survive in this planet. That's life!  If you just try to detox and stuff by using this natural method, you are not going to make it, and that is why many people are just being driven and controlled by energy pollution in this world. Their minds are never themselves, because they are always being influenced more than being able to drive their car themselves. A lot of people are followers, or they just listen to what people say and don't really have the power to use their own "brain" to think.

I am not saying that you should not listen to others, but at least earn the rights to control your mind, and be able to process things and make your own decision is better than the decision is being concluded by other people. That's also why we practice magic, because at least now you know all the stuff you are trying to process in your brain is your own work, and not a work done by all these pollution around you anymore.

Here is the video lecture! Enjoy the lesson!