Friday, 29 July 2016

Private Teaching of Magic vs Public Teachings

We have talked about the 3 realms and 9 bodies, and how our magic body works in dimension 1. If you have not read that post before, please do so before proceeding. Read "this post". After you have done so, let's get on and proceed, we will talk about why learning magic in private lesson form is different compare to learning in group or public form.

Magic, is about inheriting the cultivated energies from someone, which was also inherited and cultivated from many generations before them. This is what makes magic magical, and not just any ordinary "chi" from yourself or anyone on this planet. This cultivated essence energy is stored in the d1 magic body's center core, the Faat-Sum 法心.

When you learn from me by private lesson method, I know that this video or material that I am teaching is made just for you, and my "heart" in D1 knows it too. When I start doing the video or teachings, the D1 magic body will start working to inherit the cultivated energy to you at the same time, and you get a 100% transmission of this magic power essence, which means, you inherited the "magic-seed" as well as the methods and knowledge being taught in this physical world.

If I am talking to all disciples in group chat in a chat-app, and you are sticking around but not saying a word to show up, or to tell me you are there, then my heart does not acknowledge your presence, which means it will not transmit anything to you. Therefore, you might be able to get the knowledge or methods from reading the chat from the side, yet you cannot get any magic-seed from it and your magic will not be as effective, because you are missing the fire-starter. If you are a legitimate disciple, then of course you can always come back to me and ask me questions, then when I acknowledge your presence, the D1 magic heart will work again and make up for what is missing.

Those videos I posted on youtube, are all made for the public only, and they have no specific "audience" set. It's for "anyone", and so if you watch those videos, and expect to have inherited the magic? You are wrong. You will not inherit ANYTHING from those videos, but the knowledge. The physical knowledge, the logic, the wisdom, can be absorbed and understood, but nothing is going to benefit your magic much, because your magic power have not received any fire-starting energy essence from me for these things.  IF you want to learn magic, you need to learn to not only get the post-heaven elements learned, but also have the pre-heaven elements inherited and cultivated. Without the heart-to-heart transmission fo the magic seed, your magic will never work well, because you are just like running a car with very little fuel, your can might have the ability to move forward, yet it cannot move because you did not fill it with fuel yet.

Learning magic is not not easy, and it requires your dedication, will power and also your effort. You must ordain into a lineage to inherit the magic. Once you ordained into the lineage, then it is your job to learn how to learn properly in the lineage. There are many people who thinks they can just join the lineage and expect to have things fed to them. While we try our best to teach, it is always the disciple's issue of not showing up, not being pro-active in learning, not asking questions and not demonstrating themselves and ask for more knowledge / teachings. 

Private teaching is like a private line open just for you, there is 100% transmission going on, with 100% all going to you. Public teaching materials such as my YouTube videos, have no specific audience set, and you get 0% of the pre-heaven energy transmission. It's a huge difference!

I offers private lessons for the disciples, and they can choose to learn the chi kung or have it be a magic extra-learning lesson. Every lesson is 15-20 minutes of video time, but you can rewatch again and again to make yourself understand the lesson. Also, the video can be downloaded and rewatched later on to make sure you understand it too. It's just the right amount of information, teachings, and things for you to ponder and absorb for a month, casually. These private lessons, just like I said, not only involves the post-heaven physical teachings, but also the pre-heaven magic inheriting, the energy heart to heart transmission. Any disciples going through private learning like this will have more power with everything they do, just because you get this extra "magic seed" infused to you. Staying quiet and low profile is NOT a good idea in the lineage. Never hide away and be shy. IF you are not showing up and being pro-active, your magic will never level up much.

Not to forget to watch another very important video here, why you should and need to join a linage to be able to learn magic!