Sunday, 3 July 2016

What is Magic? - Taoism and Beyond

Finally we are back with making blog and videos, and it's hard to upkeep with so many things!  To start off nice and fresh, let's announce this great news - we got a new YouTube channel going!  This is a video from the new channel "Tin Yat Dragon"!  Don't forget to subscribe and share it out!

Next announcement is that we have decided to close the "Taoist Master Blog" which was supposed to be our official blog. The problem is because we have no time to upkeep with the maintenance work and don't like how the blog is separated from the main website. Therefore, we have created a new website with a blog integrated to it -

This will be a fresh new start, and everything will be beef'd up soon when we got the time to do so. Right now we are focusing on making more and more videos on this new YouTube channel, so you can enjoy some videos right now and don't forget to contact us by email if you really want to learn our magic and get ordained!