Monday, 25 July 2016

Magic Altar Alternative, The Magic Fan

This is an alternative to those who cannot have an altar yet - the magic fan. We have told people how important it is to have an altar for doing and cultivating the magic in our lineage. You don't want to live without an altar!  The altar is your ultimate magic power cultivating machine!  Too bad, some disciples or disciples to be might be in a stage where it just does not allow them to have an altar yet. Be it an age restriction or whatever issues that just does not allow them to have an altar at home yet. Here, I will introduce our main magic fan for these people as an alternative for the time being. Please make sure you understand that the magic fan is in no means a real replacement for your solid actual altar, but it can be used at the meanwhile to be your "alternative" altar, and at least get you going with your cultivation.

Why do we need an altar and why do we keep cultivating with our altar daily? What do we do with our magic altar?  This is a mystery for most people, but here we will explain it to you!

Magic power is not easy to earn, and it is not just by using your concentration and will power to make magic happen. Just concentrating and using your "will" or "wish" power with your mind is not magic, that is daydreaming and fantasising. It is not going to work. The magic we do use a cultivated form of energy, that consist of energy essences gathered, cultivated and crystallised from all 9 dimensions that we have talked about before. It is a form of the most crystallised yet the most "raw" form of nature's energy. When energy is cultivated to the extreme, it goes back to the most original and raw form, just like a pulsar star will go to the extreme low frequency stage and it will go back to the extremely fast frequency stage again like a light switch effect. That's basically why we need an altar, because you cannot cultivate and cook up a lot of these energies with just your body.

Cultivating with an altar allows you to have a storage space to keep putting different types of energy into the system, cooking it up, and brewing up your wanted energy. At the same time, you have a massive storage, which we can withdraw from and take the magic power for using it on other things, such as exorcism, FUs, and such. From time to time, we have to consume FUs which uses the energy of the altar to empower and fill up too. These cultivated energies are then consumed back into your body and transform from an external state to your internal system. Without the altar, there is just no way you can cook up this type of essence for consumption and cultivation.

The best example I can give you is, you cannot grow fruits and veggies without a piece of land and some proper seeds. Just having the concentration, knowledge and will power is not enough!  You need someone to hand you the seeds and so you can keep growing your plants. If you do not get into the lineage and get yourself ordained, you do not have any seed, and there is nothing that you can grow even you have a piece of land.  As you can see the land is like our altar, we need it to grow the seeds and then later we will have fruits to eat!

If you are not able to have an altar yet, then it is a wise choice to get a magic fan from us first. The magic fan is like a small piece of mobile land, or like a pot. You can store some of your energy here, and reserve it. When you have an altar later, you can transfer them back to the altar and empty the fan, and keep filling it up again later.  This is like using a small pot or mobile system instead of a solid piece of land. You cannot replace the real altar, but at least it lets you cultivate while you are waiting for your altar to be up. This fan is also very useful for those who go on vacation, and will be out of town for a long period of time. You can keep doing your daily things with the fan, and store up the daily cultivated energies there, then transfer them back to the main altar when you are home. If by chance you bump into any serious spiritual attacks and such, the fan can also be a weapon, which you can use it to execute magic to exorcise any evils and such that is trying to jam in your way or hurt your friends and family on the trip.

Now, let's get into the video lesson mode and watch a lecture on why we have this altar and how the magic cultivation cycle works!