Sunday, 24 July 2016

Chi and Magic, You Need to Know This

Chi versus magic, that's right, you have landed on the right post and these photos are not misplaced. Why did I bring out the high pressured air tanks and such? Well, let's take a close look at the handpump gauge at the bottom, do you realised that we have a PSI / bar reading?

The "bar" or psi is the pressure of the air inside the tank, or pump, or anything. Just like our tires on cars and bikes, they all require some specific pressure to keep those tires hard enough to do what they are supposed to do.

I have heard a lot of people on YouTube and forums saying the same thing - "Chi, qi, magic, energy, psychic power, whatever it is, it's the same thing but different names."

Wrong. It's not.

Let me put the same kind of theory on another subject, see if you can spot the flaws? "Marry, Susan, blond, black, or Chinese, it's all just like your wife thing just different names."  Seriously, any human being that has boobs is your mom or wife?  Don't think so.

Another example here, "Nitrogen, Oxygen, Air or whatever it is, it's the same thing, but different name, just "gas" in different names."  Can we use propane in an air tank and tell the divers to go down the ocean with that tank attached to their mouth? Have fun smelling propane down there my friend, it's the same thing just different names. You need to be open minded, and you will be feeling the same.  (LOL!)

I pity those people who do not understand what "Chi" is and really think that "Chi" is that simple. It's not that simple my friend. You cannot do magic with Chi Kung out there, yet magic works with Chi as well. What is this all about? It's time to dig into the subject. Chi vs Magic, what's the difference?

In the past, we have talked about the 3 realms and 9 dimensions, if you have not heard of this theory yet, feel free to read the post or watch the video first:

After we have learned about the different dimensions, you will know that there are 3 main dimensions that things stays and exist, which we call the D1, D6, D8. The energy we produce after concentrating and thinking, is in the D9, which is what our body in D8 generates.

The energy we use for magic, is D1 to D9 combined, which is what allows us to do things to all dimensions, including overriding what is already in our D1 right now.

Chi Kung's energy, and also the energy that Chinese medicine deals with, is the D6 elements. Which we call "Ling Jee 靈子". The theory behind herbal medicine, is not any science lab proven ingredients, but is the D6 elements' property inside the herb, which human can consume and it will have effects on us. These D6 elements is quickly felt by us, and affect our physical health, which is why chi kung and Chinese medicine works.

The western science, which most people are educated to think that this is the only "truth", is only working in D8 and D9 zone, and so they cannot really touch anything in the other dimensions. Science proofing "chi kung" is legit is all just a smoke screen, because they can never touch the "real" chi energy. Nothing in this world can detect or touch "chi", because it is in another dimension, which you cannot see or detect.

As you can see, in order to do magic, you need a form of cultivated energy that consist of D1 to D9, combined, and now that is the magic power that we are using. Just having D1 is not enough, and human cannot touch their D1 body anymore, because we are born as a post-heaven being, and we are cutoff from the D1 to D5 permanently, yet we are still being fed and nourished by them daily. It's like flowers, after the flower grew out, it can never see or touch the roots in the ground anymore, yet the stuff below is feeding it and keeping it alive daily. We are just like the flower above.

Where and how do you get energies that consist of D1 to D9 together, combined? This is what we call the energy outside of our own universe limit, getting it from the raw and most original space, which is the origin of our lineage's magic power.  These energies are not "raw" for us, because we will need to cultivate to combine the energies from D1 to D9 with our daily work, and by "assembling" and "cooking" energies, there goes the "magic power" that we use. As you can see, the energies we use in magic is a cultivated and condensed or crystallised form of energy, and it is not just D1 or D6 or D8 elements.

Chi we use and work with in Chi Kung cultivations (stuff you used to know out there) are all working with D6 energies and D8 energies. That is why it can benefit your health, because it's just like the energies we are using from herbal medicine, D6.  Can you use D6 to do any magic (in our lineage)?  Of course, NOT.  This is just a D6 energy element, how can you operate a 200w light bulb with this small battery? It's not going to even light up a bit.

Just like the air tank theory, if you have loose air or low pressured air, like 10-20 psi, you cannot shoot a pellet out of a rifle, it's not going to push the pellet anywhere. The magic we use is like high pressured air, and we need to keep pumping and pumping daily to make this high pressured air too. When you use magic, you are using those 3000psi sort of pressure to fire out your magic cells, it just cannot be done by the 20psi range or even 200psi range air.

Now, we are not saying that chi kung sucks and magic is the best. You need to understand that we also need low pressure air for tires and other things in life. While high pressured air is powerful, you cannot inject 3000psi into your car tires and make them 3000psi, it will explode. Everything is good when you use it for the right purpose, but when used wrongly, it will be disastrous.

While chi kung cannot do any magic, but in magic, or at least in our lineage, we have chi kung that is used to develop your magic power. You cannot do magic with chi in chi kung, but we have special chi kung that works with your D1, D6, and D8 body. This can only be done IF your body is attuned, so that you can actually touch and interact with your own D1 body. A normal person cannot touch their D1 body, and so doing chi kung will not get them anywhere close to the effect we have. The most that you can do is to move around the energies in D6 only - if you are in luck. D1 is a pre-heaven dimension, and it requires someone and something to attune you through, so you can connect and touch things in this dimension. Without the proper attunements, chi kung cannot touch the D1.

So what is the chi kung in our lineage? Chi vs magic cultivation is a very interesting topic, we will dig into this later on and introduce some of our chi kung for you to get a sneak peak of what it is like. Right now, let's watch another lecture on Chi vs Magic and see if this will clear up more for you.