Thursday, 21 July 2016

Five Elements Cycle, Do You Know it All?

Many people talk about the five elements, but not many understand the words for real. When you listen to someone's lecture or reading someone's material, you can easily tell if they really know it or not. The first thing is, what is the five elements cycle about? If they refers to real physical gold, water, etc., you know it's all going to be wrong int he next step and onward. This is the first big red flag. The water element in any nature's principle is not about the physical water that we drink or see. Water is a concept, and yes physical water is a form of water element, but it is not what the element principle is referring to. 

Another thing you want to know is, when we talk about five elements, there are actually more to it, and there is also a set of pre-heaven five elements which we mostly ignored or don't know of. This is 氣,雲,水,雷,火, which is energy, gathering of energy, transmitting of energy, thundering of energies, and activating the energy and BAM something is created.  Maybe it's better to view my lectures on YouTube to really get the hang of this.

Anything in magic we do can be decoded, or explained. Now I will open you up more by putting up a humorous yet informative lecture on my YouTube channel of Tin Yat Dragon. If you have not subscribed to it yet, it's time to do so, because we release fun lectures and informative videos everyday!

That's right, everything can be decoded down to the last bit of details. Why our handsigns in magic is like this, and why not like that?  Why touch the nail and why touch the meaty part instead with this or that finger? Everything can be explained. It's not just because someone does it that way then we follow it that way, it's all because of how our body works with the energies within us, and it is no difference from saying because our eyes sees and can receieve the energy of light, and that is why we don't put our ears over something when we want to "see" it. It's just all nature's principle of how our body works and how we can utilize our body to communicate with the pre-heaven elements using our post-heaven body. It's the science, maybe you can call it the science of supernatural? To me, this is science already, because it's just so scientific to me. Not only that we are doing it, but everyone does it in this pattern in the world, naturally, just that you cannot output "magic power"  and I can, because we cultivate our energies and you don't.

Why can't you do magic without getting into a lineage? I think I have talked about it before. Maybe it's time to post a link to my not-yet-published video. Have fun watching something not published yet!  I have so many videos uploaded and they are being published to public at 2 videos / day pace. One English and one Chinese, just trying to not be a "spammer" to the search engine!  Subscribe tot he channel and keep watching, you will have endless fun stuff to watch. Not forget that if you want to really learn magic for real, you can always e-mail me to get ordained and start learning for real. All these principles and knowledge is good, but they are not going to be useful for you if you cannot put them into actual practice!