Friday, 15 July 2016

Finally, Blog Restructured!

Finally, I have got the whole blog tuned up!  From "Real Taoist Magic Blog" now changed to "Ancient Chinese Magic Blog" just to match my new vibe with my official website!

Most importantly, changed a new theme, set the nice golden color up and fired up a few "pages" which you can see on the nice looking menu above. It's so pretty and friendly looking, I just love this site so much now, it's time to start blogging and get zillions of visitors here.

To be honest, I finally get the hang of blogger's feature and understand how this platform works tonight. It's confusing at first, but finally, it got cleared up a bit after the theme changed, how weird?  Must be some energy clogging issues that was going on wtih my brain or the blog!  Anyway, typing soon!  C ya!