Thursday, 7 July 2016

Three Realms Tin Dei Yun - Wisdom of Chinese Magic

What is the true meaning of three realms in Taoism and in Chinese magic? It's not really about the "heaven" and "earth" and "human" as you might think it is. The translation only translates the words on the surface but you will be 100% misunderstanding it if you do not know the true meaning of these words. Just like five elements - gold, water, wood, fire, earth, they are not about physical wood, gold ettc. It's a concept, a metaphor, a kind of concept that you have to understand to get the pattern of nature or the law of nature, and then this theory as a foundation will be used in all magic and your future learning materials.

There are many things like that in Chinese magic learning that is hard to explain to most people, and so I have created my YouTube videos to do that and clarify it for everyone so they can understand it and know what these things are. When you understand what they are, at least you can now appreciate and understand what we are really doing inside the lineage, with our Chinese magic, and it's no longer a mystery. With better understanding, you will then not think it is a "mysterious" thing anymore, and won't be confused anymore, and so you can make your decision of wanting to learn it or not. If you wish to learn the magic for real, you need to ordain into the lineage to start learning for real.  But, before you even ordain, how can you not get a preview of what's inside and what this thing is all about? We do not fear any questions, because we know our stuff. Come over to my channel on Tin Yat Dragon channel and start watching the videos, browsing, and asking questions all you want.

Here is my video lecture that explains the whole 3 realms theory! Enjoy the video and don't forget to give it a like!