Sunday, 10 July 2016

The Magic Altar and Cultivation Concept - Taoism and Beyond

Why Taoist have altars? To be more exact, why does Chinese magic use altar, what is the purpose of an altar for Chinese magic?  In this series of video lecture called Taoism and Beyond that is featured on our Tin Yat Dragon youtube channel, we will be digging deeply into this subject and exposing a lot of secrets that is not known by the public.

The altar is a very important thing for any Taoist magic practitioner, and so is for any Chinese magic practice. We have discussed about the difference between Taoist or Taoism versus Sun Gung (which is actually beyond Taoism in the past lectures.  They are similar, but not the same. The perspective and way the two routes do things is totally different because their restrictions and property is different. You might want to rewatch our previous video for a better understanding if you have not do so.

The magic altar is very important to us who practice Chinese magic, because it is our ultimate tool, the "base" and it is where we work and cultivate everyday. Yes, literally - everyday. It's like a bank, where we can input or deposit our energies into it daily, and cultivate it daily, and later withdraw from it and consume back the cultivated energies ourselves. In our special terminology, this cycle of process is called the five thunder magic. Working back and forth to cultivate the five main stages of gold, water, wood, fire and earth. Which is really to cultivate the essence form of energy, to transmit and transfer between the altar and the practitioner, to process and convert the energy, to trigger up and spark up the energy, and to nourish ourselves and the altar with the energy that was cultivated and converted into the consumable form.

Let's dig into our YouTube lecture, and understand more about the magic altar!