Saturday, 9 July 2016

Exciting News From Tin Yat Lineage and Mak Jo Si

Exciting news from Tin Yat Lineage and Mak Jo Si, who used to be super active with the "" website. Now when you go there, you end up being redirected to Why so? Where is the blog?  

Basically, we have created a new blog, at , our new website!  The old blog is always detached from the main website and the word "chi in nature" just doesn't blend in the magic vibe too much, especially when our Chiinnature's youtube channel kept doing more and more product review videos. Therefore, we have decided to separate them and opened a new youtube channel that is dedicated to Tin Yat Lineage magic!  Now there is a better and more focused vibe to it.

Also, it is time to unleash something more intense, more exciting and more of what we were always doing internally to the public. We have been using the word "Taoism" a lot, but the word does not really describe what we are teaching and doing now. What we are doing is Taoism - and beyond, it's a stage beyond Taoism, which is called Sun Gung in Chinese.  Here is a video lecture that tells you the difference between the two!  It's very different!

The whole concept behind Taoism and Sun Gung is different, but you can say they are related in a way. The video lecture have basically explained it to you clearly already.  There are many more cool lectures on our channel that have been posted and to be posted later, keep watching and you will know more about what we are doing and what everything means.

We used the word "Taoism" before, and mostly is because the word is better for the search engine, and attracts people over easier. Now we decided to give it a try and use a better word that match what we are doing and teaching more, let's see if the right audience can be attracted over soon. Many people who are searching for "Taoism" is actually looking for sun-gung, but they don't get it, and they don't understand what they are really looking for. Now I have opened my door, and exposed the wisdom in the lineage, those who want to learn, will now have a way to come in. 

This new change with the website and youtube channel is a big move, and we wish and hope you can also support us by sharing it out, like-ing our videos and also telling your social circle about it - if they are interested in these sort of things. Keep watching and stay tune for new videos! Don't forget that you can also learn the magic for real by contacting us by e-mail and request to ordain and inherit the skills and magic!