Thursday, 28 July 2016

Magic Power vs Magic Methods

There is this concept in most people's mind, which is that they just need to learn some symbols and ways to do magic, like "how-to" make a talisman, how to recite a certain spell, and they will be able to do the magic and have effects kick in. I find that happen to be the mindset of most people in the world today, especially with a lot of western magic on the market promoting "do it yourself" magic, or "free spells that brings you money", etc. I have to make a post, to clarify to everyone reading this blog, that magic is not like that in our lineage, and in reality. Everything must be hard earned, in order to have solid results. In this post, we will talk about magic power vs magic methods!

Just like anything in the world, and we can best look at this kungfu panda up there for a reference. Having the ability or knowledge to do some cool moves doesn't make you a master. You need to go through cultivation and trainings to get yourself "beefed up" with the power that allows you to put your skills into actual use. Not only the power is needed, but the speed, the timing of how you execute your skills, and the zillions of factors that determines if your deployment of the skills is going to work out at the end, or how well does it work out at the end. Everything takes time to cultivate, to train and to develop. There is no free lunch in this world, only scams are quick, because they don't work. Anything that promotes a shortcut, quick and easy, no need to use much brain juice, or whatever similar pattern kind of magic - is a scam.  We all learn this logic since our kiddo stage, why did we forget it when we get older?  When you go to school, you know that you not only need to "understand" things in class, but also to keep practising and repeatedly practise it, in order to really get good grades in school. Not only that, but you also need to attend your classes, show up and demonstrate yourself, get involved and do a good job with your projects and homework too!  A lot of effort is required!  Nothing is free, or easy!

In our lineage, we strongly tell our disciples to focus on power building when they first started, because most of them don't know about it and thinks that all they need is methods and skills, such as how to do a certain magic, a certain spell, or a certain FU talisman, then they can fix this and that problem in life.  While that everyone learn magic to solve problems in their life, it is not really as easy as it seems to make real changes to our life!  Magic power is required to power up the magic methods you do. All these spells, FU talismans, or anything you "do" in magic, are all considered as "tools". Where is the battery or fuel inside that operates the tool? You have nothing to power it up, then how can you blame the method for not working as claimed?  To operate a powerful flashlight, you need powerful batteries. Same to magic! 

One more disappointment for you guys here. While you might have the power after a while, keep in mind that you are using up your power as you use magic too. When did you refill your MP bar?  Have you been doing your daily work with the altar to refill and cultivate your magic energy?  There is a need to replenish, while we consume and use up. If you never replenish, the magic power will also die out. Just like human beings need to eat as they do things and move around throughout the day. Yes, you can do many things, but you also need to eat and drink or even sleep to replenish and regenerate.  

I always tell my disciples, don't just look at what you  can do with magic methods, and what methods you need. I can give you all the methods you want in one go, but how many of them will be really absorbed and can be put into real use?  None - if you never cultivate and earn the power to power them up. Not only that, but the "sum-faat" 心法 of each magic takes time to soak into your brain too. Every tiny details of magic must be understood and absorbed, in order for your magic power to kick in at full force. You cannot do magic blindly forever. You can follow and just do the magic at first stage, but as you advance, you must know what every little steps is about, and it is a LOT of knowledge to ponder in your head for this part. It's a lot of things to learn!  Not only that it is hard to learn it all, but also hard to understand it all!

Just like talking about martial arts, teaching you cool moves and such won't make you a good fighter. You need to develop the power and essence, then maybe even one straight punch is already going to be deadly enough. Why all the fancy dancy moves if one simple straight punch will work?

Here is a lecture I have done on YouTube, check it out!