Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Human's Magic Body in Dimension One

We have talked about the 3 realms and 9 bodies before, let's dig into this "magic body" we got in dimension one, which we call a 法身 "Faat Sun". We cannot touch this dimension, and you cannot detect it with any physical science, yet we got this energy form body in another dimension that is parallel to ours here. We call this the pre-heaven dimension, the number one dimension of the nine dimensions we live in right now. Our physical body, is in what we call dimension 8, the Yang dimension. What's so cool about this Faat-Sun or magic body, is we all have one, and we need one to stay alive. The center of the faat-sun is called the magic-heart, or faat-SUM 法心. This is where all our "brain power" or you can call it memories and subconsciousness etc. Whatever it is, the power of being able to feel, receive, store, and start any sorts of thinking. You can compare this to your computer's CPU and hard-drive and such. Without it, you cannot operate. Your body can be very strong, but if this body in D1 (dimension one) fails, you are going to die too. Muscles and flesh is not everything, and many people die suddenly without any explainable reasons too.

Wait a second, if you have not heard of our 3 realms and 9 bodies theory, DO NOT continue reading. Watch a lesson video first!

I tried to make it easy to understand, but it's hard to 'draw" those fancy pictures like the one above, and so I tried my best to illustrate with a wooden dummy, this is how our Faat-Sun magic body look, and basically it is about the same or approximate with everyone's body.

The weird and hard to imagine part is - it is NOT a circle or ball or sphere but more like an egg or oval structure. See all the diagram...!

Kind of like a bull's eye target...!

Put your palm in front of your chest and stick the fingers pointing outward, the tip of your finger marks the border of the faat-sum (magic heart). 

This is our map with the DLT Daai Law Tin 大羅天 structure, the original space of nature of how and where it all started. We will talk about this in the future.

Looking down from the head...

Spread your arms open and you see how wide it gets.

For your reference, this is the DLT map in our lineage.

The Faat-Sum or magic heart is very important, as it is the main energy that keeps us alive, operating, and it is a center power that makes us feel and sense things.  The Faat-Sun magic body, is part of the big storage and helps us stores or retrieve memories, feelings, etc. The whole system is also operating like the DLT space, with the upper part corresponding to the Tin Law, bottom part corresponding to Dei Law and the center part corresponding to the Daai Law in the center.  Everything start from the heart, or center, and it goes downward through the back, circulates downward, to the front and back up, then to the heart again, and then finally to the face and top of the head. After it is done at the top of the head, it circulates back down from the spine and repeats.

As you can see, energy flows from the heart first and down, the place of where our brain locates, is actually one of the last station!  We do not think with the brain, we think with the heart first. We feel, sense, and think with the heart, and after all the long trip, the energy flows to your brain and NOW your brain process it and put it into human logic and such. 

With this "track" of how the energy flows, you can see that when your heart gets a feeling, it passes down the back and to your lower spine and loop back up, which reaches your sexual organ first. That's also why most sexual addicts are always dumb and numb. They react by "feeling" only and does not process their action before doing it, and most of the time, that is how rapist acts. After their stuff is done, the logic kicks in, and their brain start to go crazy. To live a life in this world, you must use your brain to process your feelings before doing anything. It's not that your feelings or the "heart" is a problem, it's because you have never learn to cultivate your heart. We only cultivate our "brain" all the time by learning new things, going to school, and trying to stuff in more and more skills and knowledge everyday. After all, we have never cultivated our "heart" before, how can we even cultivate this heart and make it a smart-heart instead of a crazy and dumb one?

When I tell my disciples, "use your heart to learn and not your brain to learn". I mean it, when you (disciple) listen to my lecture, or read my email, what is in your "heart" that you don't understand right after the lecture is done? Not when your brain process and "think" about it, but right off the heart, what is really in your heart?  I don't know why, but many disciples fail to do this, and I can only see a few really doing it properly. How hard is it to NOT think before you ask a question?

When we talk about this "use your heart" issue, it is the HEART of the D1 body, the Faat-Sum. How do you use your heart? Not many can tell you exactly how, but I can.

Be like a kid, act before thinking, say before processing, feel and not ponder, react and don't fear. That's the best I can put it. If you want to learn the magic, you need to start to learn how to be a good disciple - by using your heart often.  In this society, we are often told to NOT do this, and we are all raised and taught to "use your brain before you take action". That's right, even your mom and dad can be a big discouragement of this "use your heart" method, because they can be scolding you since you were a kid about this issue. Why do you ask so many questions? Did you not learn to think and process before you ask? Always why why why why why why, when will you stop?!  Parents are always annoyed by this type of "true heart questioning". As a contrast, we value and treasure it in our lineage. If you want to learn, roll back and be a kid. I mean it, say anything you think is stupid, it's fine, let yourself feel and react, not to process and ponder and then come out with a "processed answer/question".  That is the only way you can learn magic, properly. You listen to something I say, you don't get it, you say you don't get this, and what you don't really understand etc. With this type of questioning, you will expand a lot of possibilities in your learning experience, and you will let me have a chance to instantly react and give you many answers, which save you time and also helping you to avoid banging into obstacles.

Only a crappy master fear questions, a good one should not!  Any amount of question is fine, as long as it is from your heart.. and yes, we can feel it right away. Heart to heart conversation is priceless, but how many can do it without trying too hard on being polite, being 'mature sounding', being 'adult', being smart-sounding and such?  We are all raised to process information and then say whatever you want to say. This is no good for learning magic, and also a bad thing for "doing" magic too. It's one of your biggest obstacles - because you are stuck in the post-heaven "brain" section.

Magic is all about the pre-heaven energies and connecting back to the pre-heaven dimensions. If you are stuck with your post-heaven brain here, you will never get it, and you will never learn well. Release yourself from your restriction, forget about everything you worry about, just spit it out, be free, and be yourself, use your heart and don't use your brain. This is the way to success in your journey of learning magic.

A little sneak peak about my next article - how magic power is inherited and passed on by using this magic heart of ours?  Why direct and private teaching is better than group teaching if it is the same content that you are getting at the end?  Why can't you learn from books and videos without a master? I will reveal you the total secret later and you shall know!  It's all related to our D1 magic body, the Faat-Sun 法身 and our magic heart "Faat-Sum" 法心.