Friday, 22 July 2016

Chi Kung and Nei Gong in Our Lineage

There are a lot of people who are into these chi kung, nei gong and such, which they wondered how is it different from the magic that we are doing? We actually DO have chi kung and nei gong in the lineage, as well as alchemy cultivation, but it is for sure very different from what you are seeing out there. Let me explain in this post and show you our theories.

To practice chi kung, most people just follow a certain exercise and think they can achieve something by doing this physical exercise or meditation practice. The main purpose for these chi kung you often see in books and such are just all at most for "health" purpose, if they really work. A few things you can look for is - is the master teaching is having hair loss issues?  A lot of them are, and how can that tells us their stuff works?  Do they have a stiff back and leg?  A lot of these factors are pretty much the red flags telling you that it doesn't work, because they won't be in that kind of shape if it works, right?  Chi Kung, when done right, it should have benefits for your health to a certain extend, but in the long run, you aren't going to go anywhere, because what happen is that you are only "working out" but not consuming anything, just like eating food versus doing exercises to build muscles. In order to consume things for chi kung, you need to be able to touch the pre-heaven matters to consume pre-heaven matters, or what we call "raw" energies and not energies being given off by post-heaven matters. Stars, planets, trees, water, everything you can see now in this dimension is post-heaven matters. If people say you can get energies fro the stars and planets, it's all post-heaven matters and just a bunch of day dreaming on top to glorify the fantasizing. It doesn't work.

In our lineage, we see things this way...

First, you must go through the stage of cultivating Sun-Gung 神功, which is the magic that we do, and cultivate. By doing so, you are now hooked up to the lineage power bank and have access to the cultivated energies, and the raw pre-heaven energies. With this energy, we can do magic such as the FU talisman, spells, and other things to help us with our daily needs. At the same time, we are building up more and accumulating more of these pre-heaven energies into ourselves. These energies are not yours, or I should say they are not in a form that is like your own energy cells. They are with you and inside you, but not yet part of you.

When you have advanced onward in the lineage, you dig into the next subject, which is the Chi Kung section that involves external training, internal training, and alchemy cultivation.

The "chi" kung we are doing, is to work with these pre-heaven raw energies we are using for the magic doings, and not just our own energies. Now we have consumed food, and it's time to digest the food to turn them into something useful and blend it into our body. By going through different stages of cultivation, we can make these consumed-energies convert into our own "cells". This is exactly why we practice chi kung, and only chi kung of our lineage, because we know what we are doing, and is nowhere near the stuff you see outside. I have learned a lot of those chi kung out there before, and I have taught it too. I can really tell you that they are totally different.

The external trainings we do will work to bring your "micro cosmic" orbit engine into action and mostly doing the work with your dimension 8 bodies - the faat sun, ling sun, and physical body. When this circulation is done, we work upward to the dimension 6 in the soul body realm.

The internal trainings are to get your dimension 6 and dimension 1 going, it is what we call the macro cosmic orbit pattern. This will extend our reach and punch through the channels to the soul body and the planet body, then all the way back down to your physical body again.

The later stage, is the alchemy training, which is then to pack up the energies in the 3 realms and have them condense into a new energy form and so the dimension 1 planet body can feed this condensed energy down to our physical body again. After consuming this condensed energy, which is the essence form of the stuff we cultivated, it is now ready to be "cooked".

At the last stage, we cook up this pill internally and shove it back to the spiritual planet in dimension 1 and force it to digest and thunder around in the space there, and there goes the final product that will pour down to us again. These complex proceedures will then allow us to turn these energies into a new form, or property, and so we can now consume it back as it is part of our own, and it will then nourish our spiritual planet and the spiritual soul along with our local bodies.

All these practice are not just done for show, they are to prepare us for the next stage, which we call Saam Law Sun Da 三羅神打, which we will explain in the next article!  As I have said before, doing other types of chi kung is not the same as these we do in the lineage. Just like saying we are all called "cooking" but cooking with a microwave at home and a chef kitchen with woks and stuff is not the same!  You cannot cook properly with a microwave at home and expect that to be compared to the stuff you eat in the cousin. It's just incomparable. In our lineage, we don't do workouts before eating food, that's the theory of why we have to cultivate Sun Gung before we do any of these trainings in a systematic form of chi kung that actually brings you to the destination. We will dig into it more in our future article, and especially into the subject of Saam Law Sun Da, which most people will be shocked about this for sure. Why do we do chi kung and all these hard work?  It's not just for health, it's for a greater and more reasonable reason behind it. Stay tune for our future article!