Thursday, 14 July 2016

Requirements to Learn Chinese Magic

What is the requirements to learn Chinese magic? Funny enough, you don't need to be a Chinese, you do not need any Chinese backgrounds and you do not need to even know anything about Chinese culture. You can start from blank, and know nothing about these things. It's fine!  We are your teachers, we will bring you into the world of magic from stage zero!

The requirement to learn magic is a commonly asked question, so I have put up a video here to explain it in details. Check out the lecture video!

Beside this video, there is another video that I strongly suggest you to watch before making your move to say "oh yes! I want to ordain into your lineage and learn Chinese magic!"

This is very important for those who want to learn Chinese magic, because if you cannot accept yourself having an altar at home, and I mean a real altar, not a hide-away one... then this is not for you. Doing magic requires dedication and you must have a proper altar to do your cultivation and work at home.

Not only that, learning Chinese magic also requires you to burn incense daily, are you ready for that yet? Some people are not okay with burning things at home, and if that is the case, you are for sure not ready for the journey. If everything is okay with you, then it's time to proceed onward. You need to get ordained into the lineage. You may go to our website and check out the ordain page.  Yes, there is a fee for ordain and attunement, just like we have said before, it requires time, effort and money to learn, just like learning anything in the world. We look forward to talking with you by e-mail and getting you on the boat!