Monday, 11 July 2016

Origin of Magic, or Chinese/Taoist Magic

The origin of magic, or Chinese magic or Taoist magic, or even any types of magic, starts from about the same concept. If you hear the word magic today, you mostly relates to harry potter or other craziness that is fake. Some of those who are more educated in this field, might relate directly to wicca and voodoo and other stuff. You are getting close, but let's take a look at what magic is and what it is all about. The form, the final product, can be different, but the concept is all about the same from the starting point.

When human start to transfer their brain-power, the intention, the concentration power, the brain-wave or whatever it is to bring their thoughts to a medium, and transfer it from the medium to the other person, this is the origin of magic, or the starting point of magic. That is right, we cannot communicate with people without a medium, because we cannot read each others mind and understand everything. There got to be a medium, be it words or pictures, or just some sound and music, or just lights and Morse code. When we need to transfer our intentions and thoughts to people, we need a medium.

When your brainwaves or brain-power, is transferred from yourself to the medium, it gets stored into something, such as a piece of paper, as a form of art work. When people see it, people feel it, and feel you, and your feelings. This is what makes art a piece of art, and not the same as a computer generated graphic. When your artwork have a soul in it, it is art. When a piece of artwork lacks the soul, it is just a piece of graphic. Let's listen to part one of the lecture for a better understanding.

Read for part 2? We are going to dig into it more, and now it is getting "magic"...!

The whole thing about magic, no matter in what culture, is to not just bring out your brain power and use it up. Instead, we learn or discover ways to store it up, and to accumulate more, then cultivate it, and crystallize it, and there goes what we call the magic power.

There is a saying "your mind create things" or something like that. It's true, everything in this world is born from imagination, and if you do not even imagine something, it can never be put to process and invented. Just like people imagine they can fly, and there goes a plane after many years. You need imagination to create the future.

This mind-power, or brain-nergy, is important, and so magic is about accumulating it, cultivating it, and making it into a usable form to deal with things that physical methods cannot deal with. For example, if a person is getting a lot of visuals and disturbance in the mind, you cannot cure that with physical medicine, but magic can fix it up. If someone is being possessed, you cannot cure the problem by physical science method, but you can use magic to fix the problem. The origin of magic, is basically when people want to deal with issues that physical methods cannot deal with, then there is a need of this "resource" of brain-nergy, and hence, magic is born everywhere, in all cultures. Keep in mind though, even all cultures invented some sort of magic here and there, not all are good, not all are strong, not all are going to help. Just like some cars invented here is going to be long lasting and powerful, some cars are meant to fail and only cause you trouble. Some country might just come up with a bike and not cars. It depends, and not all magic lineages is the same.  Some have very low standard, some is high standard. The truth is, magic is not fiction, and it is real.