Wednesday, 23 August 2017

FU Talisman Consecration in Taoism Magic

FU Talismans in Taoism is amazingly powerful, but it is never just a piece of paper with some scribbles. The FU itself is like a ticket to withdraw resources from somewhere, and do work for someone. You can have two FUs that look identical to each other, but they are consecrated differently and at the different altar, then the FU is already not the same. One FU draws resources from the bank, one draws resources from the playground, both are to do “exorcism”, but which one gives you money and not sand?

Taoist magic is not something most people can understand with their normal logic, because it’s very complex, and often secretively taught.  To understand Taoist magic properly, one must get ordained as a Taoist to learn it directly from a master, yet it is not easy to encounter a great master who is willing to teach and open enough to answer all your questions and clear up all your doubts. A lot of “masters” only kept their mouth shut, unlike how we teach here!  

Back to the FU talk!

FU Talisman requires a consecration ceremony, or what we call “chick fu” in Chinese. This ceremony is to bond the FU to a source and program it up, charge it up and activating it so the power can expose out of the FU and make it “go live”. A FU that is not chick'd/consecrated is like a cheque that is written but not signed, it cannot be used to withdraw anything from anywhere. 

After the consecration ceremony for the FU Talisman is done, the FU is then linked up with the altar of the Taoist master, and will draw resources from this altar from then on. When the FU is being used, it will expose the power “of this altar” only and not from anywhere.

The whole FU consecration ceremony can be as long as 1-2 hours depending on the amount of work done on the FU. Just like cooking, the fancy food can require a lot of time to cook, while scramble egg can be done in minutes, or even just 1minute in the microwave.  Well, yes, work is done, time is spent, and energy is of course gone too – but to where?  It’s all gone to the FU itself.

NEVER buy printed FUs or crappy FUs made in bulk, these FUs have no power and don’t even do anything for you except for giving you a decoration which you will not be proud to show to your friends. A real FU requires real energy, time and effort to make… and in this video we are showing here, you will know how much work is involved in the FU Talisman we offer on our Tin Yat Dragon website!