Friday, 2 December 2016

FU Talisman Writing Lesson 101

I have been posting a series of "lessons" for my new disciples, and one of their request is to have a chance to learn how to write a FU Talisman themselves. It's hard to get them fully going, but I tried my best to push the limit and get it out on lesson 8 for them, it's really, really, condensed!  Doing a FU Talisman is not hard, but making a powerful one that last long and can do the job nicely will require much more work. Not only that you will need to understand the FU talisman and what the stuff inside is about, you will also need a lot of cultivation done daily, to get yourself the power you need to get this thing working. Anyone can copy some scribbles, but not all can dedicate their daily life to training. What makes a newbie FU talisman different from mine if they look 100% the same?

There can be two ladies that look just like your wife, maybe even exactly alike too. I heard someone also said someone who look just like Justin B or Obama too!  There were a prank on that Justin B identical or "copy" and people often got fooled until the very last minute when the crew decided to bust the prank!  As you can see, just because you can duplicate something physically, the non-physical side of it is never duplicatable. You must use your real effort to cultivate daily to get the power, and the "soul" of the FU Talisman is what matters, not the physical shell of it.

In the video above, you see a very simple way of activating that FU talisman, but when you learn more, it gets intense and there are more things to follow. Don't be afraid though. It's just like watching a pro swimmer doing their thing and you just attended your first class of swimming lesson!  It will get there as you learn more and eventually you will know why it needs all that complicated stuff!

I have told my disciples all the time, don't only aim to "draw FU", aim to cultivate for the power that you can infuse into your FU!  Just like when people are hyped about martial arts after some movies and youtube, they all want to do fancy moves and some disarm techniques etc. We all forgot that it takes real cultivation, understanding of the move, and also the POWER that is required to execute the move to make it work?  A punch is easy to learn and imitate, but how much power can you output from the same punch that look just like Mike Tyson in boxing? It's not the same thing anymore when the internals are missing!  Drawing FU is very easy, compared to the training at the back that takes time and effort to build up.  Not only that, the altar also needs to be cultivated, because that is your power-bank!  If you don't have an altar yet or just started with your altar, you will for sure need to beef up the altar daily upload and cultivation to make sure you got juice to use for the magic you do!  All those "applications" are just nothing when you don't have a power supply to back them up! 

Not in our lineage y et? No worry, it's never too late to email and inquire, then get yourself ordaiend and start learning -