Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Taoism Theories Explained - Wu Wei

I have to make this video and article on Wu Wei, because it is one of the most important "search term" on this subject of Taoism. So many people searching for it, and how can we not have a good explanation of the word in this blog and my official blog

Wu Wei, most people get it as "not doing is doing" or the "no-doing" theory, like don't do is better than do, etc. It is not the case in our lineage and not the case in our dictionary. You might not like my explanation, but at least here you can watch my video and make your decision wisely, and choose which version make more sense to you. What make sense to me is - Taoism is about nature and everyday life, you should be able to witness the theories in your EVERYDAY LIFE such as eating, pooping, and doing homework, or watching YouTube. You don't need to just look at the sun, grass, rivers and all that "nature". Our life is nature, because human is part of nature. If you think nature is just about the greens and water, your world is for sure being clouded, and you are not seeing the full picture. Yourself is part of nature, the chicken you eat is part of nature, and so is YouTube, so is computer, and your phone. Human is part of nature, and how can human's creation not part of nature? Science is also part of nature too.

What is Wu Wei?  Wu Wei is simple, and you can sum it up as - do your part according to what you are supposed to do and push out your product for the next in line to continue. The same theory is happening everyday in your organs, and if they fail to do so, you get sick or feel bad and ill. Your mouth is done chewing then it goes down the throat and then your stomach takes the product and continue doing it's work. If your mouth tries to be the stomach or the stomach tries too hard and not giving it to the intestine, your system will smoke up and go crazy.  Simple theory, yet many tried so hard on those vague and poetic stuff out there that cannot even be anything close to what happen in nature and reality.

If your boss tell you to draft 2 emails to an important cient, tell him you are on your Taoist groove and doing wu wei method for this email, you are doing it by not doing it, let's see what happen!  Seriously, people don't understand that those vague stuff out there is not even what you see in reality, and it doesn't work but only give people an "escape to reality", making it totally useless. I call that kind of theories - illusionary theories. It has nothing to do with nature and real life, and real life don't work like that!  Human is nature, and our everyday life is, and so is your car and your job and everything that you see in front of you. If you think cars are not part of nature, then why it exist in nature?  Everything that exist in this world is part of nature, because nature contains them.

Watch my video on Wu Wei and see it yourself. To me, my version make much more sense and at least is what I teach to my disciples. I always say, accept reality and don't believe in illusions. If the theory is real, just like gravity, you see it happen everywhere, and is never a "concept" that cannot be seen in your life.