Monday, 14 November 2016

Taoist Magic Lessons on YouTube!

Looking for Taoist magic to learn on YouTube? Yup, we did it again. We have announced it on our official blog, but let's give you guys an update here as well. We will be posting many videos of our Saam Law Taoist magic on this playlist in the blog post:

Saam Law Taoist Magic Lessons Series Released

Some people aere confused about why it is called "Taoist" magic now and not Sun Gung magic all of a sudden?  As you have heard us say in our previous YouTube videos all the time. We are Taoism and Beyond!  We can do Taoism stuff, while we can do what's beyond Taoism's limit. Why not? 

We have been having a lot of new disciples lately, and the most commonly encountered issue is that people cannot get started with their altar right after their ordain, mostly due to budget restrain, and so, we have open this playlist for them to start learning something less complex, with less tools required, and at least they can get a start on things before their official altar is built! 

With this magic series, you will be able to learn things that uses the energy on your body, and around your house, or even from the planet itself, and that is all within the "Tao"'s limit in this dimension. If you want to go beyond Taoism, then we will reach out further with the big altar, and extend our reach to the lineage's network, and getting your altar connected to the energies outside of this universe and such.  Beyond the normal Tao, the normal limits, and that is our Sun Gung magic. 

For those of you who want to learn, remember that you need to ordain in order to start doing or learning these magic on YouTube, or else you will be having a lot of missing pieces here and there. To ordain, it's pretty easy, just go HERE and get started.