Monday, 28 November 2016

Best Video on Taoism You Must See

The best video on Taoism was just made last night, and I think that this should be your first video on learning magic, Taoism or even Sun Gung in our lineage. It's a very insightful lesson to teach people what is Taoism and what is Tao. There are so many people out there tryring to "spread" what they "think' Taoism is, but it's just a bunch of frogs in the well trying to over simplify this thing. Here is the video lesson, enjoy, it is 1 hr long!

I also want to remind you guys that we did not stop blogging, it is just that I am blogging on my official site and not here at the moment. Hope you guys can go there and support that official blog too. A lot of nice informative blog posts have been posted recently, attracting more viewers daily, but is still in the progress of needing more visitors and eye balls! Go to my official blog!