Sunday, 4 December 2016

You Might Be Wrong About Lao Tze - Taoism Facts

Lao Tze seekers, Tao fans, Taoism lovers, you might want to see this video above to test and see if you really understand Taoism. This should be my best thumbnail for youtube video so far!  Those non-matured people will scream, the fan boy of Lao Tze will cry, and everyone will start acting like crazy - because they cannot understand the real meaning of what Taoism or even the first page of Tao Te Ching is saying. You are stuck with your humanized perspective of things, and that is why you don't understand the truth to things today. I strongly suggest you watch that video above, and share it out to people who you think should also watch it to see what real Taoism knowledge should be about.

What is Shit? That is my first idea when it comes to thinking about a catchy thumbnail today. I have been talking shit in the video for almost 2 hours, and if you think I am joking, click and see it yourself, it's a serious, mature, and juicy talk of 1 hr 40 mins, just one man there, standing and talking with no pause. Some people say Mak Jo Si is a scammer because he don't follow what the normal Taoist do or say. Well, if you think so, look at this guy in the video, is he crazy or what, how come he have so much juice in his brain and still going on and on for so many years on YouTube?  There got to be a reason why he is standing up huh?  Talking for 2 hours is not easy, even 1 hr is not, but when you really know what you are doing, like some pro chef in cooking, they really can talk for that long without feeling stressed!  That Mak Jo Si?  Genius!

I have been trying to be blunt, honest, and just present people with what Taoism really is, but it seems that a lot of people cannot accept the truth, and they want the glossy, poetic, grammar-perfect, best-sellers approved kind of Taoism. Let me tell you one thing - when someone is dedicating their life to Taoism, the guy don't have time to learn so much about English or whatever language. A good taoist is not always a good poet or writer. Look at the chefs, or car technicians, or dentist. Once you dedicate your life to something and spend your whole life in it, you don't have that luxury to study other things.  We are only human, we can only have 24 hours a day. Being a Taoist master, I really have to surrender to marketing, English grammar, and such. I tried my best to post something I know on YouTube and blogs, and I just wish people can read or watch it directly, enjoy it like a normal human to human talking video, not like a "promotion" that kick you to feel all jacked up and pump. You know those "yes man" kinda talk show? They make you super pump and super "enlightened" and turn out they really didn't teach you anything but just got people "moved" - because they are good at talking and doing that only. It's not my style. You want real Taoism? You come to me and it's bitter with sweet here, no sugar coating, no colorings added, no artificial flavor, like it or not, that's real food. You want your strawberry flavor and banana color coating stuff?  Go elsewhere.  I think if you are strong enough to keep watching the show to the end, you are good and qualified to start learning Taoism!

Taoism for beginners, what should a video with this title be about?  I was thinking about what to present to a beginner or a newbie who want to dig into Taoism. I guess it's best to tell them to truth!  BANG, and I opened the video like a canon, splashed out strong word and blast their brain apart, now you feel and know what Taoism really should be like.  Many people are trying too hard, searching in bookstores, and let me tell ya how hard it is to have your stuff on the shelves of these bookstores. I wnat my stuff there too, but it just seems like a dream to me. I have many things to write and say, but still cannot do it yet. Do you think real Taoist can be an author for those books?   If you see people doing books there, probably these so called masters are really having some luxury time aside from their real cultivation. Applause. I really don't have the talent to be a best-seller-author kind of Taoist, to be honest. I hope my video can open people up more with these straight, blunt, and to the point knowledge / talk show. Enjoy and feel free to share it out!  If you want to learn under our lineage, e-mail us right away and don't try to go through all my materials, because you don't learn anything for real without real communication. Email and start talking, that's the best way to start!