Sunday, 11 December 2016

Are You a Blind Believer or True Believer?

Are you a true believer of something? Or are you a "blind believer"?  No matter it's Taoism, I-ching or other things like this, it's always common to see "blind believers" when I browse around the internet. A lot of people believe because it's ancient, because it's common, because everyone say so, but they don't really understand the stuff from the heart, yet they try to say it's "real" and it's "legit", because the majority says so out there. Not sure if you have realized, but a lot of "science" stuff seems very LEGIT to us in the past too, yet after many years, science failed and proven themselves wrong. For example, eating more than 2 eggs a day will kill you, or eating fat is not good and it makes you fat, or maybe even that diagram of how your tongue works and where the taste zones are. These things are all proven false and wrong after years of their loud and big promotion of those "theories" in science, but many people still believe these things today, due to the fact that they are stuck with the first viral era of those theories, when the science guys loudly promotes them. When it's the time to admit the wrongs, science somehow didn't get as viral and loud, weird eh?

I did a video on "i-ching", which is a very commonly known thing for "divination" or fortune telling, but then it was actually not the original intention of the i-ching author to use it for divination purpose!  Most people only took this and blend it into the magic they do, and there goes the divinations today, which was never invented by the i ching author himself. Yet, the people in China love to convince people to believe that it's created by the i ching author, so that this method can be more "convincing", and so there goes the "eat fat will get you fat" kind of theory all over the world, and now, the internet. Everyone thinks that i-ching is a divination book, nothing more. It's pretty wrong to be honest.

I-ching is a book that just record the pattern of nature's flow and how nature works. Using it for divination is not a problem, but most people really don't know why they are doing it, and they just look for the "methods" in books, following a formula, and think that will make the results "accurate" and be able to forsee their future. It's a common misunderstanding!  Let me ask you one question, have you ever heard that only the shaman or whatever in a village can do divinations in the ancient time?  When crap happened, it's always one old guy who is responsible to do the fortune telling stuff, not other people. If it's just a method that is lacking or a few books of text that you need for reference, why they need to have this specialist in the village to do the job?  They can make it easier by doing it the DIY way, hand out books and everyone can do it!  People don't realize that divination itself IS a form of magic and it requires energy work to be done, or else you are just like a fool picking out random numbers out of a bunch of sticks to say that's your destiny or future!

Imagine how life is like when one rely on an "i ching" oracle, with a bunch of sticks or whatever and they are really just doing random picks with a so called formula!? Everything you believe is your future is actually just an illusion, it's all a random pick out of a bundle of sticks, how is that going to help?  This kind of stuff can get you into fear for days, because you got a bad result, while the real situation isn't that bad at all!  Are you really doing divination or a lottery with different mediums at home?  Seriously, doing those so called methods out there without the energy work behind is no different from doing a lottery pick with your sticks, dics, card, or whatever. It's just the method thta is changed, but the same random pick factor is there! 

Real divinations requires energy work, like we need to throw a rock into the hole to know how deep it is. If we need to see the future, we need to throw our beam of cultivated energy to the preheaven dimensions to test and see what's there, while the medium shows us the result, and there goes the pattern sample!  If you don't know how to, or don't have any cultivated energies to throw out, or you just basically don't know how to output that energy as essence form, then basically you are just taking your coins and such to do lottery at home, it's not even a divination, it's a lottery that you believe it's going to show you the future only!  Nothing is done at the back of those coins, there are no energy work being done and nothing being really "tested" for a result!

Real divination is not limited to what mehods or mediums, because the guy doing it should know the pattern and the basics in the mind, and so the methods will not restrict them from getting any message from nature. For example, I can change my method from a coin tossing to maybe a stick picking, rice throweing, leaf falling, or even dice, playing cards, or whatever it is. It's not the method that makes the divination works, it's the person who has the cultivated power to do the job that made it possible to show a "sample result" with a certain medium to predict the future. 

Are you a blind believer who just believe things that most people say? Just flip a book and you are instantly an i ching expert?  I guess only a duck will believe that is real divination. Real divinations is not that simple and easy, at least not in our lineage.