Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Sword Finger in Taoist Magic Explained

In Saam Law Taoism, we focus on teaching our disciples the knowledge to back up their Taoist magic, and things they do, such as the Sword Finger hand seal. The sword finger, which is called the GIM JEE 劍指 in Cantonese is one of the most important handsign in Taoism and Taoist magic, but not many people understand what it does and how to get a proper and correct sword finger going. A lot of the people who does it only imitates and have no idea of what's inside and what it is supposed to do etc.   The picture above is a good sword finger, it's pumped with power and straight like a sword, see how the finger and the arm aligns?
You can spot this kind of sword finger crap all over the internet no matter they are doing Tai Chi sword or doing magic rituals, many people just tends to hold a sword finger like a dangling dick, and yes it is disgusting and ugly for a Taoist to hold a sword finger hand seal like this.

Observe, is that sword crooked? bent? weak? Right, so how can the sword even "work"? 

The meaning of the sword finger, is to push in your preheaven energy into the firepower force, and outputs the power of delivering a command of the heart to the other party.  This is like a general's job at war, to give and deliver command, for the other side to get it, and feel the urge to do it. What you are doing while using the sowrd finger is gathering in the heart power and making things move as you instructed.  If your sword is bent, then it means nothing is going to happen because your sword is not straight and energy cannot push through the hand seal and out.

To "poke" through things as in the energy side of things, you must have a straight and energy filled sword finger, with the correct positions of the fingers, and not just an imitation. 


In our lesson on YouTube, you can see how we can decode the finges and their energy properties. If you don't understand the details, how can you know which position to touch is right for the sword finger? Where should the thumb be touching and why?  Can we change it?  If we changed it, what happen and what is the power after the changes?

To learn about the real sword finger and master its true power, welcome to ordain as a Taoist of Saam Law Taoism and get going right away.  Real learning not only requires you to listen and read, but also for the master to go back and forth with you, giving you personal teachings!