Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Bath Cleansing with Taoist Magic is Not Simple

When it comes to using Taoist magic or any kind of magic to do a bath cleansing ritual, most people think that it is about getting yourself cleaner, or at least to get your energy cleaner, right? However, that’s not the case with all the “energy work” out there, including Taoist magic. 

When you are doing a “bath cleansing” ritual, you are not “cleaning up”!  You are actually putting something on top of you, soaking it into you, and making you blend together with this new element, be it clean or dirty, and there goes the “cleansing” effect. Simply said, if you use crap to bath, you turn out to be crap, if you use tomato to bath, you turn out to be tomato-alike. Therefore, what you put into your “bath cleansing” mix is going to make a huge difference for the result.

When you see Taoists like us use a FU talisman to bath – which usually involves burning the FU talisman into a bowl and adding water to the bowl, then use this water to mix into our bath-tub for a soaking session… do you know what is actually going on?

The FU Talisman itself can be good or bad, depending on who made it, where was it consecrated and even what was put into the FU Talismans. There are many different places that sell FU Talismans, but they are not consecrated, or some are consecrated at a very crappy altar, some even consecrated at a temple with a pool of dirty energy, who knows what is inside the FU Talisman when you buy it? You cannot see it, and there is no way to guarantee!  Therefore, if the FU Talisman is loaded up with harmful or negative energies, it can look very positive on the surface, but very harmful inside. 

When you bath with these FU water, you will get all dirty and bad luck will follow..!
Bath cleansing with FU Talisman is not always a good thing, it needs to be done with care, especially choosing what FU to use, where to get the FU Talisman, and such. Just like we have always said in our previous blog posts, a lot of FU Talismans that you can buy online is not as good as you think, and some are even loaded with crap inside because the people don’t know what they are doing!

To ensure your FU Talisman bath cleansing session is for sure getting you “clean” energy, good energy, you would like to have a way to guarantee that, and that is to learn the Taoist magic yourself, and have yourself master the FU work, then you can have your daily or weekly FU cleansing bath to make your body free of negative and harmful energies. Oh right, and you don’t have to pay for every bath too, how good is that?

What you put into the FU for the cleansing bath is guaranteed too, because you are the maker and you are the one who consecrated the FU, it can’t go wrong!  Get ordained today and start learning the real Taoist magic, it’s not that hard!