Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Why Some FU Talismans Don't Work (Paper Talismans)

You can find people selling FU Talismans everywhere today, from eBay to websites and blogs, and most of the time it's nothing but decoration.  There is also a big site online that teach you how to make your "own" talismans, do you know how funny it looks to the real practitioners like us?  You might think that a FU Talisman is just working because you got the "graphics" right, you copied it from a book that looks "ancient" enough to be legit, and you believed it to work... and is that really the case?

I was teaching my disciples about how FU talisman work, and you will be amazed by the work that is required behind a piece of paper. A FU Talisman is just like a ticket, it draws power from a "power source" - which is the altar of the FU maker. Then it also connects the codes on the FU to the language source, just like how computer programming needs to connect to a certain database for the codes to make sense and work. If the person doing the FU does not connect the FU to the lineage that creates or have the codes in their system, then all the codes mean nothing to the power-source. Therefore, one should never just copy FU from here and there and use it.

In our lineage, we do not copy FU from anywhere, because we have our own coding system, our own language, and we have our own FU. If one is a true disciple and learned enough in the lineage, they will already know how the FU language works in our system, and there can be a FU created with the same language if we do need a new FU to be born. However, if you copy a FU from any random place, it makes no sense to our system, and the FU is not going to work because the language failed to connect and make sense.

Besides that, you can see the video below on how we consecrate the FU Talismans with our Taoist magic altar too. Is that something you can just come up with out of the blue?  FU Talismans that does not go through a proper consecration process will not have any power, because it is basically not linked to a power-house, like a cheque that links to Santa, it doesn't work. Your cheque must link to a bank, which in this case is the altar.


A Taoist altar for the Taoist magic practitioner is just like the computer of an IT, it's so important, and everything we make will need to connect to the altar like a power plant for the magic tools we use and create, later on, be it a FU Talisman, a sword, a pendant, whatever it is, we must connect them to the altar for the power.

At the end, you might want to watch another lecture and demo of how we consecrate a tool at the altar, using some easier methods for beginners. It's a lot of work behind things and a lot of knowledge behind all the steps and micro-details that we are doing to get things working. It's not simple, and that is why you should get ordained to learn this for real.