Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Fake FU Talismans Versus Real

 Got a bunch of Fake FU Talisman around, just to show you guys what it is like, and yes, they are all on the market today selling for cheap. You can buy these FU Talismans from places like eBay or TaoBao and they are often just $10 or less for a piece, do they really work or have ANY power in them at all?  I guess you already know the answer, but it is always good to hear from the professionals like me!  

There goes some real FU Talisman done by me!   Right, it's pretty, hand-drawn, stamped, and of course, consecrated with a powerful altar that we work on every day!  

What can you tell from the two? Fake FU Talismans are often printed - to save time and cost, and also to bulk-produce. The fake FU talismans are often not even stamped and with no authority or consecration at all.  At the end, if you do understand FU language and grammar, these FU talismans that are printed are often like aliens trying to write English, grammar is all out of place and they look funny to a real FU Talisman master like me, it just doesn't make sense. 

Don't even waste your time trying to FEEL the FU talisman with your hand and such, just remember that everything comes with a price, and no one will be willing to sell you a talisman for $10 if it cost them $500 worth of time. Get real!

Right, even the tools that we use for writing FU talismans will need a charge-up session before we start the work, check out a ceremony by Lui Sifu in NY!

The FU writing part requires a lot of skills, and there are tons of spells inside each stroke, which is to program the characters to do what they are supposed to do, and embed the magic power into them as we write. Then there is a bunch of overlapping symbols which is to be written in a special way to make sure the "engine" of the FU is installed properly for the FU to work.

After all that... you will need to go thru a FU Talisman consecration ceremony. Here is one by Wun Sifu in NY, showing you an intermediate version of it:


Here is mine, a lengthy one...

So after all these, you might think, why can people charge you just $10 for one if so much work is involved?  Wait a minute, that doesn't make sense!  Right, too good to be true?  Then it's a scam!  We do not let a FU Talisman go out our door without proper work done on it because it is our pride and we want our customer to have the best from us. Therefore, we offer FU Talismans that are done properly and charged up properly.  

Yes, we do offer some common FU Talismans that are charged for only $30 a piece, and they are for normal clients who want something more affordable. For the ones who need more dedicated help, we will offer them customized work or even a distanced ceremony. Some people don't understand why a distanced ceremony cost so much too, so I guess a YouTube video is needed!  Please keep in mind that your ceremony will require the use of FU Talismans, so there is the consecration ceremony first, and then prepping, empowering, THEN the final ceremony day which requires about 1-2 hours of work depending on the situation!

You will not want to do this for people if it is just for $10-50 because it cost your whole week of energy to do this, and you will need to replenish for a few days afterward. Our disciples who ordained in the lineage know about it as they start to learn and do it on their own. It's a lot of work!  Real FU Talisman and ceremony cost a lot because it does cost a lot for the person making it and doing it too!  Now you know what is the real deal like!