Wednesday, 4 October 2017

FU Talisman in the Wallet - Taoist Magic

A lot of people knows that you can put some FU Talisman in your wallet, or around your neck, your jacket, whatever... but what does it really do and what can this FU Talisman really do for you? Taking a step back, you should ask yourself, why are you putting it here inside the wallet?  FU Talisman is not like vitamins, it doesn't work if you just put any FU Talisman in a random plac.  FU Talisman is not a decoration, it is a magical tool, and it is placed at a specific spot for a specific reason, and the FU is then custom made to fit the purpose.

For example, this is the wallet FU Talisman from my wallet, doesn't it look cool? Close up...!

This is cool right? But that is only the "cover", to reinforce the output power of the FU inside. The FU inside is another long piece of yellow paper with black text, and it is folded into a triangle, with other secret elements, and contained inside this "cover" or pouch.  The FU inside is like this below:

The whole purpose of this FU talisman in the picture above is to link the wallet up with the altar, and bond in the power to store in energy of the "yolk ching" (one of the 3 pure ones), to help the wallet to have energy for security, helping it to be safe and free of disturbance, At the same time, it will gather in energy to radiate it's light, assist the transaction and prevent evil or negative energies from invading. This FU Talisman is done in black text, yellow paper, meaning to pull things "into" the wallet itself, and stuff up the wallet with this energy, this magic power.

I carry the wallet with me with I go out, and I don't want anyone to steal my wallet, while I want my transaction with money to be smooth and stable at all time, so this FU will help me out, and also help me do better purchase and better decision making for things that I will want to interact with.

Every FU talisman can be decoded and explained, but then, they are all lineage-exclusive as we have said before - meaning that, the FU Talismans of one lineage does not share with another lineage, because different lineage use different "codes" and they are never the same. Therefore, to learn FU Talisman properly, you must stick to one path to be good at it, or you will be all confused. The best way to start is to get ordained as a Taoist, then start learning under the master who canr give you real personal teachings, such as how we do it here with our teachings.